TITLE: Dementothoughts - Judgment Day
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SUMMARY: I said it was a Dementofic, so hold nothing against me, please. Kirsten and Griffin are getting closer.....
SPOILERS: Judgment Day
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these wonderful characters created by Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser. I'd be a very rich woman living in Cali sipping a virgin pina colada right now instead of stuck in sleety, icky weather if I did. =)

"You know Griffin, really and truly, you don't have to leave." Kirsten followed him around, picking up things that had fallen down as he'd dug his own stuff out of the piles. They'd gotten into a lazy way of just throwing everything everywhere the last few days. "I mean, there are two rooms, there's plenty of space. And we can afford the rent together, and this way, it's easier on me."

"Because of the rent?"

"Because I don't have to be alone at night." she smiled. "I can't help it. I know it's stupid, but I still get freaked when I'm on my own at night."

"That's understandable." He sat down on the floor, picking through a pile of his magazines. "Especially since the whole Julia thing."

"Oh, that's something I wanted to ask you about." she sat down across from him. "I only got bits and pieces of it. If you don't mind...."

"You know I haven't talked about it at all. 'Cept with Maggie before the whole kidnapping fiasco."


"You really are in the dark, huh?"

"It appears that way," she reached across the room for a half empty open bag of Fritos from the night before and began to munch as he talked.

"It's my understanding that he always hit Maggie. She doesn't say much about it and of course I don't ask."

"I can't believe someone could do that to someone else." Kirsten took a nibble off a corn chip.

"Me neither. What's more is why someone would stay around for the pain."

Kirsten shrugged. "Does Julia love him?"

"I doubt it."

Kirsten saw the hurt in his eyes. "You still love her, don't you?"

"Don't you still love Charlie?"

She didn't answer him. She just looked at the floor.

"Sorry, that was out of line."

"No, Griffin, you're right. I do."

"We both do." she glanced oddly at him. "You know what I mean."

"You know, trying to ignore how we feel isn't the answer." she stood up and tossed the bag on the table. "I keep trying, but it just never works."

"Any other ideas?"

"Just one." she grabbed him by the shoulder, pulled him closer, and kissed him. He didn't pull away. A few minutes of tongue hockey went on and then she pulled away. "Oh, my God, Griffin. What did we just do?"




"I'm sorry. I started it."

"And I finished it."

They both laughed nervously. "No one is to blame," she said finally.

"Good." Then he leaned forward and kissed her again. And this time, no one stopped it.


"Morning," Kirsten said when Griffin got up. She put a plate of waffles in front of him.

"Are we getting all domestic now?" he asked, covering them in syrup.

"No, I just....um....the thing is..."

"I should move out."


"I'll leave tonight."

Her eyes looked hurt. "So soon?"