Operation Paralai: Phase 1 (Prologue)

Dear Faithful Readers,

My first ever Paralai! I FINALLY found FFX-2 in a second hand shop just last week (well, one week tomorrow) and I'm only up to the… third (?) aeon. What's with them returning, anyhow? Ah well! If I ever finish my homework I'll have to play on a see what happens next :P Yay Paralai!!! Even though I haven't finished it yet, this story is set after FFX-2. Hope you like!



Operation Paralai: Phase 1 (Prologue)


Chat Names:

FluffyBunny007: Rikku

BiIsummon: Yuna

GoldDigger: Gippal

JieJie6: Nooj

Crimson: Lulu



Codename: FluffyBunny007 enters the chat

Codename: BiIsummon enters the chat

Codename: GoldDigger enters the chat

Codename: JieJie6 enters the chat

FluffyBunny007: Are we all here?

BiIsummon: Right on time.

GoldDigger: Me too!

JieJie6: What's the battle plan, Captain Ree?

FluffyBunny007: Can't say- not until Lulu gets here.

BiIsummon: I doubt Lulu's coming…

Codename: Crimson enters the chat

Crimson: I'm here.

FluffyBunny007: Right-O, then! Yunie, Gippy, Noojie, Lu- are you ready for perhaps the hardest mission of your lives?

Crimson: Just get on with it, Rikku.

FluffyBunny007: Get ready for………… OPERATION PARALAI!

JieJie6: Paralai?

GoldDigger: Don't you think that's a little obvious for a codename?

JieJie6: No! What is it?

BiIsummon: I agree with Gippal- it's far too simple.

Crimson: A moron could figure it out.

JieJie6: What is it?

FluffyBunny007: Really? Too obvious?

GoldDigger: Far too obvious.

JieJie6: WHAT IS IT???

FluffyBunny007: Huh?

JieJie6: What. Is. Operation. Paralai. About. ???

FluffyBunny007: Well, DUH, Noojie! Paralai! We're finally going to get Paine and Baralai together!

Crimson: -sighs- Remember "Operation Lukka"?

FluffyBunny007: That turned out okay!

Crimson: He was in a twelve-month coma.

FluffyBunny007: Yeah… but THEN you go married!

Crimson: Just try not to hurt Paine.

BiIsummon: I agree, Rikku- she just might hurt you back?

FluffyBunny007: And Baralai?

GoldDigger: He'd help.

FluffyBunny007: We all knew from the beginning that this was a high-risk operation- but we have to stick by it!

JieJie6: The beginning?

Crimson: It was two seconds ago, Rikku.

FluffyBunny007: -hmph- Way to ruin a moment, Lu!

Codename: FluffyBunny007 exits the chat

Crimson: Here we go again…