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Chapter Eleven

The next day Joey called Yugi and asked if he could talk to him at school, that it was important. Yugi was so excited that he nearly ran out the door without changing from his pajamas. Yami and Solomon both fell off their chairs in laughter. Finally he got changed and ran out the door saying that he had to meet Joey. Yugi ran all the way to school and there stood Joey and Seto and he knew that something was up and he soon was to find out what.

Joey then told Yugi that he and Seto were engaged to get married and Yugi yelled "Alright!" Joey finally got Yugi to settle down and he told him "we want to keep this quiet for a little while longer, so don't tell anyone." It was hard but Yugi kept their secret, but because they were linked Yami knew too and he also promised not to tell anyone.

It has been two months since the two couples were engaged and they are having a double wedding. All of Joey and Seto's friends were excited for them and they were all there for the ceremony. As Seto and Hank stand at the alter waiting for their loved ones to come walking down the aisle, they both relived their inner most thoughts about the one that they are marrying. Wilma and Joey are getting ready and they are both so excited and very nervous.

Wilma's older brother Jake flew in to give his sister away and he and Hank became instant friends. He likes both Joey and Serenity, though he can't comprehend the idea of two men marrying he never said anything negative about it. As the music begins everyone looks towards the back of the room and they all smile as they see Serenity walking her brother down the aisle. Hank and Seto both smile as they watch them, then Hank gasps as he sees the woman he's going to marry and she looks so damn beautiful. When they get to the alter the Minister asks who give these two people away and Jake and Serenity both say "I do." Everyone kinds of laughs and then the service begins.

The Minister then says, you may kiss your bride and partner and as they do the whole place explodes into cheers. It is a very joyous event and as they start the initial dance there are tears in everyone's eyes. Soon everyone dances and they all toast the happy couples. With both Hank, Wilma, Joey and Seto all going on their honeymoons Solomon has agreed to have both Serenity and Mokie stay with them till they get home.

So from a very rickety start, Seto and Joey finally have what they both have been looking for. Someone to love them. As we leave each couple, there is an Angel looking down on them from Heaven and she is smiling because she knows that her loved ones are going to be alright.


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