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Tenchi Muyo: No need to be a Ghost, A Morning Surprise

Looking back over his life the girls had always pressured him to choose, but Tenchi had never thought that he had, in fact, he had chosen before he even knew who he was. She was there for him, now it was time to be there for her.

Leaving her in his room, he returned to the lab. Washu was asleep by her keyboard. Looking in at his body, he noticed it was still in bad shape, but if he could call on the Light Hawk Wings when he entered the body then they would heal him. They had done that before. He sat on the table and allowed his ghostly legs to move into the same position as his legs in the tube. Then lying down in his body, he began to concentrate.

Washu had spent the past few days running tests and not sleeping, now fatigue had laid claim to her body. She slept so soundly that she was unaware of the miracle happening.

When Tenchi had laid himself down in his body, he began to concentrate. He focused on his body and on the Light Hawk Wings. As he concentrated, he could feel sensations all over his body. First it was pain then numbness, but he remained focused on one thing. Returning to his love as she slept. With his thoughts focused, the symbols appeared and his body was wrapped in an angelic glow.

He could feel the wings pass over him healing his body as they descended on him. The power from them burst out the glass of the tube allowing steam and smoke to fill the area around him as his body rose into the air. Washu's machines had started going crazy and some even melted from the sheer power radiating from him. But still she slept, as did the whole household.

Tenchi willed his body over to the ground and as he touched the floor he instantly shivered at the coldness of the floor. He smiled, as he knew that he was back. Picking up Washu in his arms, he took her out of the lab and laid her on the couch. Then covering her with a blanket, he looked up the stairs. His thoughts clear and his mind centered like they had never been before he ascended the staircase and entered his room.

Walking in he closed his door and settled into the bed beside Ryoko, this time wrapping his arms around her and they did not phase through her. With a strong inhale, he was amazed at how sweet she smelled and how her fragrance filled him like never before. He was almost too happy to sleep, but with returning to his body and breaking out of the lab he was tired now so he slept, and he stayed there till morning.

Sasami was the first one up as normal. She did not wake anyone up till she got downstairs and saw Washu asleep on the couch. Walking over to the scientist, she tried to wake her. "Washu? Little Washu?" It took some time but she finally did wake up.

"Oh, hi Sasami. Morning already then? Hay what are you doing in my lab?"

The girl snickered, "But Washu you are in the living room."

Looking around frantically she began to sputter, "what? How? Where? Um, How did I get here? The last thing I remember was running a test on Tenchi?"

Shrugging her shoulders the two entered the lab and saw the glass on the tube was shattered and smoke filled the room. Both of them ran over to the place where Tenchi had been but he was gone. Several of her machines were destroyed and others were barely recognizable.

Washu began to frantically look around for the answers as Sasami tried not to cry at the thought that Tenchi had gone away for good. Washu was unable to determine what happened, most of her monitors were burned out and the last thing they registered was a massive power flux. "Um, Sasami, I think… there is a problem, it seems… there was a massive power surge… then everything blew up."

Crying now she asked Washu, "But what about Tenchi? Didn't your camera's record anything?"

Sitting at her keyboard again Washu looked over her video and the last thing was a bright light that seemed to come from within the tube before it destroyed the lenses of the camera's. "I don't know… according to this there was a power flow, but..." She replayed the video from another angle and she could see herself sleeping at the keyboard. "But if there was an explosion… how did I get outside on the couch?"

Sad faced they left the lab and returned to the living room. There was no explanation, for in his current state if he had returned to his body he should have died. As they contemplated things Ayeka awoke and came downstairs. When she saw her sister and Washu, she inquired as to what was wrong, and they told her all that they knew.

"This is indeed terrible. We should awaken Ryoko and tell her about this, she will want to know." Ayeka seemed to have a good idea, so they followed her upstairs. Stopping at Tenchi's door they knew Ryoko was there, that is where she had been for the past several days.

Opening it slowly, they looked in, "Ryoko? Ryoko are you awake?" They could see her lying on the bed and she seemed to be happy. But hearing her name, she woke up slowly. "Ryoko, please we have to tell you something."

Reluctantly she opened her eyes and saw them standing just inside the door she smiled. "Morning, what's up?"

"There seems to have been something, um well we need you to come downstairs." Washu was not sure how to tell her what happened for she herself did not understand.

"Ok, fine I'll be there." Ryoko tossed back the covers and Sasami screamed. Everyone froze in their places as the girl pointed at Ryoko's side. Following her finger they saw that Ryoko had an extra arm. "Oh Shit!" Ryoko was scared so she jumped into the air to examine herself, but the arm fell away from her and everyone saw whose it was. There was Tenchi, asleep in his bed, and his arm had been around Ryoko. All of them nearly fainted at the sight of him, but Ryoko was first to touch him. She weakly held out a hand and touched his face just to make sure she was not dreaming. "Tenchi?"

When her hand made contact with him he smiled and moved to get more comfortable. The girls just laughed and moved in closer. Unable to believe the sight before them Ryoko and Washu began to look over his body and found that he was completely healed. There was no explanation for his sudden recovery, or why he was there.

Finally, Ryoko sent Sasami to start breakfast then sent Ayeka to get his grandpa and Washu to get his dad. She stayed there with him and gently caressed his face and hair. He seemed to respond to her touches because she could hear him moan occasionally. Tears began to fall from Ryoko, as she was so happy to have him back. Placing her head against his chest, she began to cry harder until a hand touched her face.

Her head jerked up to see him smiling at her. "I hope you're not crying over a corpse?" Smiling wildly, she flung herself at him hugging him.

"Oh Tenchi! I missed you so much! Please don't ever do that again!" She was crying and begging him like that when everyone returned to his room.

He placed a hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. "Ryoko, everyone is back. And we saw each other just yesterday in the lab."

"That reminds me Tenchi what happened in the lab?" Washu was curious, as there seemed to be no explanation for it. He sat up and gently pushed Ryoko away. When he stood up for them all to see he closed his eyes and embraced the power of the wings again.

All of them saw the symbols appear and then the wings appear before him. "I used the healing power of the wings… to both reunite me with my physical form and to escape that thing. I'm sorry Washu but I kind of destroyed some of your things. As for you, well you looked uncomfortable sleeping on your keyboard so I put you on the couch."

"You mean to tell me that I missed you using those things in my lab!" She almost sounded upset, but she continued, "well considering things you can destroy my lab anytime, but next time I get to watch!"

They all laughed at that and hoped there never would be a next time. Tenchi then turned to his dresser and pulling out a small box, he told them. "I have an announcement, for years I have been asked to make a decision as to who I loved." When he brought up that question everyone went silent and Ryoko and Ayeka almost held their breath. "But to be truthful, I had made a decision a long time ago, I just… never admitted it, to anyone… including myself." He looked at Ayeka and then Ryoko. "I believe that my decision will possibly not surprise anyone here."

He seemed to approach them both as they were right beside each other. "I have loved you both, but one I have loved more then family. But, I hid my feelings. I did not want to hurt either of you. Both of you have done things to embarrass me and at times make me mad, but I could never hate or stop loving either of you. My decision was made a few days ago, after it had been reaffirmed many times over the past few years and even over my life." Ryoko looked up at him at this, "Yes, Ryoko. I love you." Dropping to one knee, he opened the box that held his mothers' engagement ring. "Will you please marry..." he was unable to continue as she shouted yes and then began to kiss him feverishly before all those around.

At first Ayeka had hoped that he would choose her, but seeing him this morning, she knew that he wouldn't. So, when he did make his choice official she celebrated with everyone over his proposal. As they watched Ryoko kiss him several times they could not help but let out a sigh as their lips finally met and they held on to each other like they might disappear.

Ryoko had always wanted Tenchi to love her, but she was not expecting him to want to marry her. From reading his dad's books that was to be a symbol of great love where two people wanted to spend their lives together, which is exactly what they both wanted.


Authors Note: While I am considering continuing this, I will be taking a break from it while I work on what should come next. Keep your eyes open for more updates. :)