Chapter 5 - The Spring Festival

"Wow, Hinata. You look great," commented Nyara, causing the heiress to blush.

Hinata wore a light purple floral print kimono, that went to her ankles. Around her waist was a blue coloured wrap, that finished in a bow on her back and on her feet, she wore blue coloured slippers. Her hair was in two short ponytails.

"Y-you look good too."

"You think?" Nyara asked in disbelief.

The blonde girl wore green coloured kimono, that reached just above her knees, white pants reaching below her knees. A small ribbon encircled her waist and was tied in a bow behind her back. On her feet were dark green slippers, her hair was down, and reaching to her chin. She had also put on a bit of make-up on her cheeks to cover up her whiskers.

"Yes," Hinata answered, this time, causing Nyara to blush.

"You really look amazing, kit," Kyuubi whispered in Nyara's mind.

"Thanks onee-chan."

"Let's go," Nyara suggested with a smile and linked her arm with Hinata's.

Walking together, both girls soon found themselves in the busy streets. Gaming booths lined the sides of the streets, as well as food carts and vendors. Colourful lights and banners hung from the top of houses and buildings. A man was selling raffle tickets for a big prize at the end of the night. Tons of people were out and about; talking, laughing, playing games and eating food. Nyara looked around in awe at her surroundings, she'd never been to a festival before in fear of being found out.

Children ran around, laughing and playing with their friends, admiring the colourful decorations that hung in the streets. Older kids hung out in groups, playing some of the gaming booths, seeing if they could win any prizes. Parents and adults stood to the sides of the streets catching up the latest gossip. While the ninjas greeted travelers from the other villages and were on watch for any trouble.

"What do you want to do first?" Nyara asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet, "We can get something to eat, or play a game at one of the booths."

"Uh . . .," Hinata stuttered, "W-we could get something t-to eat."

"Excellent idea," Nyara exclaimed happily, tugging on Hinata's hand and dragging her to the nearest food stand.

Scanning the food carts, the two girls finally found something they both liked, dango. Paying for two sticks each, Nyara smiled happily at her friend.

"You . . . know," Nyara stated between chews, "This. . .is the most fun . . .I've had, in forever."

Hinata smiled shyly, "Me too."

After finishing their food, both girls made their way further down the street. Nyara smiled brightly at the passing people, her hand clasped tightly within Hinata's.

Both girls were blissfully unaware of the danger that was following them closely down the street. The ex-ninja, Aki, that had seen Nyara change, trained his eyes on the demon in disguise and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. The man knew that harming the demon was against the law, but now there was a hostage situation and it needed to be stopped, before something bad happened.

As soon as he had seen the change, Aki had alerted someone and insisted that they follow the demon to prevent any damage that may be caused. But so far the demon had done nothing, that would let the ex-ninja attack the demon and protect the Hyuga heiress.

Gritting his teeth, Aki kept a close eye on the demon and continued to follow the two girls.

Nyara giggled happily, as the lights on the top of the cart flashed, indicating a winner.

"Yeah!" she exclaimed, pumping an arm into the air.

The game manager smiled warmly at the scene, and carefully hander the winner her prize, an overly stuffed raccoon plushie.

"Thanks sir, I'll have to show Hinata when she gets back," Nyara smiled to herself; remembering that Hinata had quickly gone off to meet with her family.

"What to call you?" Nyara asked herself, as she held the raccoon plushie at eye level.

"Oh, Kami," Kyuubi gasped.

"What?" Nyara asked with worry.

"Do you know who that looks like?"

Nyara looked closely at the plushie. Squinting her eyes and tilting her head to the side, Nyara tried to picture who the plushie looked like. Said plushie, had dark rings around each of its eyes, and it's mouth was open in a smile, showing off what was supposed to be sharp teeth. The front paws looked clawed and the tail was just a bit bigger then the plushie's body. The body of the plushie was covered in blue markings. Nyara frowned, she didn't know who the plushie looked like. (AN Guess who)

"Uh, no."

"Let's call your plushie, Shukaku, please?" Kyuubi laughed to herself, "He's gonna be upset when he sees this,"

"Who?" Nyara whined.

"I can't wait to tease him about this."

"Onee-chan, who the hell are you talking about?"

Kyuubi wasn't listening to Nyara anymore, instead she was laughing loudly inside Nyara's mind. The blonde girl frowned, and tried to gain the attention of the laughing demon, without watching where she was going.

"Onee-chan! Stop laughing," Nyara was upset that her onee-chan was ignoring her, she chewed on her bottom lip she hugged her plushie for comfort, "Kyuubi what's so . . . ."

Nyara's thoughts were halted, as her body smashed into another. Sending them both to the ground, with a thump. Upon contact, Nyara accidentally bit down on her lip, causing it to bleed freely.

Nyara lay, dazed on the ground, with Kyuubi speaking franticly through their mind link.

"Kit? You okay? Imoto?(AN, that's how you say little sister, right?)" Kyuubi asked with worry.

"Ow, my head," Nyara groaned, she could here voices, which sounded as if they were talking to the person Nyara bumped into.

Nyara blinked, suddenly realizing that she was no longer holding her plushie. Sitting up quickly, the world began to spin, but Nyara ignored that as she scrabbled to her feet.


"Kit, say sorry for knocking that boy to the ground, then try to find your toy."

"Okay." Nyara agreed as she wiped the blood from her lip, unknowingly removing some of her make-up that was covering her whisker marks.

Turning to face the little group of people, she winced as a bruise started to form on the back of her head.

"I deserve that," she muttered to herself.

Walking closer to the group, Nyara cleared her throat, causing the three people to look at her.

"Um, hi there." Nyara addressed the red-headed boy, she hit, "Listen I'm really sorry for bumping into you, I wasn't watching where I was going. So, um, no harm, no foul. Okay?"

Nyara looked into teal coloured eyes and waited for an answer. When none came, she smiled nervously at the trio, "Okay, then, I'll take your silence as a 'yes' and I'll get out of your way. Again really sorry, it was an accident."

Nyara turned to leave, but a hand shot out and gripped her wrist. Turning her around to face the boy again.

"Hey!" she yelled, trying to pry his grip from her wrist, "Let go!"

"Gaara just let her go, she said it was an accident," the older blonde girl pleaded.

Gaara ignored his sister.

"Your like me," the boy voiced.

"Huh?" Nyara replied intelligently.

"Your like me," he repeated.

Nyara frowned and narrowed her eyes, "What the hell do you mean?"

"His chakra feels familiar," Kyuubi wondered, "Kit, push out a small amount of my chakra for me."

"Okay," Nyara calmed down, closed her eyes and pushed out her tenets' red chakra, small undetectable amount.

When she opened her eyes again, Gaara's eyes widened, only slightly, as he looked into the now blood red eyes of Kyuubi.

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