"Why do you fight Jo?"

"Simple for you."

"Really? For me?"

"Yeah…For you."

The gunslinger allowed the red-head to straddle her.

"Jo…Can I ask you a question?"

She felt the soft fingers of the red-head twirl her silver-white hair. She nodded slowly.

"Are we friends?"

There she goes again – Friends.

"Yeah…Of course we are."

She saw the red head flinch slightly.

"Just friends?"

Before the gunslinger could reply the obvious, the red-head pulled away.

"No!" Jo spat it out.

The red-head stared at innocently at the gunslinger. "What did you say?"

The gunslinger shook her head, pulling the red-head on top of her, allowing her to straddle.

The red head leaned in, noses touching, crimson mixed with sapphire-blue.

"Say it again…" the red-head cocked up an eye brow; she pulled away slightly, "Say…What am I suppose to say?"

The gunslinger stared at the red-head on her, she looked up at the ceiling; the warmness of the sheets and the red-head was enough to please her but she wanted to hear it again.

"Jo…Come on…tell me." The red head fell softly onto the gunslinger on the bed, twirling the silver-white.

The gunslinger shook her head, "No…you have to think about that."

The red-head pouted, she propped herself up and furrowed her brows to think.

The gunslinger smirked.

"Why do you fight Jo?"

The gunslinger felt hands press into hers.

"Simple…For you."

The red-head blushed red.

"Really? For me?"

The gunslinger brought the red-head's hand to her lips.

"Yeah. For you."

She felt the red-head caress her stomach, while clutching onto her hand.

"Jo…Are we still friends?"

The gunslinger showed no emotion.

"Yeah…Of course we are…"

The gunslinger saw the red-head flinch slightly like before.

"Just friends?"

This time the gunslinger held the red-head down; she expected what the girl on top of her would do. This time the gunslinger didn't want her go – she wanted her to hear the correct answer.

"No! We aren't…We aren't just friends."

The gunslinger sensed the red-head stiffen at the answer, under the dim light she could see her turn into a deeper shade of red. Propping herself on her elbows, the gunslinger leaned back slowly on her support, watching the red-head lean in closer.

"Then what are we?"

The gunslinger felt soft lips on hers, she breathed out.


The red-head pressed further into the gunslinger, smiling.


She placed her finger on the gunslinger's lips.

"I like that."