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Hinata smiled when again there came shuffling from the chair opposite her, her dinner partner having trouble settling down. Kiba finally stopped moving, looking up at the Hyuuga and noticing her smile, returned to fidgeting about in his seat.

The raven's smile grew but she decided to leave the Inuzuka alone. Talking would probably stretch his nerves beyond their breaking point. But, who would have guessed that Kiba could be such a shy person? Not that she wasn't feeling nervous either, in fact if it wasn't for her carry-along bible placed at her side, Hinata might have bolted out of there as well.

But she couldn't do that. Not after the dog-lover had drawn up the courage to ask her out --on an actual date, not one of their daily bible get-togethers-- to dinner tonight. The Hyuuga pulled her eyes away from Kiba, glancing around the restaurant.

It was a lovely place, with plenty of round tables covered in red clothe with high-backed wooden chairs. It definitely wasn't a burger joint or a café. It was an honest-to-goodness restaurant with waiters dressed in dry-cleaned black and white uniforms, and not a fry insight on the menu. Hinata was glad that it wasn't too pricy a place. She'd feel terrible if she emptied Kiba's wallet.

"Here you go, kids." Their waiter for the night, some girl named Tenten, placed their meals before them. Pulling away, she smiled at the still nervous Kiba, winking at the raven. "Enjoy your meal," she said, turning away.

Kiba finally looked up again, and blushed to his roots, causing Hinata to blush a little as well. "L-let's pray," the Hyuuga suggested, placing her hands on top of the table. The brunette followed her example, his nervousness easing with the action. Again, Hinata blushed.

She admitted to herself that she was beginning to like the Inuzuka in a way that extended beyond their friendship, in the same way that she once had admired Naruto. And she believed that Kiba shared the same feelings toward her...or so she desperately hoped.

His embarrassment and uncertainty seemed to indicate that he liked her, at least. But just asking her out on a simple dinner date seemed too much for him. Would a relationship actually happen between them?

Sighing mentally, Hinata finished the prayer, watching as Kiba dug into his meal. She lightly picked at hers while she mulled over her previous thoughts. It seemed that the only thing really connecting them was the Lord and his word.

"H-hey...Hi-hinata...," Kiba stuttered, breaking her out of her reverie. The dark-haired girl looked up, catching the brunette's intense gaze. Her cheeks burning increased.

Kiba swallowed sharply, regretting eating his meal now as his stomach churned. He stared at the blushing girl, trying to work his mouth around the words he so desperately wanted to say. His jaw went slack for a moment before he clenched his teeth, fingers bunching the front of his jeans.

"W-would you... will you be my girlfriend?," he shouted out in a rush.

Hinata nearly fainted when the brunette spoke, raising a hand to shield her cherry-red face. She dared a glance over at the Inuzuka, who had his head turned down, eyes squeezed shut as he awaited her reply.

Slowly her heart beat picked up until it was thundering in her chest practically, feeling light-headed all of a sudden. "Y-yes...," she murmured, her own voice still weak from shock. "Yes."

Kiba looked up at her, disbelieving, before a large grin spread over his face. His cheeks too were turning a deep scarlet. Hinata giggled quietly under her breath, returning to her meal with more intent to eat.

Maybe things were still a little awkward between them, and their relationship would always be affected by their shyness toward each other... but that was okay. Through the Lord their feelings would morph into something withstanding of all tribulations. And besides, it isn't like they were in any rush anyways.

Sasuke was back. All around school, that's what the gossip was: the return of the ice prince. Fangirls instantly flocked to the school's foyer, where the Uchiha could be located, intent on getting close to the raven after not seeing him for an entire month.




Many squeals of delight erupted, and Naruto had to cover his ears at the sound, despite the fact that he was on the other side of the building. 'Stupid retards,' he thought angrily, stomping to first period. The girls, beyond anything else, pissed him off.

The Uzumaki slipped into the class, early for once, taking his seat. He was actually surprised that Sasuke was even back at school. When he'd returned home yesterday, all he found was an empty bedroom and a moping Iruka in the kitchen. Instantly he knew that the Uchiha was gone... but to where, he didn't know.

He was more surprised by the fact that he actually cared to know what happened to Sasuke. Would this confusion never end? Naruto sighed, resting his head on his arms. He glared at the door as Sakura and Ino strode in, shockingly not attached to the Uchiha.

Their attraction to the raven was disgusting, and so shallow. As if they even knew what went on in Sasuke's life. 'But I know a good amount.' It was true, Naruto knew.

He had been raped by Sasuke, nearly killed by his brother, and saved by the raven. He knew for a good time Sasuke was homeless, he was practically deathly ill, and he'd been the one to save him. He, Uzumaki Naruto, fed the immobilized Uchiha. He'd seen the raven horny, hopeless, angry, afraid...pitiful. How many other people saw those sides of Sasuke?

The blonde knew more about the pale teen than anyone of his admirers. In a way... it made him smirk. Knowing all this... made him superior to everyone else. All their beliefs and fantasies about Sasuke were false, but his would be true.

There was a crackling noise, and Naruto realized that it was the P.A system. His cerulean orbs flickered to the clock, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. It was too early still for the morning anthem. So what was up?

His answer came soon enough when there was a slight cough, a cool baritone echoing through the speaker. "I have an announcement to make," Sasuke said. Noise inside the classroom and out in the hallway ceased, everybody recognizing the Uchiha's voice. Naruto found himself unnaturally silent, waiting for what the raven would say.

"For all you people who think I'm going to be your prince charming, or your dark knight -grow up. I am, in no way or form, interested in you. Your attempts to seduce me through perfume, make-up, crappy gifts or exhibiting your body; just know that they're all pointless." One guy snickered before he was hit by his friend, the other male signaling for him to shut up.

Sasuke continued, his voice beginning to sound a little grainy due to extended use of the P.A. "I don't care how experienced you are in bed, or if you're a virgin. I don't like you and never will. So let me make this point clear to all you fangirls. I detest breasts. The very thought of a vagina makes me want to gag. I am, and forever will be no matter what, gay. So, get a life! "

The P.A made a loud crack as it was shut off, leaving the classroom entirely silent. The guys began to crack small smiles, looking around the classroom in blissful disbelief. Naruto watched distantly as Sakura and Ino broke out in a series of screams and cries, other fangirls joining in as they rejected what they had just heard. The smarter females just broke down crying, knowing that there was no point avoiding the truth.

Sasuke, he had... he admitted... 'Why would he say that?' Naruto slumped in his chair, staring down at his desk.

"Naruto...? Hey, you okay man?" The blonde started at the sudden voice, blinking away at the heat that filmed his eyes. Were those tears? He looked up, seeing Kiba staring down at him, a slight look of worry in the brunette's eyes. It passed quickly though as the brunette walked to his other side.

"I can't believe that prick actually confessed to being gay," Kiba said, taking a seat beside Naruto. "I mean, is that guy crazy or what? But man... what a way to tell it," the Inuzuka laughed.

Naruto tried to laugh along, but he couldn't muster up even a chuckle. He placed his face in his arms, staring at the front of the class. Right in his line of sight, Sasuke would be sitting in his seat, soon enough. Kiba stopped laughing, and noticed the lack of response. He turned his head to his right.

Naruto was staring blankly ahead, his face completely free of all emotion. The Inuzuka's worry returned once more. The blonde's blue eyes were so dark, a sure sign that the Uzumaki was busy thinking things over. Kiba sighed, facing back front.

When Naruto was lost in his own head, there was no getting to the blonde. Because it meant, whatever he was thinking about was something deep, something best kept to himself. Kiba suppressed another sigh. He wished he could help...but he could only do so much.

Kiba nearly had a heart attack the next minute, when Kakashi walked through the door, his one visible eye arched into a 'u'. "What a way to start the morning, eh?," he said, placing his things on his desk. Kiba made a few incoherent noises before finally finding his voice.

"Y-you're here? Before the announcements? " This seemed to snap Naruto out of his thoughts, looking over at his friend who was fisting a handful of his own hair, to the front of the class where their History teacher stood, grinning down at them.

"Kakashi-sensei's early?," the blonde mumbled in shock. Kakashi nodded. "Yep!," he chirped. "And what a day to come early. Such an interesting announcement to hear in a Catholic school."

Sakura and Ino began to growl, inching toward the grey-haired man. Obviously, any mention of Sasuke's orientation would send the two girls rabid. Kakashi seemed unnerved a little, for he was quick to walk behind his desk, taking a seat. At that very moment, Sasuke strode into the room.

His pale visage was expressionless as usual, but there was something different about him. Naruto couldn't figure out what it was exactly. The Uchiha paused beside the teacher's desk, looking over the classroom blankly. Sakura, gaining some control over herself, rose from her seat and approached the raven.

"S-sasuke-kun... that was such an interesting skit you did this morning," the pinkette said, her smile strained. Sasuke glanced at her momentarily, before looking away. "It wasn't an act Sakura," he replied.

A vein in the girl's temple appeared, and she inched closer to the raven, pressing up against his rigid form. "Sasuke-darling. You're such a kidder," she giggled. Her hands roved up his chest, cupping his face. "I know you're just a shy boy," she whispered, leaning toward his lips.

Sasuke's blank face changed into an angered expression as he shoved the whore away. "Apparently you're too dense to take my word," he hissed, not caring when she tripped and fell to the floor. "I guess some visual evidence is in order..." The Uchiha spun around and grabbed at Kakashi, pulling the man toward him and pressing his lips against the teacher's.

A whole set of gasps broke out over the classroom as Sasuke pulled away, crossing his arms over his chest in irritation. Kakashi eased back into his chair, visibly unaffected by the raven's brash action. "Are you done now?," the man drawled, resting his chin in his palm. Sasuke looked at Sakura who was silently crying, staring at the black-haired teen in horror, snorting.

"Yes," he answered. "I'd like a seat change." Kakashi sighed, looking around the room. "Well, I can't just go around changing seats," the teacher said. "But you can take the spare desk at the back, if you want."

Sasuke nodded and made his way to the back of the classroom. The guys in the class inched away as the Uchiha walked past them. Almost noone could believe that the raven had just used their history teacher as proof to his homosexuality. "And Sasuke... you've got detention after school," Kakashi called, pulling out his infamous book.

Sasuke sat down at his new desk, sighing. "I am well aware," he responded, brows creased in annoyance. Kakashi grinned. "Just checking!," he grinned. Sasuke snorted, and the class reverted back to some semblance of normality. Naruto himself couldn't get focused.

He pulled out his sketchbook, staring blankly at the white pages. This day... this day was crazy! It was like some bad comedy routine, that he didn't know he'd been scripted in to. The blonde sighed, laying his head on the desk. He was confused...

Naruto didn't dare to look behind him. Sasuke being so close to him, and doing all these things. They didn't make sense. Gritting his teeth, Uzumaki came to a conclusion. It was time to get some answers.

Naruto gawked at the large church, blue eyes wondering over the entire structure. Who would have guessed that there was such a beautiful building in their suburbia? His fingers began to twitch a little, feeling the urge to pull out his sketchbook right then and there. The afternoon sunlight warming stone angels, and darkening cut angles of the gargoyles, was such a beautiful sight. It'd be a shame not to capture the moment. The blonde shook his head, pushing the feeling aside. Now was not the time to draw... but maybe later.

After school had finished, Naruto had hurried home, dropping off his things and telling Iruka that he'd be out for the afternoon, before running back to the school. Detention, he knew from past experience, was an hour long, and Sasuke had landed himself a hefty month of detentions for that message that morning.

When he'd returned to the school, he only had to wait another five minutes before the Uchiha left, and without being seen, trailed after the raven. Sasuke had led him to this massive church, disappearing inside. Shaking off the set of nerves that suddenly set in, Naruto jogged up the concrete steps, touching the wood doors momentarily, before opening them and slipping inside.

It was shady inside, pleasantly cool, light coming down in thick beams; highlighting the rows of pews. The beams of light were almost like pillars. Slowly, Naruto walked forward, his head turning from side to side. He himself wasn't religious, he really didn't believe in all that stuff, but he couldn't deny the fact that this place felt almost... divine.

The atmosphere put him at ease. Cerulean orbs turned to the front, staring at the point in the wall where a large circle was cut in the stone, holding a large circle of stained glass. Small strands of light shone through the colorful shards, pointing down at a sharp angle. The blonde's gaze followed the trail, coming to rest on the black-haired male who kneeled on the center of the floor before the alter.

The rainbow beams shining all around the raven was... breathtaking. From the shadows, Sarutobi watched as the strange blonde teen approached Sasuke. He'd first spotted the boy when he had entered the church, and had stood by quietly as the blonde twisted his head this way and that, mouth open in wonder before falling on the Uchiha's form. Now the smaller male's steps were hesitant, but still they carried their owner to the raven, silently.

"Perhaps... he is the one," the priest mumbled to himself, spotting the almost serene expression on the blue-eyed boy's face. The old man smiled softly to himself. 'Maybe now, things will change.'

Naruto finally came to a stop, right behind the Uchiha. Still he said nothing, just watching the back of the raven's head. Cautiously he reached out, placing a hand on the other teen's shoulder. Sasuke flinched at the sudden contact, spinning away from the touch and jumping to his feet. His obsidian orbs were wide open, staring at the blonde incredulously.


Sasuke turned away and made to run, but the tight grip on his arm kept him from fleeing. He glanced back, black eyes being caught by determined blue ones. "Not this time, Sasuke. Neither one of us is running away until I've gotten some answers," the Uzumaki stated.

Naruto dragged the Uchiha to a pew, letting the raven go and sitting down. Sasuke resigned himself to his fate, wrapping his fingers around the rosary beads in his hand, staring down at the floor. "What... what do you want to know?," he asked, gently sighing as he closed his eyes.

Naruto took a small, shaky breath. The confusion was back again, that god-awful confusion that had been haunting him for so long now. Where was the anger? Where were all those other feelings that he was supposed to be having, especially in the presence of the one who caused so much hell in his life?

But... 'If it weren't some of the things that happened because of Sasuke, then Iruka probably would have never tried to fight for me. And he might not of won either.' Naruto sighed as this thought came to mind, knowing so well how true it was.

"I-i... I'm not sure wh-what to ask first," the blonde confessed. "H-how 'bout we start with... y-you calling me angel. When you first woke up."

Sasuke opened his eyes, and looked up at the Uzumaki. "I actually... ca-called you that?," the raven asked, shocked. Naruto nodded, fixing him with a look that told the Uchiha that he had better explain. Sasuke took a breath, wondering how to go about answering.

"I was delusional..."

"Uchiha," came the growl.

"But I meant it," Sasuke continued. He had closed his eyes again, not wanting to see the blonde's expression. "F-for a long time... I've thought of you as that. You couldn't possibly understand how much you've done for me... and how much I loved you in return."

Naruto clenched his fists, noticing how the raven was not looking at him. "If that was the case...," the blonde hissed. "Then why? Why, if you loved me so much, did you do it?"

Sasuke's lids slowly opened, coal orbs catching the sight of teary sapphires. Again, like the last two times, his heart clenched and he turned his head down, not able to stare into the Uzumaki's eyes. "B-because I saw you like this... in the chapel that time... and I couldn't bear to see you hurt..." The raven paused and Naruto blinked, confused.

"Y-you... were there?," he breathed. Sasuke nodded, and Naruto had to keep himself from launching at the Uchiha. What else was there that he didn't know?

Sasuke went on, and Naruto focused on what the raven was saying. "I...was hurting," the Uchiha replied, hand clenching at his right breast, right over his heart. "I...I couldn't stand to have you leave, and it was obvious that you didn't want to either. In that moment, I got selfish, and could only think of what I wanted."

Sasuke's hand dropped back down to his side. Naruto glanced down at the pale appendage, watching the ruby red beads swinging slightly at the motion. The blonde turned his gaze back up to the Uchiha's face, seeing a guilt-ridden expression on the raven's face. Slowly, Sasuke turned his head to look at him.

"Before the only thing I wanted, was to be close to you. And I thought... with you being taken away... I should at least get that contact I so desired. Before you were gone," the black-haired male finished.

That familiar spark of anger returned and Naruto gritted his teeth, getting to his feet. "Well, I hope you had a joyous time fucking my unconscious body," he snarled, stomping away.


The Uzumaki paused. Why had he stopped? What did he care if Sasuke called his name? Let the bastard call all he wants, he should just keep on walking and not look back. But...

"Naruto...," Sasuke said again, his tone small. Naruto faltered, stepping back and turning around. His breath hitched, the raven was standing just inches away from him. The Uchiha's black eyes were focused on him, almost... soft.

Sasuke grabbed his tan hand, holding it between his own two palms. "I didn't...," the raven whispered, releasing his hand.

Naruto felt heat film his eyes, spinning around, his back to the raven. 'I-I can't believe that asshole!' Saying that stuff to him...did the guy hate him so much, despite confessing he loved him?

Sasuke sighed, turning around and looking up at the stained glass window. He closed his eyes, opening them again and staring up at the crystal image of Jesus Christ. 'It's time I did something good, not just for myself Lord... but for him too. Forgive me if I am no longer your child.' Naruto had yet to move still, and Sasuke was glad.

The blonde's warmth gave him comfort, and he smiled softly. "I didn't enjoy it...because I couldn't do it." Naruto felt his heart stop, before picking up quickly. "When you cried for me to stop... I realized just what I was doing, and was disgusted with myself. I took you home, and on that day I promised not to come near you anymore."

There was no reply, but Sasuke was certain that the Uzumaki was listening. "Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I didn't know how else to act."

He'd heard enough. Naruto stepped forward, hands fisted in his pocket. "Naruto...," came Sasuke's voice again. This time he didn't stop, but he did glance behind him. The Uchiha hadn't moved from his spot, his back to the blonde as he gazed up at the circle glass window. "You know it, don't you? I could never hurt you...not purposely. You mean too much to me," Sasuke finished.

Naruto turned his head back front, hurrying out of the church. A tear broke free from the rest that he struggled not to release, trailing down his cheek as he burst out into the sunshine. He wiped it away, staring up at the bright sky. His heart was still pounding, and the tears collected in his eyes threatened to fall.

Slowly, he pulled his hand out of his pocket. The flesh still tingled from when Sasuke had held it. "Stupid asshole...," he mumbled without hate or despair, gazing down at the red beads that rolled about in his palm. He gripped them tightly, the wood cross biting into his skin. He hopped down the steps, slipping his hands back into his pockets, as he headed home.

There was a lightness in his soul, a great weight finally lifted.

Sarutobi walked past the ink-haired male on his way to his room. "How is everything?," he asked, stopping to hear the boy's answer.

Sasuke paused, a smile pulling at his lips. "Whether or not, God forgives me... I'm okay. Because someone else has already forgiven me," he replied.

The old priest smiled at the teenager as he walked into his room. He turned away when the door closed, heading to his office. "You've already been forgiven by God, Sasuke. You only needed to forgive yourself."

Hinata smiled, left hand cradling her bible to her chest. Her right hand was wound in Kiba's long fingers, quite comfortable. "Hinata...," mumbled the brunette. "You really don't mind being my girlfriend?"

The Hyuuga's smile grew, and she turned it to the Inuzuka. Kiba's chocolate eyes caught her pale ones, and he blushed under her gaze. "K-kiba...," she answered. "I really, r-really do want this."

Kiba grinned broadly, scratching at the side of his cheek. He chuckled lowly, blushing in embarrassment, his insecurities fleeing him. "I'm glad," he whispered back, placing his free hand into his pocket.

Hinata nodded, gripping her bible tighter. She looked away from the brunette, and at the world around her. The students were all milling about, heading into the school at a snail's pace, everyone dressed in their summer uniforms. How quick it seemed spring had come, and summer was fast approaching.

"K-kiba-kun...have you t-thought of what c-courses you'd like t-to take next y-year?" Kiba jolted at the question. "Umm...actually, no," he answered. "Not that it will really matter. I'll probably end up a vet like my mom."

Hinata nodded. "A veterinarian is a good career." The brunette nodded his head as well. "Yeah...," he uttered, looking at the black-haired girl from the corner of his eye. The Inuzuka took another step forward, smacking face-first into something. He stumbled backwards, the Hyuuga female reaching out to steady her boyfriend.


Kiba's eyes snapped open, widening as they focused in on the Uchiha who was slightly hunched over. Sasuke straightened up, and turned to the two, his eyes narrowed. 'Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!' Kiba crossed his fingers, hoping that the dark-haired male wouldn't cuss him out or anything, especially in front of Hinata.

"Hinata," Sasuke replied, inclining his head forward in greeting. Hinata slowly pulled her hands away from Kiba, sure now that the Inuzuka wasn't going to fall over. "A-and how was your weekend?," the girl asked, smiling politely.

Sasuke shifted his bag, rolling one shoulder. "It was fine, thank you. And I'm sure yours was pleasant," he said. The last bit sounded almost like a question. The Hyuuga nodded her head, her smile having yet to leave her face.

"Indeed, it was. So nice of you to have noticed," Hinata commented. Sasuke closed his eyes, giving a slight nod in acknowledgment. Kiba was gaping, watching the exchange. The Uchiha was acting civil?! To people!! Obsidian orbs showed themselves to the world, glancing at the Inuzuka who shrank back in panic, before turning to the shy Hyuuga.

"I'll be taking my leave now, Hinata. Have a good day," Sasuke said. He turned away and strode forward. "God bless you, Sasuke-san," Hinata shouted, bowing to the Uchiha's retreating form. The black-headed male paused, turning slightly to smirk at the girl. "You as well, Hinata." Then he was gone, easily walking through the crowded halls.

Kiba trailed after Hinata, stunned. He was still finding it hard to believe that Sasuke was being nice to them. "Shut your mouth, dog-breath. You're catching flies." The brunette snapped at the insult, rounding on the one that had spoke it, glaring at the blonde.

"Ha, ha, ha...Very funny, fox-face," he huffed. Naruto chuckled, shifting the boxes in his arms.

"And good morning to you too, Hinata-chan," the Uzumaki said, turning to the raven. Hinata smiled at the cheery teen.

"Good morning, N-naruto-kun," she replied. Her eyes focused on the boxes the blonde was holding. "What are you doing?," she inquired.

"Oh, these...," Naruto lifted the boxes up a bit, lowering them again and resting them on his hip. "I'm helping Shizune out in the Nurse's office, trying to earn my hours," he answered.

Hinata nodded, while Kiba laughed. "I'm already done mine. Got them helping mom out at the clinic," the brunette gloated. The Uzumaki rolled his eyes, turning away. The couple followed him to the Nurse's office.

"You two sure are close. Finally going out, I see," Naruto grinned, putting the boxes down onto the room's floor. The Inuzuka and Hyuuga blushed brightly, looking anywhere but at each other and their golden-haired friend. Naruto laughed, resting against the door jam. "Hey, no need to be shy. It's great that you're going out. You guys are just so cute!"

Hinata glanced up at the blonde as his laughter died down, to see the Uzumaki staring off into the distance. She followed the blue-eyed male's line of sight, spotting Sasuke at the end of the hall. "Sasuke sure has changed, hasn't he?," she remarked.

Kiba looked down the hallway too, nodding his head vigorously. "Seriously, man. I bumped into him and he didn't say anything. Not even a glare! Things around here are changing, dude."

"Yeah, I've noticed," Naruto mumbled. "He's not such a bad guy...," he added.

Kiba turned back to his friend, looking at him as if he was crazy. After a moment, he just shrugged, putting his hands into his pocket. "Guess so," he said in response.

Hinata fixed her light lavender orbs onto the blonde, catching the small grin on the tanned face. Her eyes lowered, focusing on the rosary beads wrapped around Naruto's wrist. 'Strange,' she mused, 'but... I think I get it.' Naruto's fingers gently touched the gleaming red beads, tracing down the side of the attached, tiny cross. She smiled softly at the gesture.

Down the hall, Sasuke caught sight of the trio. He raised his hand slightly, a small smile on his lips. Three hands waved back.

C.M.D: So this is the end. I hoped everyone enjoyed the story. But before I say goodbye, I thought I'd share with you guys a poem that I wrote a while back that inspired the title of this chapter.

I remember long ago,
you were so care-free.
Laughing, caring, and open,
just how you should be.

Each day passed and you've grown,
bigger, smarter and strong.
But still you're hurt and crack,
from everything in life that's wrong.

And while you were still small,
your poor soul and heart.
Were torn away from you,
and shattered apart.

'Look what's happened,
I'm tainted- ugly!'
Even as you are,
your beauty is all I see.

You shake your head,
cover your ears.
You won't believe my words,
what do you fear?

'There's no going back,
I'll never be the same.'
Maybe; but you can be more.
Something of wonder, not shame.

All the tiny shards of your being,
look, are painted in a rainbow.
Of everything you've felt,
of everything you now know.

Purple for your pain,
red for your rage.
Black for your confusion,
blue for sorrow that passes the ages.

Yellow for your joy,
Orange for peace.
White for your hope,
green for relief.

'I'm like glass' you say,
'I can't be mended.'
Broken and sullied,
you think your life has ended.

Still I cradle the shards of your heart,
warming them in my hands.
Your tattered soul I mend with care,
while you come to understand.

When the pieces are put back together,
you can finally be whole.
Like a stain-glass window,
you have a beautiful soul.

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