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Ok! This story is called Switching Sides! It's about a girl, Kira, of Chess no Koma who joins The Cross Guard to fight off Chess. She never liked Chess and only stayed because of her best friend, Rolan. But, when she joins Mär, she gets more then just new friends, but something better... Phantom isn't too happy with the fact that a old friend has joined the new foe, so he'll get his revenge on her.

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Chapter one: Good bye Chess

"I'm leaving" said a voice

"W-what? Why? You don't like Chess? Your going to leave me?" Replied a worried tone

"Rolan… You're my best friend! I would never leave you… but…" Rolan looked at her, sorrow in his eyes "I can't stand Chess any longer! The way they treat people, it sickens me. I would never leave because of you! You're the only one who treated me like a friend, you're the reason I stayed in Chess,"

"I… I understand, but Chess will come after you at some point, Kira, I don't want them to hurt you. I can't hold off Phantom-sama for long.… Where will you go?"

"I love Mär Heaven, I want to protect it. I'm sorry Rolan, but I'm going to fight against Chess in the War games. I'll join the Cross Guard" Kira looked down

"Kira, you'll have to leave soon then… You should have told me sooner, and then we could have prepared for this more."

"Prepare for what? I'm just going warp away to Ragenrave and join the war games, if I do it quick, Phantom won't notice, ok?" Kira smiled

Rolan smiled too, then frowned, "Kira, you know I might have to fight you, and I will be expected not to hold back. Especially on you, Phantom would want you gone for betraying Chess. Hopefully he doesn't come after you himself, then I would be missing my best friend." Rolan said

"Yeah… there's no way I could defeat him, let alone put a scratch on him."

Rolan looked towards the door, foot steps clicked from the hallway. He looked at Kira and signaled her to leave. She gave him a quick hug and then warped away. Phantom walked in the dark room. "He-hello Phantom-sama!" Rolan greeted

"Rolan, wasn't there someone else in here?" he asked

Rolan looked at him. I'm sorry… "No! I'm the only one here, why were you looking for someone?"

"No, not particularly. I just thought I heard Kira's voice"

"Oh, w-well, it's just me in here, I guess I was just talking to myself again, r-right?"

Phantom looked at him for a few seconds, "I guess so."

Kira landed at Ragenrave castle. She looked around for where the test was going to start. Then she noticed that her knight earring was still on. She quickly took it off and hid it in her pocket. Then walked to the center of the castle. Kira looked at the others that were there. To her surprise, she wasn't the only teenager there.

A boy with spiky blond hair that could impale people and blue eyes was talking to a girl with raven black hair with a large pink bow and brown eyes. A witch with long pink hair in two pig tails and pink eyes was talking to them as well. A boy with long blond hair and dark blue eyes was trying to get her attention, but he failed. Another boy with black hair and small black eyes was talking to them also.

Off to the side, was a boy, around sixteen, like herself. He had dark blue hair that shone in the pale sun light. A fairy flew around him, she had pale green hair and light blue eyes. The boy's eyes were closed and she couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen him before, but where?

What really bothered her was that see couldn't see his eyes. Kira had a gift, she could read anyone's personally by looking at their eyes. The spiky blonde told her that he was the hope for this world and that he gave people joy. The monkey boy informed her of a weak, yet dependable fighter. The Witch, mystery and power with a mission to exterminate a certain person. The thief, a pervert that was a great leader and had a kind spot for girls. The girl with pink bow, a friend, kindness and royalty radiated from her.

Kira looked at the boy again, studying his features. She wanted to know where she knew him from, she hoped studying him would help. He had broad shoulders and a broad chest. Two red triangle markings were under his right eye. Just then, his eyes opened

His eyes were deep blue in color and could tell so many stories that it would take books to hold them. So, she began to read.

Pain, suffering, loathing, and hatred cried out from behind hidden sorrow. They yearned for the death of a tormenter, Kira's first thought was Phantom. Then it hit her. He was in the last war game. He was that boy. He had her worse nightmare. The zombie tattoo.

Kira had always feared it ever since Rolan received his 'blessing' or so he called it. She never understood why he would want that. She remembered from the last war that Phantom just bestowed it on him with out his consent. I watched Phantom put that on him… he just wanted him to stop the killing, stop the pain from spreading… I don't understand why… what did he and Rolan have in common?

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