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"Please… Don't leave me, Mikan…" Ruka held her tightly as he whispered in her ear, "6 years, I've waited so long…"

"Ruka…" Sakura Mikan could not find the right words to say. Somehow, she had hoped that Ruka was someone else. Someone… like Hyuuga Natsume. Then again, she could not bring herself to hurt his best friend.

"Mikan…" he looked at her pleadingly, "Can we give it a try?"

They were now 16 years old in Alice Academy. Mikan had known Natsume and Ruka since she was 10. They had become close friends, just that Mikan's feelings towards Natsume were somewhat different than Ruka. She had not understood this feeling until she was 14. However, there were no signs of Natsume liking her, so Mikan just kept quiet for 2 years.

It doesn't matter. He won't care, Mikan thought bitterly. She might as well get a boyfriend and forget about him.

Mikan drew a deep breath and replied "Yeah. Why not?"

"Thanks Mikan," Ruka murmured, kissing her neck lightly, "I love you."

She could not say the same to him.

"Natsume," Ruka grinned as he saw his best friend.

"Hey," Hyuuga Natsume was what every normal girl would say: hot. The raven-haired boy had red amber orbs that reflected his coolness, unlike the blonde, who had soft features. Though Natsume was distant from others except for Ruka, he still managed to attract girls from every grade, forming fan clubs everywhere.

"I have to tell you something."

"Go on," said Natsume as he continued reading his book.


Natsume snapped his book shut as he eyed Ruka suspiciously. Mikan, he always paid extra attention when her name was mentioned. "What about Polka Dots?" he said coolly.

"I… confessed my love for her last night."

"And?" Natsume raised his eyebrows, ignoring the fact that he was actually hoping that Mikan said no.

"She accepted me."

Natsume stayed expressionless, trying hard to hide his anger and disappointment. I… I'm supposed to be happy for Ruka. Didn't I decide that I would give up for him? But Mikan, what were you thinking?

"I… Congrats, Ruka."

"Thanks," Ruka smiled happily. He thought that Natsume had given up on Mikan a long time ago, hence he did not try to hide his excitement.

"Good luck with her."

"I won't let go anymore."

"Hey I'm skipping class. You better stay here with Mik- Polka Dots," the word 'Mikan' almost slipped out of his tongue as he got up, walking towards the exit of the classroom.

"Are you sure you're fine alone?"

"Yeah," Natsume waved his hand dismissingly.

"Skipping class, Natsume? We'll miss you!" shouted Sumire, the head of Natsume's fan club. She ran forward to hug him, which was a big mistake. Natsume threw a fireball towards her as she squealed and dodged it, "Stay away from me, Permy," he said coldly.

As he stepped out into the corridor, he caught sight of a brunette running towards the classroom. That was unmistakably Sakura Mikan.

"Oi, Polka Dots." He caught her wrist as she ran past him and pinned her against the wall, leaning close to her.

"What are you doing?" she demanded angrily. She hated Natsume. She hated him for being so carefree, while she had gone all crazy over him.

"Why did you accept Ruka?" he said coldly, slamming her wrists against the wall so that she could not escape.

"That's none of your business, now let me go!" squealed Mikan as she tried her best to struggle. But Natsume's grip was too tight.

"I thought you had feelings for me, Polka Dots," Natsume found himself saying, to his horror. What the hell did I just say?

What the hell did he just say! Mikan blushed furiously.

"I'm not like those girls who fall in love with you blindly, Natsume," she replied coldly, "I'm different."

It was true. She had changed for the past few years. She was beautiful now, having tied her soft brown hair into a ponytail, and many boys had tried their luck on her. Mikan had also become a special star student, due to her being able to control her nullification alice well after practicing vigorously everyday.

But Natsume could not accept the fact that she denied having feelings for him.

"You're lying," he leaned closer to her, causing Mikan to tremble slightly.

"We both know that you like me, Mikan," he whispered in her ear, smirking at her.

She could not take it any longer.

Mikan freed her hand from his grasp and slapped him. Natsume recoiled in shock.

"So what if I like you? You don't even care! All of this is funny to you, isn't it? You just don't understand!" Mikan shouted at him as tears slowly formed in her eyes, and trickled down her face.

Natsume recovered from his shock and found Mikan crying on the floor. He was tempted to kneel down and comfort her, but he stopped short, thinking of the consequences. Ruka…

"You're late for class," he said coldly, walking past her.

She cried even harder, breaking his heart that instant. Natsume was full of remorse and guilt as he walked further away from her.

Mikan… I'm sorry.