Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, Pioneer and AIC do. I have just used them in a story that I would love to see happen. I am not doing this for money, and definitely not looking for a lawsuit as I am barely making ends meet as it is. I hope you enjoy the story and as a side note, This story takes place using the OVA characters

Tenchi Muyo: No need to be a Ghost, The Death of Tenchi

Things at the Masaki house had been close to normal after the Emperor and his two wives left. Ayeka and Ryoko still got into fights over Tenchi while Sasami, Mihoshi and Washu tried to stop them, occasionally. But with these two sometimes they just had a strong urge to fight no matter what happened. As with all the mornings before Tenchi awoke to find a pair of golden eyes watching him, which scared him at first, but he was not as upset as he normally was.

"Ryoko, why..." he thought about his words and remembered how he had asked her that same question over and over again and the answer is always the same. She is worried about him and wants to make sure he is safe. He let out a sigh and changed his question for once. "Why, don't you try just sitting in my chair instead?" Caught by surprise at his change in questions she tried to think of an answer, but could not. She looked into his brown eyes and could see concern and something else. He broke the silence as he asked her; "May I get up now?"

She blushed and let him up for some reason she did not feel the need to throw herself on him this morning; perhaps she was still surprised at what he said? As she sat on the edge of his bead her mind still thinking about his question, not so much the answer, but why did he change it and why was he giving her permission?

Looking up she saw that he was already dressed and was now in front of her holding out a hand, "Ryoko, it time for breakfast, let's got eat."

Blushing again she took his hand as he helped her up, thoughts invaded his mind too that this was a nice quiet morning and he could get used to this. Inwardly his mind screamed, "What! What do you mean get used to it?" Trying hard he shrugged off the thoughts and let go of her hand as they exited his room. But the tranquil moment of peace was then shattered.

"RYOKO! What do you think that you're doing in Lord Tenchi's room you demon!"

It took her a minute to realize that Ayeka had said something for she was still lost in this morning's peace. When she did look up and saw Ayeka and how upset she was Ryoko just laughed and started the normal routine. "Oh come off it princess, we were just having a little fun." To show off she grabbed Tenchi's arm and placed her head against his shoulder. "Last night was wonderful Tenchi!" Even Tenchi was shocked at the innuendo but he did not jump as he normally would.

"You demon get your filthy hands off him or I'm warning you!" She was starting to loose control of herself at the mere thought of Ryoko and Tenchi together.

Ayeka was about to act when Tenchi moved between them. "Stop this right now!" Both looked at him with a sad look. "Look nothing happened last night and all we did this morning was talk!" Tenchi was starting to show signs that he was both upset and disappointed. The constant fighting was wearing him out. He turned to Ryoko, "Look, nothing happened last night. So please, please, for me... Stop making those comments, ok?"

Ryoko looked into his eyes and she at first thought he was scolding her, but in his eyes there was something else, he was pleading with her. Letting go of his arm she did the one thing that stunned both Tenchi and Ayeka; "I'm sorry, nothing happened, I was... just playing." She was about to teleport away when she noticed he had hold of her arm now. Not wrapped around it, he just was holding her arm in one hand.

Tenchi held her there hoping she would not go away, even though she could teleport away he tried to keep her from doing so. He put his other hand on Ayeka's arm. "Ayeka, please, stop jumping to conclusions. I just want one morning of peace, please?" He wanted to say more to her, but if he corrected her too much he knew that she would feel as though she was not acting like a princess should.

She looked at the floor then at him and said to them both, "I'm… sorry… for jumping to conclusions," she had seen in his eyes that he was hurt over what she had said and did so she also added, "I… am… sorry for calling you that Ryoko."

Tenchi smiled as she apologized to them both. Ryoko who was speechless as he turned back to look at her again. He gave Ryoko another smile before letting go of both of them before proceeding downstairs to breakfast. The rest of the day went by with out a problem. There were no fights and no new holes in the house that needed to be patched. The evening meal was even quiet.

When Tenchi turned in for the night he knew Ryoko would be there sooner or later so he pulled a chair up close to the bed and placed a blanket on it for her. He let out a sigh as he thought about waking up to see her. The first few times it happened he screamed and tried to run out. Looking back that was possibly not the best thing to do, as she had not tried anything.

Shortly after he laid down for bed he could smell Ryoko's perfume as she entered, so he kept his eyes shut as if expecting her to start hovering over him any minute. Instead he heard the sound or cloth rustling and the familiar creak of the chair. Smiling inwardly he knew that she was there and sitting in the chair. He drifted off to sleep as he listened to the soft sounds of her breathing.

When he awoke the next morning he turned over to see Ryoko still in the chair, but this time asleep. His mind tried to tell him to run as this could only lead to trouble, but seeing how peaceful she was just sitting there he could not help but smile. He got up and changed clothes as she slept, but he kept an eye on her in case she was pretending. When it was obvious that she was really asleep and not waking up any time soon he pulled back the covers on his bead and laid her in them.

On contact she seemed to relax even more as she smiled and continued to dream. He sat in the chair for a moment watching her before he left. He joined the others downstairs for breakfast before heading out for his daily chores. When Ryoko did wake up she did so slowly. First her eyes fluttered open as she stared at the ceiling. Thoughts of last night were in her mind, she had entered his room again and was about to start her nightly ritual when she noticed the chair and the blanket.

Upon seeing those she knew that he had set them up for her and she was expected. A smile crept across her face as she took the place reserved for her at his side. After hours of watching him she too drifted off to sleep. But something was different now, her legs were not bent, and neither was her body. Jumping up she looked down to see that she had been in his bed. Fear gripped her at the realization that she had been sleeping there and if he knew he would be furious!

But he was missing, so she started looking around and found the clock. According to the time he should have woke up hours ago. She tried hard to remember what happened, last night. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in the chair, but how did she end up in his bed?

Phasing through the floor she went into the kitchen to find Sasami almost finished with cleaning up after this morning breakfast. "Good morning Ryoko!" The little girl was smiling and happy as ever.

"Um, morning Sasami, um, do you know where Tenchi is?" Ryoko was nervous for once but the girl started to snicker, then finally laughed out loud. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry Ryoko, but Tenchi thought you might ask about him after you missed breakfast." The girl laughed as Ryoko looked puzzled, "But he had me save some breakfast for you." Sasami then pulled out a tray from the refrigerator and gave it to Ryoko for breakfast. "Oh and Tenchi is training, before he goes into the field this morning."

Ryoko thanked her then had her breakfast. After eating she asked Sasami to show her how to clean up the dishes. Upon hearing the request Sasami was not sure what to make of it, but decided to go ahead and show her. Ryoko then helped her finish cleaning up the dishes and even put them away. With that chore done she headed out to the field. Ayeka had seen her fly towards the field and curiosity swept over her so she followed Ryoko. When she got there Ryoko was already near Tenchi talking, so she slowly crept towards her.

Ryoko had found Tenchi and landed near him, and for once she did not immediately try to grope on him, which surprised him a little. "Tenchi, um what… happened last night?"

"What do you mean Ryoko?"

"Well, I was sitting in your chair… and when I woke up this morning… I was in your bed? Did we do, well, I mean did I do anything..." She desperately tried to find a way to ask him what happened when a shout rang out. Ayeka had been there and had heard Ryoko say that she was in Tenchi's bed.

"Ryoko! Of all the things! After Lord Tenchi was so kind to you this is how you replay him by seducing him in his sleep!" She had already forgot how he had asked her to not jump to conclusions. "I should have expected this from you, demon, you witch! You are nothing but a harlot who seeks to defile men!"

Ayeka had seen how Tenchi stood up for her the other day and had seen the smile he gave Ryoko but she refused to do anything about it, but it was painfully obvious that this vile creature would never change and she repaid his kindness with her lecherous activities. Ryoko was visibly hurt, and was about to cry when her battle mode took over.

Ryoko jumped back as she phased into her battle suit. Tenchi had seen the confusion in Ryoko's eyes as she was unaware of what he had done and now they were fighting again. Both girls powered up and with anger, resentment, and even bitterness in both their minds they let out a massive attack on one another. Tenchi though had jumped between them to calm them down but they only saw each other so when the blast came he had no where to go.

The two blasts met with Tenchi in the middle of a blinding flash accompanied with a thunderous boom. Dirt and carrots flew about as the ground shook from the impact. Everyone from his grandfather in the shrine to Sasami and Mihoshi in the house felt the resulting quake. Washu had been in her lab studying some experiments when a few alarms went off and she saw the readouts of the quake. She easily found the source as her monitor showed Ryoko and Ayeka standing white faced in front of each other.

They were looking at something and soon Washu saw it too. Tenchi was there between them now on the ground, his body charred and smoldering. Ayeka hit her knees as she looked at Tenchi. Ryoko screamed at the top of her lungs, "NO!" Her voice was full of anguish and pain.

Washu created a portal right to that spot and went there as fast as possible. She took some of his life signs and then pulled him back into her lab followed by a distraught Ayeka and a crying Ryoko.