This temple was finished
King solomon prayed
The people came to see
Was God pleased with this place

Then fire fell from heaven
The priest could not go in
God's glory was more than they could stand
God's glory was more than they could stand...

Fingers grasped his aching member, milking it as he arched against the cool cedar wood of the confession booth. Outside the choir sang in fervency, the clear voices reaching the ceiling beams as the group of singers sang Let Your Glory Fill This Place. He held in another moan, biting his lips as the male released over his own hand, letting out a small whimper as he shivered. Now done with his ministrations, his body would no longer hold himself up and the raven gently lowered himself down onto the little booth's bench.

Outside noone noticed that the teen had been missing for a few minutes, nor did they know of what he did. The dark-haired youth pulled a wet nap out of his pocket and wiped off the milky liquid, tossing the wet nap into the little garbage pail before pulling out a bottle of antibacterial hand gel. The teen squeezed a generous amount of the clear liquid onto his palm, rubbing his hands together quickly, spreading the gel around until it completely absorbed into his flesh. He stood up and zipped up his pants, checking his features in his little pocket mirror. When he didn't appear too frazzled, he slipped out of the booth and slunk to his seat.

The choir was just finishing, and people were were all taking their seats in the pews. Up on the platform, the teen's father got to his feet and coughed to draw his audiences' attention. The young male sat down beside his mother, ignoring the small quizzing look his brother gave him. "Where have you been Sasuke?," his mother asked. Sasuke turned his head to his mother, keeping his expression blank. "I was only in the washroom mother. Please excuse my absence." The older women nodded and turned her head back to her husband, smiling sweetly to the man. Sasuke peered at his brother from the corner of his eye; Itachi was peering at him too.

Sasuke crossed his legs and removed his notebook from his pocket, ignoring his brother's look. 'Whatever. Noone said that bastard had to believe me. It's not like he has the proof to prove otherwise.' Sasuke unclasped the silver buckles and opened the tiny notebook to a new page, writing the date and title of today's sermon on the first line. As his father spoke, Sasuke's hand never faltered its smooth rythme of copying down the words of the lecture, the blue ink glistening brightly. Slowly the raven's thoughts drifted back to this morning's earlier actions, and back to the object that had caused such feelings within him. True, as a son of the pastor, Sasuke should be an example of godliness; following the commandments laid down by the Lord, their Father. But Sasuke could never follow that role spiritually. He could play the part, and act accordingly as everyone thought he should. But in his heart he knew he was sinful because he lusted after another, a male of all people, and he couldn't help but release the tension caused by thoughts of that said male.

So Sasuke had commited terrible sins but he couldn't ask for forgiveness, not when he wanted that person so much. The Lord might punish him when it came to his time of judgment but if he could only have that beautiful person then he would stand the fires of hell for such an experience. His hand moved to jot down another scripture his father pointed out, while his groin began to stir with heat. Again his thoughts were betraying him, leading him to think of that boy that entranced his darkest dreams, and his body was acting out in lust for that handsome specimen. No, I must control myself. I have already taken my leave and have left my sin in the confession booth. This can wait until we return home; then I will take care of this pestering trouble. And in saying so the raven turned his thoughts around to face Jesus, burying those sinful visions for later.


Fugaku was a poweful leader. His tongue was always bathed in the words of the lord, and he gave such meaningful messages to all that came to him. The man had been in God's fellowship for quite a long time, and had even been given a letter of acceptance into the priesthood. But Fugaku had fallen in love with a women of strong faith, and had declined such an offer, saying that God had given him a women to spend his life with. But still Fugaku rose through everything and became the Pastor and founder of his own ministry, preaching to all the people that entered the large church. Sasuke had grown up always surrounded by God, and even when he was very young his father had taught him the elements of the faith so that one day Sasuke would become a man baptized in the faith and power of the Lord.

His father had raised the boys such, so that they would enter the pastor hood like their father, and take over the ministry when their old man passed away. But Sasuke didn't want to spend the rest of his life stuck in robes and preaching to complete strangers who did nothing but kiss ass and ask for repentance that they would quickly throw away in rage or in lust. No that was not the life Sasuke wanted, his brother Itachi would soon better fill that role than he would any day. After the service, Sasuke retired to his room after his father had finished annointing his forehead, and blessing both boys. The raven shut his door and plopped down on his bed, picking up the book placed on his nightstand. It was a four hundred page book, talking about the miracles and wonder of Jesus. A tattered book mark protruded from near the end of the book, and Sasuke opened up the book to his saved page, eyes scanning over the words. The book was an utter bore but it was a requirment for english, so Sasuke would just bite his tongue and finish the damn novel. 'Such hypocrasy, it's laughable.'

He finished the book, wrote the report required of him, and sat himself down on his computer. He started his Mac up, listening to it hum softly as he watched the information codes scroll up the screen. Despite the fact that his parents trusted him, and that they believed their teenage son would never do anything sinful even on the internet, that did not mean he would leave his computer without a password. Sasuke knew his brother had a habit of peering into his life, pulling out things better left in the dark. His p.c was set up with so many codes and security passwords that even a hacker would have trouble getting in. Smirking to himself, Sasuke logged in.

His mouse clicked softly as he scrolled through his picture collection, eyes feeding on the beautiful images of his desired one. The heat in his groin was back and this time his hand slid down, resting on the bulge. He wanted to rip off the constricting pants right there and then, but he knew precautions needed to be taken. The raven cocked his head to the side, glancing at his door. Yes; it was closed and locked. But suspicion still filled him. Sasuke got to is feet and scored the room. There was nothing. Then he checked the bathroom; he had his own bathroom. Such was the privliges of having such a prestigious family. But there was nothing there either. Pleased, Sasuke returned to his computer.

Without further ado, he unzipped his pants and hurriedly grabbed his member, rubbing it feirously. His eyes flew open every once in a while, settling on his desire, before closing again to picture that person in very compromising positions. He held in his moans as he imagined his special person grasping his weeping organ in their own tan hands, taking the shivering member into their warm mouth. Sasuke could almost feel the other's tongue sliding up and down his shaft, the other boy happily feasting upon him. And before he knew it, the pressure was gone, white semen coating his hand and the front of his pants.

Huffing lightly, the uchiha got to his feet and strode over to the bathroom. He stripped and threw his pants into the sink, turning on the hot water. He watched distantly as the sink filled up, his slacks drowned in dark waters. He opened a bottle of luandry detergent and poured a bit into the sink, swishing the water around. Sasuke grabbed a scrub brush from under his bathroom sink and worked to get the semen off his pants. After scrubbing for a few good minutes, he rinsed, rung and hung his slacks on the towel rack before getting into the shower. The warm water made his skin cool down after his actions, and his breathing remained normal. But he was still in Sasuke's mind.


Sasuke grabbed a slice of toast as he passed through the kitchen, downing the glass of orange juice placed on the counter. He stuck the piece of bread in his mouth, slinging the strap of his shoulder bag over his head. "Have a good day at school," said his mother as he headed for the front door. Sasuke 'hn-ed' a reply, slipping on his sneakers and grabbing his key off the rack. He padded lightly down the front steps, turning left off their drive and toward the curb. The raven stood beside the red stop sign, gazing about at the row of white houses, not really interested in what he saw. Around the bend the school bus drove up, rambling down the street before pulling to a stop a few inches away from the dark teen. Sasuke sighed, turned and ascended up the stairs, taking a seat at the end of the bus. The girls up front giggled and pointed his way, but he paid them no heed.

After a few minutes of passing houses as his view, Sasuke closed his eyes and laid his head against the glass. His mind wandered over the reports and assignments that needed to be handed in, needed to be done; and about the numerous people that he would have to once again avoid today. But most of all, he was thinking about the classes he had with him, the classes that we're close to his, and the classes that he took. 'I'll have to walk through the tech hallway if I want to catch him after art.' As Sasuke was pondering the many possible ways of getting to his desire's classrooms, he failed to notice that the bus had finally reached the school. The sudden bustling of fellow peers woke him from his daydreams, and he too got to his feet and exited the bus.

Sasuke stayed perched on the curb as thousands of students poured out of various buses, striding up the school's front stairs. Teenagers swarmed all over the concrete steps, pushing and prodding and shouting at one another. Sasuke frowned at their frivalous behaviour, huffing slightly before stepping forward. 'This is supposed to be a catholic school for Christ's sake! Not a zoo!!' Sasuke controlled himself from wringing the neck of the idiot that slammed into him, preferring a quick dusting off of himself and a well aimed insult to the other individual.

Without further ado he, Sasuke Uchiha, probably the only student in all of St. Paul's Catholic school that was actually of christian faith, made his way to class. The room was quite empty still as he sat himself down in his regular seat (the front row, of course) opening his textbook for historic religion. The clock ticked away, and with two mintues left the classroom was finally beginning to fill up. When his two stalkers came in, Sasuke sighed inwardly and asked how God could be so cruel, but as usual he gritted his teeth and beared the terrible punishment of having said girls sit on either side of him and attach themselves to his arms. And just when Sasuke thought he was about to die, he walked in and Sasuke remembered why this class was so great.

C.M.D: just as an after thought. For people who are getting angry at me for making rude comments of the christianity, please note.

My mother is christian, I tried to be christian.

All this comes from my point of view, and honestly I don't really have anything against people who are christian, I just don't like the religion that's all.