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One Promise

It was a warm September morning when he appeared on her doorstep. He hadn't change much, maybe a little less hair and it was greyer than she remembered seeing it last time. That had been 5 years ago. She's changed too of course, more laugh-lines than she'd like and her hair had started to grow its first slivers of silver.

"We need to go." She understood; the world they had worked so hard to keep safe for everyone else was now no longer safe for them. She beckoned him inside and he followed her to the bedroom where she put on a backpack and lugged a suitcase out from under the bed.

"I'm not leaving it here." He picked it up; it was heavy. When he asked what was in it she shrugged and replied.


In hindsight Sam supposed she'd always knew this day would come. 5 years ago the Stargate Program had gone public and it had almost destroyed the team. Being together was hard, the weight of memories and events to heavy. Soon they drifted apart and as the world turned against them, it was better to stay alone. In honesty she didn't even know if Hammond was alive she'd never seen him since that fateful day.

"Daniel and Teal'c?"

"Already waiting." Sam found herself wondering what would have happened if the program hadn't of gone public. Would they all still be together? Would they still have drifted apart over the years? She hadn't talked to any of the team in years and she guessed it was the same for all of them. Looking at Jack she wondered where it had all gone wrong.

2 years had passed before Sam had packed the backpack and suitcase. Both were filled with every photo, every keepsake that was dear to here. There were some books, while those that couldn't come were stored on disc. She could build a computer anywhere. There were all her diaries, letters along with family history heirlooms. Not even Mark and his family had been completely safe; they were after all, related to her. She hadn't seen them for a while either. Sam didn't cry. She's spent too much time crying, so much that there was nothing left, only numbness and the loss of knowledge of how to cry.

There'd been fights in the following year, all of them angry at what had happened and trying to force their point of view. A lot of things had been said that couldn't be taken back, and it was the first time in her life that Sam had ever seen Teal'c storm out of a room. She didn't even know where he went, or where he was now. Daniel, naturally had tried to keep up communication, but when she stopped answering his calls he soon gave up. What would she say now, seeing them after all this time? Would the hate still be there?

As they pulled up at the mountain, the final piece fell into place. Long ago, after a tough mission and a bad argument the team had made a promise. That no matter what happened between them, no matter what the situation, that they would keep each other safe. Jack had kept that promise; it was him who had found them all. Sam and Jack walked to the back entrance, staying away from the mob of protestors. Still the question burned in Sam's mind; when had it gone so wrong? How had it got this bad?

Teal'c and Daniel were waiting in the gateroom when they arrived; there wasn't even an exchange of smiles. Sam wondered if it could ever be anything like it used to be between them all. But there would be time now, all the time they needed to repair their battered friendship. Hammond was nowhere to be seen, and suddenly she remembered Cassie. In order to keep her safe, she' cut off all contact and Cassie had disappeared. Where was she now? They couldn't leave her behind could they?

"Cassie's already gone, she's waiting for us." It was Daniel who spoke, and a gleam of hope rose, that perhaps things could be mended. As the gate dialled the 4 stared at each other, memorising the new faces, the changes that had occurred. No one looked back as they walked through. If they were to start anew, they needed to leave earth fully behind.