This is a recap of the last Episode of Utena...the scene where Utena managed to open the coffin...I thought the song fit...

Take heed, dear heart

Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you

Dressed as one

A wolf will betray a lamb

" Miss Utena!" cried out the corpse, only able to see a struggling, pale hand, reaching for her grasp." Anthy!! Give me your hand!!" cried the girl with eyes that rivaled the azure sky, and nobility that rivaled every saint.

Lead astray the gazers

The razors on your seducing skin

The reply made the corpse wince, the thought seeing such an innocent soul, convulsing with the swords, seeping into her flesh. " Miss Utena! Get out of here!!" She admonished with something she had once felt many years ago. The feeling was overflowing, she could'nt contain it." The swords..." She finished, finding herself confused as to where this empathy came from.

In the meadow of sinful thoughts

Every flower's perfect

" Your Hand...! Please..!" Utena's voice begged, her voice becoming dry with blood. Anthy forced herself to ignore the pang of guilt. That blood collecting at the corner of Utena's lips must have been the aftermath of the blade she...she stabbed her with. After a small fit of coughs, Utena again found herself shouting Anthy's name." NO! If you don't get out of here..." Anthy felt her eyes fill with something she almost forgot...tears. The overflowing feeling became unbearable and Anthy could'nt bear the thought any longer. Utena needed...needed to survive. Utena needed to to grow old with her own prince, and lead a happy life...

To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear

" ANTHY!!...Hurry!...Your hand!!" Utena shouted in a breaking voice, still chocking on her blood and determination. Her hand was so willing to reach for Anthy, even covered with bruises and welts." Please..." She whispered. " Hurry!! Give me your hand!!". Anthy looked up to Utena's cherubic face as she slowly began to understand that feeling bursting inside of her. That feeling...That feeling

She had to blink away the tears as she extended her rotting arms. Anthy had a new hope...she wanted to live. She wanted to live...she wanted to breathe and feel and run and reach for her dreams and ideals...all with Utena...She always has...all along..." Someday together..." Utena said with the innocence of a child as anthy's face was soaking in tears. Anthy felt a jolt shoot through her entire being. Her body, her soul, her life. She suddenly wanted to live once Utena's hard finger tips laced with her's. She found warmth in the shock, and savored the feeling as she held tighter to Utena's hand.

A sin for him

Desire within

A burning veil

Suddenly, the jolt ended as she felt Utena slip from her hand. She watched Utena gazing down at her with horror written on her face...Anthy swore to herself as she fell to an unknown place...They will shine together..

For the bride too dear for him

I geuss in the end...I could'nt be a prince.." Utena paused, tasting the broken will in the blood that encircled her mouth." Forgive me Anthy...for pretending to be a prince...". The swords suddenly found themselves entranced by the innocence of the broken prince, and instantly charged toward her, hungry for her solitude." FORGIVE ME!!"

For the bride too dear for him

For the bride too dear for him

For the bride...too dear for him...