Author's Note: Absence bad, me being here now GOOD

Author's Note: Absence bad, me being here now GOOD. Glad we are all on the same page, so so so so sorry about not updating, this for you children is an UPDATE yay for me!

Previously on Bonding:

"Ohhhh did widdle Jasper wasper enjoy singing," Emmett said pinching Jasper's cheeks, he slapped him away harshly and said,

"We will finish this later Emmett."

Chapter 23

"Did we all get the same thing?" Emmett said looking at my sheet of paper.

"Yes you guys did, but you have to go at human speed for Bella." Alice said to us.

"What do we have to do Alice? I can't read my paper it's too dark."

"Ok, well you have to go into an indoor child's amusement park, where I have hidden pieces of a puzzle. You have to find all your pieces and put it together and you will find your next clue. Emmett will get a minute head start because he came first at the last one, Bella your second and then after a minute Jasper will follow. Bella your puzzle pieces are pink, Emmett blue and Jasper green." Alice finally finished.

"Ok Alice and indoor child's amusement park? That is weird even for you!" Edward said exasperated at Alice for making me go through all of this.

"Come on I'll drive you guys there now," She said dragging me to the car. We got in and Alice turned on the radio and on came Shania Twain and Jasper started singing.

Edward and Rosalie turned to look at Jasper incredulously.

"What the song is catchy, and she made me learn the lyrics," He said pointing to Alice and changed the radio station.

We all burst out laughing at this point; I forgot how amusing my night really was.

"Big Shania Twain fan eh Jazz," Rose mocked grabbed his cheek like a child. "I know what I'm buying you for Christmas now."

"Shut up!" Jasper said glowering menacingly at all of us.

There was a huge and I mean humongous Jumping castle in the middle with bridges coming off the top attaching to other non-jumping castles with mazes and obstacles running through.

She took my hand and pulled me over to where three boards were each with a different border colour pink, blue and green. I looked to Alice with a questioning look.

"For your puzzle pieces," She reminded me.

Emmett took off as soon as Alice said go, I saw him deciding which way to go and he decide with the jumping castle.

Just then the egg timer went off and I run. I decided to go to the steps of one of the non-jumping castles.

I started running up the steps and turned a corner and ran into an obstacle. I was about to turn away when something pink caught my eye. A puzzle piece down the end of the obstacle. I looked around to find some other way to get it. But going through the obstacle was the only option.

So I started heading down the obstacle, it included ducking then jumping suddenly, spinning around a lot and avoiding things moving up and down.

But finally I got to the end. I grabbed the puzzle piece, but this is too easy I thought as I had the puzzle piece in my hand and that's when I saw the trap door under my foot. It opened before I had a chance to move. Suddenly I was hurtling down to the jumping castle and I spotted Emmett holding onto a pole where he was holding a puzzle piece.

"How could you not see that trap door? It was right there?" Emmett yelled at the TV.

"Hey Em, I'm over here," I spoke waving my hand slightly.

"I know," He said embarrassed at his outburst.

Jasper P.O.V

After the minute was up I decided to climb up the side of the jumping castle where I had seen something green. I was almost to the top when I saw a terrified looking Bella drop from one of the castles onto the jumping castle. The first time she hit it she went almost as high as where she was dropped from, but as the number of times she hit the castle increased the height she bounced up to decreased. I stopped looking after she finished bouncing and made my way to my piece stuck in between to side bits. I grabbed it out and started heading down to look for more when I noticed Alice smiling very evilly from the corner.

"I love you sweetheart but please never do that face again." I shifted nervously and she smiled innocently.

"Can't promise anything Jazz." She replied.

Author's Note: OK another chapter will be on its way soon people I swear does sweet and innocent smile I'm serious do you guys doubt me? I'm shocked and horrified at your accusations. Well anyhoo hopefully on with the story!