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Join the DOTM, the Followers, and every other character imaginable as they struggle through high school and its many clichés, gossip stories, heartbreaks, crushes, pranks, hook-ups, and secrets.


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I realize how weird, odd, and just plain freaky this story is! Truly, I do! But it came to me – what if every character in the Daughters of the Moon books were in high school… together? How weird could it get? I will not include Hector or Toby, though… This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, so be prepared for Followers/Initiates hangin' around the Daughters (Who will not be friends). I'll include such characters as Zahi, Lambert, Aura, Maggie, Cassandra, Jerome, Yvonne, Murray, Tymmie, and even the Atrox itself!(You'll know when). There will be references to the DOTM series.

So, as Scar from Lion King would say… Be prepared… Dun, dun, dun! I think it was Scar? Hm… I'm makin' this story because I'm bored from oneshots and my serious book 13 version! Oh, and some characters will OOC, or made fun of… So… Right…


Don't Cha – The Pussycat Dolls (Vanessa, Yvonne, Kelly, Cassandra)

Built This Way – Samantha Ronson (Mean Girls Soundtrack) (Serena)

Chapter One


Vanessa Cleveland strolled down the hall, her 'army' trailing closely behind – Yvonne, Cassandra, and Kelly; each with a cruel, penetrating smirk carved on their flawless faces of pure beauty. Boys ceased, mid-step, just to gaze at the goddesses that lingered in their presence. Vanessa, her chin raised high, popped bubblegum in her mouth, ignoring the rules of the school. Her golden locks of hair were flowing gently down her back and in a waving notion while her green tank top clung tightly to her slim, yet muscular figure – her cleavage out there. She was a goddess of perfection and devastating beauty… almost as beautiful as Tianna Moore, who was currently heading down the hall in the opposite direction.

"Hey, Tianna!" Catty howled, greeting her friend with a smack of her hand. Tianna and Catty Turner were best friends, each sporting a spot on the soccer team, while Vanessa was the head cheerleader – Cassandra being co-captain, although students were beginning to suspect a 'take-over', as Cassandra and Vanessa were never on 'good terms'.

Vanessa scowled at the obvious amount of male attention directing their heated gazes toward Tianna, her smile dazzling and dark tresses perfectly cut, along with her incredibly sculpted body.

"Relax, Vanessa," Kelly coaxed, nudging her 'leader' with her elbow. Grimacing, Vanessa and her group opted to strut in the other direction, where Tianna's presence was not known to the male population.

A few ways down, where a large, thick tree stood tall, Serena Killingsworth sat crossed-legged, a notebook in her lap as she scrolled various sentences in it, her bouncy, crimson curls falling on the paper. She was beautiful, yes, but… unnoticed, due to her quiet demeanor and strange personality – she had a pet raccoon, for crying out loud! Who in their right mind does that?!

It was strange, how her brother, Collin, was the opposite… He was, well, normal? Bleached hair, crisp skin, surfer reputation – he was a normal cliché… However, Serena had no ordinary high school cliché other than 'freak' or 'poet'…

"Who the hell tagged my locker!" a loud, furious cry echoed through the school. Students halted and watched curiously as a fuming Jimena Castillo stomped back and forth in front of her locker, which was sprayed over with signs; most probably from rival gangs. It was known to everyone that Jimena Castillo was a gangster, along with her boyfriend Veto, and punk friends – Tymmie, Karyl, and Murray. No one would ever dare mess with her… if you wanted to remain alive, that is…

Karyl sneered. "Probably those bastards from Turney High… Losers."

"They're gonna get it," Jimena threatened, her fists clenched tightly as she stormed off, her boyfriend and punk gang following after her, careful as to remain a safe distance away from their thundering leader.

"… She's overreacting," someone chuckled. Stanton slowly approached the locker, grinning at his work, a spray can in hand. Cassandra, who had been standing with Vanessa and the others, gawked at him, her previous conversation crashing to the floor along with her mouth. Her 'friends' rolled their eyes, tired by her constant obsessive stares. Stanton, most likely the hottest man ever, ruled the school, literally. His tousled blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and dark form made every girl (and sometimes guy) drool and gape. He was a 'bad boy', along with the heart-breakers Zahi and Jerome. Neither boy was acquainted with the other, though… if they were, it'd make every girl sigh if all three boys stalked down the hall, side-by-side; maybe even including Michael Saratoga, Vanessa's boyfriend! Foursome!

Serena rolled her eyes at him, understanding the scene very well… She wasn't into 'asshole'.

"Hey, uh… Serena?" Collin caught up to his sister, breathless. Standing next to each other, it was an odd sight – Serena with her fishnets, leather skirt and black lace, and Collin modeling shorts, a plain shirt and sandals. But they were very close… just not in public, where his friends could catch sight of it.

She cocked her head. "What is it?" she asked, indifferent.

He rubbed the back of his head, slightly hesitant as he spoke. "You have Jimena with you in History, right?" He didn't wait for an answer. "Well, I was wondering… Is she… close… to Veto, her boyfriend?"

Serena blinked several times, perplexed. "Yeah, I think… She talks about him a lot… Why do you want to know?"

He shook his head as if it were meaningless. "Ahhhh, no reason, just… researching."

An awkward silence came forth as Collin shifted his feet uneasily, while Serena stared at the floor, knowing very well what it is that her brother truly wanted – he had a crush on, dare she think it… Jimena.

"So, I guess I'll see you at home," Collin spoke up, glancing once at her before walking off toward his friends. Serena sighed and shook her head, exasperated. Why, oh why, did her brother treat her so? Her emerald eyes found her own attire, and she sighed once more, defeated… Because she was 'different'. Instead of wallowing in defeat, she started walking toward her fifth period class, eager to escape the herd of students.

"She… is… hot," Jerome commented, his fingers spreading through his spiked hair as he watched her from the shadows near the boy's bathroom. He ducked back, however, when she cast a glance in his direction, an eyebrow cocked. Dammit!, he thought… She always seemed to know?

"You're an idiot," Michael Saratoga murmured, shaking his head at his friend and fellow water polo teammate – because every girl knows how 'sexy' water polo is…

Jerome frowned. "How so?"

Michael pointed in Serena's direction as she retreated, and then toward the entire campus. "The entire school can see you… Can't you see the ten girls already watching you and me?"

Jerome jerked up, his body erect (and something else) as he studied the group of girls, giggling and flirting with their eyes. He turned to Michael, a grim look on his face. "Yeah, but they aren't anywhere near Serena Killingsworth."

"Serena?" Michael raised an eyebrow, amused. "You can have any girl and yet… you choose her to stalk?"

Jerome glowered. "Stalk? No… I'm just," He put on a thoughtful expression. "… Admiring."

"Right…" That was all Michael could say before he changed the subject, going for Vanessa rather than Serena. However, Jerome merely nodded at his words, his mind obviously far, far… far… away – as usual.


"Once again, Serena and Vanessa both aced the test," Ms. Craven, the history teacher commented, giving both girls cordial smiles as she shuffled through the stack of testes, before handing them to Jimena to pass out, who frowned.

"Woo-hoo," Vanessa muttered dryly, earning a laugh from Catty. Tianna shot Catty a warning look, as if to say, "Why the hell are you laughing at her? Stop."

Vanessa simply shrugged, and proceeded to chew the end of her pencil, an unhealthy habit of hers – it calmed her nerves. Serena flushed tomato red, although she was used to the frequent amount of times that Ms. Craven had pointed her and Vanessa out among the student body – Hey, they were smart…

"How'd you get such a good grade?" Catty demanded, her eyes narrowed at her own paper – F, of course. Catty wasn't prone to the word 'study'.

Vanessa shot her an appreciative smile. "It's not hard – you study and remember."

"Study?" Catty looked appalled. "What does that mean?" She threw her head back and gave a slight laugh, Vanessa joining in. Tianna stared at them sourly, her fists clenched.

"Wait to go, Serena," Jerome cheered under his breath, staring at Serena; he sat across from her due to the weird seating arrangement that Ms. Craven had placed in her room. But not even this stopped him.

A crooked smile flashed on her face as she peered at him from over the book she was reading; He totally likes me, she thought. Oh, joy… another guy to stare at her – first Zahi, now him…?

"Fantastic," she whispered aloud, seemingly tired.

"What is?" he asked curiously. Idiot…, she thought. He was way too into, well – everything about her! He wanted to know what she was thinking, what she liked, what movies she enjoyed, which ones she didn't; it was every single freakin' day! Instead of giving him the genuinely false smile she usually did, she sniffed, and began picking at her nails, agitated.

Jerome's face fell, and as he stuck his paper in his back pack, he pouted silently. She isn't responding, he though worriedly. Sure, he could have any girl he wanted, but Serena was… unique. She was dark, poetic, and deep – traits most girls lacked. And she had the most dazzling, sunshine smile a girl could muster – a thousand times better than Tianna's!

"Now, does anyone have a question about the test?" Ms. Craven asked, leaning against her finely polished oak desk. Anyone could see the wisdom she held in her azure orbs, or how beautiful she was for her elderly age – her skin, instead of withered and cracked, was creamy and smooth. And her style of clothing was elegant, not dull. That is why most students loved her – well, Serena, Vanessa, Jimena, Catty, and Tianna, that is… Others such as Karyl, Tymmie, or Cassandra despised her for her sweet, nurturing attitude; it made them terribly uncomfortable.

Catty raised her hand, but didn't bother to wait. "Um, yeah – what's the answer to number four?"

"D," Ms. Craven replied, a test in hand.

Several creases formed in Catty's forehead as she stared at her paper, a flicker of shock flashing through her brown eyes. "Oh…"

Tianna laughed loudly. "Ha! You're answer, Catty, is so… My, god… It's so obvious that it was wrong!"

"Now, now," Ms. Carven began to chastise Tianna, who could be rather unemotional sometimes. "Catty tried her best, but apparently, that wasn't enough; but sometimes, Tianna, even trying is a great thing in the academic world…"

Tianna whispered jokingly, "Now she's a philosophizer", to Catty. But anyone could see the comprehension swimming through her chocolate-colored eyes; that's why Catty didn't bother to scold her. They loved Ms. Craven – like a mother.

"Hey, kids," Ms. Craven started, her voice cheerful. "Now that that hard test is done with and passed back… Let's talk about normal stuff, yeah? So, did anyone see any good movies? I saw 300; although I'm not a 'big' fan of the Spartans… I prefer the Athenians."

"Cool! Well I saw Music and Lyrics!" Catty beamed, bouncing on her seat. "And also-"

"I saw The Devil Wears Prada," Vanessa interrupted. "And it was-"

"That has been out for ages," Tianna pointed out, rolling her eyes.

Vanessa glared. "So? I rented it, geez…"

Serena –along with the rest of the class- watched on with curiosity and amusement. This was the type of class you loved to go to during your school year; it was fun, and it kept you awake – you don't see those classes too often. It was even greater when a cat fight took place daily…

"Now girls," Jimena cut in with false modesty. "Let's play nice… if you're gonna have a cat fight, then at least allow me to get prepared." She kicked her legs up and over her desk and slumped back, her hands smoothed behind her head. Everyone, excluding Tianna and Vanessa, laughed boomingly. Not one of the five girls would ever get along – it seemed only Catty and Tianna, and (secretly) Vanessa and Catty. Jimena completely ignored Serena, not that that was odd in any way…

Ms. Craven shook her head at the girls. "You should really learn to get along… Now, that's the end of 'normal stuff' – on to history!" She clapped her hands together in enthusiasm, but the room of students groaned.


"So…," Vanessa mused, twirling a lock of her shimmering hair as she stood next to Cassandra, Yvonne, and Kelly in front of her convertible, glistening red mustang. "I was thinkin' of having a party at my mansion in a week or two… Do you guys think it should be a dress-up, Halloween party or just a simple one with loud music?"

Kelly shrugged. "Eh… Maybe just 'simple' – remember the last dress-up party we had?"

Each girl shivered, memories of the party flashing through their heads. It was almost ridiculous – the amount of whorish princesses and faeries that had come to the party, and the glass that gad been shattered, and the one girl, who had been molested but didn't remember one minute of it… There was no way Vanessa was going to go through that again – it was because not one person who committed a 'vile act' was able to be identified… Most were wearing masks, and blended in easily, or had face paint.

"No, way," Yvonne, Cassandra, and Vanessa said in unison.

Just then, Serena Killingsworth passed by, her messenger bag flapping against her side. Their eyes lingered on her before she finally disappeared behind the corner, most likely pretending that they weren't watching her.

"She's so weird," Cassandra snarled venomously, her voice like acid. "Who dresses like that?"

Vanessa bit her lower lip. "Well, she's not that bad."

"Who can be worse than her?" Cassandra asked, incredulously, her eyebrows raised high.

Yvonne snorted. "Morgan Pa-"

"What are you saying about me?" a shrill, high voice demanded. The four girls whirled around, irritated but all knowing very well who it was; Morgan Page. She wore a low cut, clinging red dress and gold boots that clicked against the asphalt as she marched over to them.

Vanessa backed up, her hands raised in defense. "Whoa! Calm down, girl!"

"Calm down?!" she thundered, "How can I calm down when you're gossiping about me?!"

Kelly laughed bitterly. "Gossiping about you? Don't make me laugh! Why would we even bother?"

"Because you're jealous!" she shouted, eyes narrowed. Her face had flushed with pure hatred and fury, and her knuckles had gone white due to her tightly clenched fist. But the word "jealous" made the girls laugh.

Morgan growled. "What could possibly be funny?"

"There is no way anyone would be jealous of you!" Yvonne laughed, sending Morgan a rueful grin. "You're bossy, annoying, shallow-"

"And you're a whore," Cassandra added, enjoying the insulting game.

Morgan crossed her arms, eyes savage. "How am I a whore?"

"Oh, uh, I don't know? Maybe because you went after Jerome, Collin, Stanton, Zahi, and Michael, even though he's going out with Vanessa! And guess what? None of them like you!" Kelly yelled, breathless.

"Well, Collin-"

"In your dreams," Yvonne lashed out, immensely loving the torment and humiliation she and the other girls were causing Morgan, who was on the verge of having a mental breakdown; only Vanessa, who watched Morgan with pity, seemed to be hesitant of the insults and bitchyness.

Morgan, a tear streaming down her cheek, let out a loud Hmp! and stormed off, utterly bemused and saddened. All the girls except for Vanessa laughed at her retreating back.

"Bitch," Cassandra hissed.

"More like the other way around," Vanessa whispered harshly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Vanessa snapped.


Serena walked down the street, her back hunched as she let out another exhausted sigh. Her hand clamped on the side of her jacket as she pressed it tighter around her cold form. A slight breeze bellowed around her, swirling through her hair, causing burgundy curls to float in the air for a few seconds. Her heavy boots thudded against the concrete and another sigh flowed through her strawberry-colored lips.

"Hi, Serena," a breathless voice halted her.

Turning around, she saw Zahi approaching her, a black scarf wrapped around his neck. He wasn't so bad; he usually helped her out and was quite genuine compared to most other boys at school. However, he acted as if he were her 'hero' – her 'superman'. Would that make her the Lois Lane? She scowled, preferring to be the Lana Lang to him – unrequited love.

"Hey," she greeted, nodding once at him. "How's it goin'?"

He grinned, showing off perfect teeth. "I'm great! How 'bout you, Serena?"

She had to admit, his soft, silky accent was charming. However, he wasn't going to win her over with a musical accent and a sparkly smile. "Oh, I'm fine", she replied. Although I have you and Jerome following me – other than that, oh, I'm fantastic!, she thought.

"Well, that's good… Do you mind if I walk with you the rest of the way?"

"No, I don't mind," she responded, not wanting to be rude.

Before they could take a step, someone stopped them.

"She obviously is annoyed by you, Zahi…" Serena and Zahi whirled around, and of course, they came sight of Stanton, his hands in his pocket. Tymmie, Karyl, and Murray lingered behind, smirking. Serena's eyebrows knotted together… Why were they with him, and not Jimena? She shook off – there were more pressing matters at hand. Everyone knew how much Stanton and Zahi loathed each other; no one was actually sure why, though… Some past fight, perhaps…?

"She seems fine to me," Zahi growled, eyes narrowed.

Serena did not want to be caught in the middle of a fight. With a heavy sigh, she took a short step between Zahi and Stanton, a fake smile plastered on her glowing face.

"Now boys," she started. "Let's act like mature adults, now… Please?"

Stanton cocked an eyebrow at her… He was among the students who thought of her as weird and insignificant.

"I really don't need to listen to you," he said matter-of-factly.

Jerk, Serena thought angrily, her lips shut tightly.

Zahi came to her aid, much to her annoyance. "You could be more of a gentleman, Stan-Stan, and not such a typical American teenage boy."

"Stan-Stan?" It was Murray who spoke up, a heavy laugh escaping his mouth.

Stanton sent him a warning glance, then turned back to Zahi, smirking, of course. "A real gentleman wouldn't follow girls around," he retorted, and Serena had to agree with him on that part. But then again…

"Okay, shut up," she broke in, glaring dangerously. "Now, I'd like to go home…" Now to Zahi. "With or without you 'guidance'. But I really can't deal with this crap right now, so… Ta-ta!" And with that, she turned on her heel and stalked off, leaving behind an astonished yet seemingly impressed Stanton and a pale Zahi.

"What? Are you heartbroken?" Stanton eyed Zahi strangely. When the French-Arabian didn't respond, he groaned impatiently. "Well, I guess I know the answer…"

What's so special about her?, Stanton wondered.


Jimena coughed and hacked as the cigarette's smoke invaded her nose, and the bitter taste of it folded on her tongue. She and Veto were leaning against a tagged up wall of a liquor store, smoking absently on cigarettes and drinking from glasses of half-empty bottles of alcohol. Luckily, Veto knew the guy who owned the liquor store, so they didn't have to steal.

"I heard you almost started a fight between two bitches?" he brought up, grinning at her.

She scoffed. "I was only joking… But it would have been good to see a good old girl fight."

"I wonder where Karyl, Tymmie, and Murray are," Veto pointed out, gesturing to the empty spots near them.

Jimena shrugged. "Who cares? They're pretty annoying, anyway," she added.

"Yeah, I guess you're right… Except for that one time, remember? They pulled on black masks and pretended to jack the store of its money – with water guns! Man, Pedro was so scared!" He threw back his head and laughed. However, he jerked slightly and began choking for the briefest second.

"Idiot," she mumbled, but her lips curled into a bright smile. She loved Veto, with all her heart, and he was the only one who could ever understand her, and truly love her back – without being terrified. Without him, she wasn't sure what she'd do…

"Hey, how 'bout I go steal that little girl's taffy apple?" he offered in a hushed voice. She followed his pointed finger to a young girl skipping down the sidewalk, her braids bouncing up and down. "A sweet for you," he added. (AN: I HAD to add this)

"Man, what is she doing on this side of town?" Jimena muttered.

Veto nudged her. "Yeah? It'd be so easy."

Jimena stared at the young girl, but shook her head, frowning disgustingly. "No… She's innocent. I don't think it's right to scar her for life when she's still so pure and happy – let her enjoy life, not be scared of it…"

Veto snorted. "Enjoy life? What's there to enjoy about life…?"

She smirked, and turned toward him, her arms folded across her chest. "Me…"

"Oh, yeah…" His eyes wondered to meet her's, and he grinned once more. "You are my life… I don't know what I'd do without you…"

"Same here," she sighed, pressing her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her into a tight embrace. She wished each day was like this – with Veto, happy and content.

Was that strange? Well, I'm having fun writing it! More drama ahead, though! Just to let you know, the girls will become friends. But that's not the main point – but did any of you catch the DOTM hints that were in there? Some are actually 'main plots' from the books. Cough –Night Shade- Cough! Hehe… Believe it or not, but this story will get serious!... Sometimes

Oh, and did ya like the taffy apple scene? Man, those things are addicting… Lol.