A kiss…A sweet simple kiss would make the gunslinger melt, however she never showed it openly to the red-head.

She knew that the red-head head would occasionally ask her when the lights were out,


She would feel soft fingers trace her parted lips.

"What do my kisses taste like?"


Well, the gunslinger found it odd for the red-head to ask her such a question, well all she could answer then was,


Simple, short, sweet and pleasurable for one to hear. She liked how she said it, it was assuring. Very assuring.

The gunslinger would have the red-head on top of her, her soft lips caressing,

"Oh really?"

She would have the red-head firmly press her lips onto hers and pull away slowly as a minute pass…how she loved that minute.

She could taste the sweetness linger and the warmness leave…how she wanted it back.

However the gunslinger noticed one night when the red-head had her lips meshed against hers…it tasted somewhat different.

There was the sweetness, then again she could taste something else than sweetness.

She couldn't find a word that described it; it wasn't as strong as the sweetness the red-head pink lips gave…it was something else.

After that night, the gunslinger knew she had to find out what it was.

Though kisses from the red-head were inevitable, she still couldn't find out what it was.

There was a small tint of it, hidden beneath the sweetness.

The gunslinger sorted out her tasting with food…it had to match a certain type of food.

She had Kyouhei in the kitchen making whatever he knew, nonetheless nothing was found.

"Maybe it's a new taste…"

The gunslinger knew it wasn't…she had tasted it before yet she never noticed it this badly until the red-head gave her that kiss.

"Or maybe too much kissing just spoils your taste buds." She knew she had her fist an inch away from the teens face.

She had to find out what it was and the suspense was killing her.

"Can…Can you…"

She had the red-head's eye brows cocked upwards as she stood confidently in front of the red-head…it was very ironic.

"Can you kiss…me?"

The gunslinger found herself pulled towards the red-head and a strong pressure pressed against her lips.

There was it…she could taste it.

Bitter…No, there was a tint of bitterness yet it wasn't that.

Sour…No, there was a tinge of sourness…but it wasn't.

A full load of sweetness… No, that was just plain stupidity.

The gunslinger felt the red-head pull away… No, she couldn't have the kiss to end now.

Wrapping her hands around the form in front of her, she kept the girl there, lips never parting.

Then it miraculously just 'hit' the gunslinger.

The red-head felt the gunslinger's finger cup her chin and push her away slightly. Her sapphire-blue eyes questioned.

"It's not sweet."

It was stated, quick without hesitation and the red-head head found her eye brows arching upwards,


"Your kisses aren't sweet…"

The gunslinger found mouth curved up into a grin as she saw the expression plastered on the red-head's face.

She leaned in, swiftly placing another kiss onto the pink lips, before embracing the red-head in a tight hug.

"Your kisses taste of love."

A simple kiss would make the gunslinger melt and now she knew the reason why.

To end with love to all my reviewers! - J-Crusader