Everyone has a secret

Summary: Au. Most people have secrets, Naruto just seems to have more then most people. This time, though, it's not Kyuubi, it's something else. Female Naruto, Smart Naruto Nice Kyuubi

"Kyuubi speaking"

Chapter 1

A small blonde girl, barely older then three, ran down the dark, maze-like alleyways of Konoha. The sound of tiny feet hitting pavement echoed around the girl as she moved herself through the darkness. A small group of older men chased after her, most holding either a weapon of choice or a burning torch to guide themselves.

Tears ran down her dirt covered face and down her whiskered marked cheeks. The tears strung slightly as they slid across the shallow cuts that showed on her face. There were also cuts showing on her arms and neck.

Stumbling, the girl hit the gravel paved road with a dull thud. The child closed her eyes upon impact and grunted as pain shot through her bare hands and knees.

She could hear the men coming closer and closer. Quickly, gritting her teeth against the pain, the girl forced herself to a standing position. As fast as her little legs could carry her, the blonde girl ran deeper into the darkness of the alley, hoping for some coverage in the shadows.

'How did they find out where I was staying?' she asked herself

"Easy, kit." Came a calming motherly voice from inside the girls' head, "It must have been one of Konoha's elite, their the only ones that know who my vessel is. God knows they would let something slip by mistake. It is highly classified information and kept under lock and key. Someone must have let something slip in the wrong place. Don't worry though all they probably know is that your last name is Uzumaki, they don't know your gender, not even the elite know that."

As the voice continued to consult the panicking girl, the girl could make out the voices of the weapon wielding group.

"I'm sure I saw the brat go down here," one yelled

"It must be hiding," Continued another

"When we find the abomination, I say we drag the monster to the middle of the village and slit it's throat!" Yelled someone else

There was a chorus of "Yeah!" that echoed throughout the alley.

At that comment, the hiding girl felt a shiver go throughout her whole body. The girl started to breath harshly and brought her knees up to her chest.

"Kyuubi-oneechan, what's gonna happen to me?"

"Nyara, don't worry. We'll get out of this," the mothering voice said in a caring way. As she spoke a dull red chakra, not bright enough to give away Nyara's position but bright enough to be seen, surrounded the grazes and cuts that covered the young girl's body.

The girl watched in fascination as the wounds began to heal on their own, not leaving a scar or any indication that they were there to begin with.

"I think I hear something, guys," came the voice of the leader

Nyara's head shot up in the direction of the voice and her heart began to pound against her ribcage. She held her breath as the footsteps came closer and closer to her hiding place.

Nyara brought her arms over her head praying this action would bring some protection. Slowly she she began to chant as she started rocked backwards and forwards.

'Don't want to be found, heard what happens to girls. Don't want to be found, heard what happens to girls.'

As the chant continued, Nyara could feel something weird coming from the pit of her stomach, but that didn't stop her and the chant kept going.

'Don't want to be found, heard what happens to girls. Don't want to be found, heard what happens to girls.'

Slowly Nyara could feel a energy build up as she continued to rock.

"Don't fight it and it wont hurt," came the voice of her adopted oneechan

There was no loud bang or a big puff of smoke, instead slowly Nyara's appearance began to change.

Her dirty chin length hair shortened even more and stuck up in all different directions. Her small structure got bigger, from a three year old girl's to a four year old boy's, and her face got a little bit chubbier. Her already short pants and t-shirt got even smaller on her now bigger frame.

Looking up suddenly as a kick was sent to her ribs, Nyara saw stars as well as the faces of many angry villages as she fell to the ground. Whimpering softly, Nyara curled up into a tight ball to protect herself. She could hear the numerous things the men were saying.

"Kill it why it's weak!"

"Slit his throat!"

"Hang him!"

Nyara frowned, "HIM," but before she could do anything her world went black, as her head bounced off the wall behind her. Blood pooling around her newly abused head as the men continued the beating on her body.


When she woke up, Nyara found herself in sewer. Knowing her way around, Nyara walked towards a familiar cage. The door was firmly shut, with a huge lock on the front.

"Oneechan, you here?!" she called out.

"I'm right here, kit," came the voice of Kyuubi

Nyara spun around and smiled. Standing behind her was a tall, elegant looking girl. She looked the age of nineteen, with three dark whisker marks on each cheek and red eyes. The girl had dark orange hair with brown highlights, that went down to her waist. Her hair was half down with the top bit in a bun held in place by silver jeweled chopsticks. Her fringe came over her eyes slightly. Where normal human ears should be, the lady's had beautiful fox ears slightly darker then her hair, and in the top of each ear was golden hoop earrings. Draped snuggled the woman's figure was a red off the shoulder kimono that faded to black at the bottom, with a blood red bow tied around her middle. Nyara could see nine fox-like tails, the same colour as Kyuubi's hair, all twitching lively behind her.

"Oneechan!" Nyara yelled as she embraced the older girl.

Kyuubi smiled warmly at the child who was hugging her leg tightly, before bending down lifting Nyara up on to her hip.

Resting her head on Kyuubi's shoulder, Nyara asked sadly, "How bad did I get hurt?"

Kyuubi's warm face turned cold at the question, "Those bastards, thought it would be fun to beat your head in and leave you to die," her voice going darker and darker with every passing second. "Don't worry though, while your here you'll be safe and you'll be healed by the time you wake up."

Nyara smiled at Kyuubi's caring words, then remembering what one of her attackers had said, Nyara questioned Kyuubi about it.

"Oneechan . . . " Nyara began softly

"Yes, kit"

"Before I blacked out, one of the men called me a 'him'. Was he blind or just stupid?"

Kyuubi giggled a the young girl's question, "I'm sorry to say that the man was neither."

Nyara pouted at this, before confusion showed on her face, "That . . . . would .. . . .mean. . .. "

"Yes, Nyara you look like a boy."


"Before you explode, let me explain."

Nyara calmed down, before nodding.

"When you were trapped, you panicked and you were able to gain access to part of my chakra. Do you remember what you kept chanting in your head?" Nyara nodded and Kyuubi continued, "Unknowingly your mind created a chakra image for yourself, hoping that it protect your from harm."

Nyara was silent was she let the information sink in.

"How long will I look like this?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd say you'll probably change back when your mind feels that you are safe."

"Can I see what I look like?" Nyara asked quietly

Nodding Kyuubi created a full length mirror and placed the small girl in front of it. Slowly Nyara peered at herself, and was shocked to what she saw.

Reflecting back at her was the image of a four year old boy. Squinting slightly and turning her head to the side, Nyara's eyes racked over her new body.

Finally Nyara came up with one conclusion, "I look that same just with a boy's body and lighter hair."

Kyuubi smile sadly, "Yes you do . . But you will always be my little sister and I will always protect you," Kyuubi hugged the young girl, Nyara looked happier at that comment, "You do need a name though."

Thinking for a few moments, Nyara smiled, "How about Naruto Uzumaki?"

"I like it, kit. From now on you will be known as Naruto Uzumaki, vessel for the Great Nine-tailed Fox Demon; me Kyuubi." With that said Kyuubi posed in front of Nyara, and laughter was heard throughout the sewer.

TBC . . . . . . . .

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