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Chapter 1: Secret Passions

When Sakura had agreed to marry Naruto, she had done so only because she had finally realized that Sasuke would never love her the same way that she loved him. That was NOT to say that she did not love Naruto. In fact, she loved him a lot. He had always been there for her, and he made her feel special. There had just been something whimsical about marrying her first crush, the one whom she had first fallen in love with, which is why she had waited for Sasuke for so long. Of course, as a young girl, initially it hadn't mattered that he was clearly not interested in her because she foolishly thought that she could change his mind. So, once she had gotten older and finally matured, she realized the error of her ways.

Sasuke had been back from Sound for over three years now. After she had learned that he had been semi-faithful to Konoha, not fully obeying Orochimaru, nor ever killing other than had been necessary for his survival, she had felt that somehow, Sasuke would be okay. And he had been - after a devastating first month.

Sakura was never quite sure exactly what had happened, but to anyone who knew Sasuke, it was clear that Sasuke's return home had made him deeply depressed. People "welcomed" Sasuke back to Konoha in any number of ways. Some claimed that it was not truly his fault for leaving in the first place, surely he must have been under Orochimaru's control, and that since he'd had such a traumatic past, as long as he underwent therapy, he would be allowed to stay. However, the other part believed him a traitor and that he should be stripped of his ninja ranking, banished, or even killed. Thus, it was really no surprise that Sasuke's return home had been strenuous on him.

When the cold look in Sasuke's eyes had finally begun to melt ever so slowly, replaced with the look of someone who had no purpose in life, everyone began worrying about whether or not he would physically harm himself – or someone else. He had finally killed Itachi, so now what did he have left in his life? The struggle to determine his purpose was clear. Even worse, Sasuke had had nowhere to go other than back to the hauntingly empty Uchiha compound. He couldn't even go on missions to distract him since he was put on probation for six months. He had trained for the first three weeks upon returning, but always by himself. He had not once accepted Sakura's, Lee's, Ino's, Kakashi's, or even Naruto's attempts to at least train with him so he would not be alone in a place filled with so many bitter memories.

At the end of the first three weeks, Sasuke had completely locked himself up within the Uchiha compound. No one had seen him for over five days, but Naruto had finally had enough of worrying about the Uchiha. Sakura clearly remembered when Naruto had decided to bring Sasuke out of his self-confinement. They had been eating together, slurping away noodles at Ichiraku when Naruto had left in the middle of ramen to go get Sasuke. She still remembered their conversation.

"I feel like Sasuke still isn't even back," she had muttered. Naruto turned to look at her, and Sakura wondered if it had been because of what she said, or if he had honestly wanted to try and de-funk Sasuke out of his mood (probably a little of both), but Naruto had merely muttered "this isn't right," before storming off from Ichiraku's. He then returned with a ruffled Sasuke nearly two hours later, both looking beat up – cuts and bruises covered their bodies, and Naruto even had a little bit of blood on the side of his head.

They looked exhausted. But Sasuke had been smiling. Sakura clearly remembered as Sasuke sat down on the other side of Naruto, the genuine smile. Sasuke's genuine smiles were always very small, but they made a drastic change in his face. Sasuke smiling meant that he wasn't brooding, and he looked much better that way.

"Hello Sasuke-kun," Sakura said happily. Sasuke nodded at her politely. After that day, things had seemed much better for Sasuke. Yet Sakura had never managed to get very close to Sasuke after that. He seemed to have abandoned his idea of restoring his clan, and therefore all attempts any female had made to get his attention had failed, and when she realized that, Sakura finally gave up her pursuit of her former genin teammate. Several months later she had agreed to go out with Naruto, much to his delight.

Within a year and a half of first going out, they were married. It had been wonderful from the beginning. Naruto treated her like a princess, and she was truly happy with him. Everyone seemed supportive of their relationship, and she had been extremely happy to see that once she had begun living with Naruto, she even got to see a lot more of Sasuke. A small part of her would always love him, but she had moved on. Still, it was nice to have him as a friend now.

So when Sakura came home early from a mission one evening to find Sasuke's sandals by the door, it hadn't surprised her in the least – but something else sure as hell had.

As Sakura removed her sandals, placing them next to Sasuke's and Naruto's, she noticed how dark their small home was. She checked the living room, kitchen, study, and even bathroom, but didn't see them. She didn't know why they would be in the bedroom, but as it was the only room she had yet to check, Sakura opened the door to look for them -

And stopped dead.

On her bed she saw the naked bodies of her husband and her former love pressed intimately together. Naruto was on all fours, his body arched back against Sasuke's who was on top of him, Sasuke's body pressing flushed against Naruto's. Sasuke's body seemed to glide as he slid his manhood in and out of Naruto's ass, his left arm pressed against Naruto's bare chest, his hand gripping Naruto's left shoulder as leverage to press himself deeper into Naruto as he thrust against him, Sasuke's right hand meanwhile pumping Naruto's cock.

Their bodies glistened with sweat from their intense lovemaking making their bodies slicker and easier to glide against each other. Naruto's eyes were closed, but the way he grunted with each of Sasuke's thrusts, the way his mouth hung open ever so slightly, let Sakura know that his eyes would be even more lust-filled than she knew she had ever seen them.

Sasuke looked at peace. He wasn't moaning, but his lips seemed to form a silent scream of pleasure as he began increasing his speed. Whatever lotion they used was clearly very slick, and Naruto's entrance was clearly spread open, probably from long foreplay, long lovemaking, or from constant exposure to this kind of pleasure. Sakura suspected a bit of all three. Naruto's grunts grew louder as Sasuke seemed to drive himself deeper within Naruto, obviously hitting Naruto's prostate as the blond shinobi grunted in time with Sasuke's thrusts. Watching the speed and grace with which they moved together made them look as though they were dancing.

Still, Sasuke growled in frustration, as though he was still not close enough, not deep enough, and his peaceful face was replaced with one of feral lust and desire. He forced Naruto's legs to move farther apart as he snaked his feet to press against Naruto's legs, forcing them to spread open even further still. He forced Naruto's body to fall forward, and Sasuke fell with him, pressing deeper inside of his lover. Sasuke moved his hand from Naruto's cock and wrapped it around Naruto's chest, gripping his hand to mirror the other one on his shoulder, and drove himself deeper. He began almost forcing Naruto's body into the bed, each thrust violently hard and slick, their bodies glistening with perspiration.

Naruto began to buck back against Sasuke even harder, wanting it deeper. It seemed that no matter how deep Sasuke went, it was never deep enough for either.

"Naruto!" Sasuke's half scream finally escaped as he came, the force of his orgasm making him slam harder into Naruto, but Naruto didn't seem ready to come yet, and Sasuke's hand slid back down to Naruto's manhood and began to pump him harder and more furiously even as Sasuke's own body shook with the remnants of his orgasm. Naruto let out a final grunt, and his seed spilled onto the sheets and Sasuke's hands, his body shuddering violently in a way no orgasm Sakura had ever been able to give Naruto. Sakura had never been half that close to making Naruto come so hard and for so long as he did now.

When Naruto's eyes finally opened, Sakura noticed that they looked glazed over - but not the normal kind of glaze left from passion. His eyes looked like when Sasuke put someone under a deep genjutsu. Sakura looked quickly at Sasuke's eyes, and sure enough, they were swirled red. With a jolt, Sakura realized she could see how red his eyes were because he was staring straight at her.

"Enjoying the show?" Sasuke asked, pulling himself out of Naruto, his seed coming out as well. Naruto, for his part, almost seemed like a doll. Sasuke slowly moved Naruto to the side, lying his body down, away from the wetness of his cum.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked, hesitantly, but, as she expected, he did not respond, lost in a reality that was purely controlled by Sasuke. Sakura was rooted to the spot as she watched – and allowed – Sasuke to clean up her husband, wet towels, prepared to wipe off the evidence of their lovemaking, even a set of identical sheets pre-folded and washed. Sasuke had clearly done this before. Sakura watched in dazed bemusement as Sasuke helped Naruto roll off of the bed so he could change the sheets. Sasuke seemed so cool, calm and collected, totally unconcerned that she stood there watching as he tended to the signs of his infidelity, or perhaps trying to hide it from Naruto himself. Sasuke made the bed, and laid Naruto back down, almost mechanically, as his eyes fluttered closed, and his body went limp, implying the genjutsu had been removed, Naruto laying in a forced sleep on the bed.

"So now you know," was all Sasuke said as he proceeded to dress himself.

"How long?" Sakura croaked out. "How long have you been forcing him?" The unsaid question hung in the air. Was it ever willing? Had Naruto ever cheated on her?

"Don't worry," Sasuke said, his face a mask, as he stood before her half clothed, "He has never known what I do to him, so he has never cheated on you. As for how long, since the night after he dragged me out of my self isolation about three years ago."

"So you've been raping him for three years?" Sakura bit out.

"You did not seem so concerned before. His body clearly enjoys it," Sasuke taunted. He turned to face her; a strange emotion flickered in his eyes before vanishing instantly. "You may think he is yours, but you will never have him the same way I do. He will always belong to me, no matter what that golden ring on your finger might imply," Sasuke murmured, as he finished putting on the rest of his clothes, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Sakura looked at the bed where her husband lay, asleep until she decided to wake him up, completely unaware of his best friend's constant sexual abuse of him, the sharingan being too effective to allow Naruto to clearly understand his friend's betrayal. She looked at Naruto, the way his naked body glistened, the sweat making the sheets stick to his sides, and the utter look of peace that settled on his face. He turned onto his side as he slept, a half smile on his face.

Sakura had never felt anything as heartbreaking as watching the man she once loved force himself into her husband, watching the blond with a look of ecstasy she knew she had never made him feel, and the look on Sasuke's face as he found momentary peace sated deep inside of Naruto...She had never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

Nor had she ever felt more in love now with her husband, her Naruto, than she ever had any other man before.

"His body may belong to you, but his heart belongs to me," Sakura said. Sasuke seemed to go rigid.

"Perhaps. But his body is all I am willing to force from him," and with that, Sasuke left the room. Sakura shook her head, willing the erotic image to pass from her mind. Even despite the situation, her body had responded to the erotic scene in front of her.

Sakura sat on the bed next to her husband, and began to stroke Naruto's hair, knowing that Sasuke's departing words were an underlying declaration of love for his best friend. She wanted to be angry, but she did not feel as though anyone had truly betrayed her. It was by no fault of Naruto's - he was never good at genjutsu - and Sasuke seemed so pathetic. Sakura clearly remembered the look in Sasuke's eyes of being totally lost when he realized he had no more goals, and Naruto seemed to be his only purpose for living. His desire to resurrect his clan must have been forgotten in his lust for his friend.

"Hello Sakura-chan," Naruto said sleepily as he woke ten minutes later, Sakura still stroking his hair. His face contorted into an expression of worry at the look he saw on his wife's face. "What's the matter?" Naruto asked concerned.

"Nothing. Your heart's mine, right?" Sakura wondered aloud. Naruto looked at her confused, but grinned broadly.

"Awww, you're not upset because Ino said my butt looked cute yesterday morning, are you? Of course my heart is yours!" Sakura smiled. No, she wouldn't tell Naruto about Sasuke. As long as his heart belonged to her, that was all that mattered.

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