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Chapter 9: He's my geek

"LIKE OH MY GOSH DAD! I JUST HIT A GUY!" screeched a high pitch female voice.

"Oh no, hey son can you here me?"

"Where am I?" McGee replied to the husky voice.


"Right next to the NCIS head quarters my boy. The paramedics are on there way"

"NCIS!" McGee sat up "Abby!" The man looked realy strong and watched and helped McGee up and his daughter was, currently crying, also trying to help him she was only just able to say "I am so sorry really so sorry"

"It's fine I won't sue all I need is for you to pick up that bike for me please" The girl had the bike up in a second "Thanks. Bye" and he left them although they were calling for him to come back.

James had just sat in his car when he heard them.

"Shot" he shouted.

Desperate to get out he started to reverse but a police car then appeared blocking his path. The officer jumped out of his car and raised his gun. That agent that had seen him yesterday was walking over to him also with his gun raised.

"Ziva arrest him. Tony come with me"

The girl grabbed him out of the car and pt hand cuffs on him and said "This is what you get when you kidnap our McGee".

Gibbs and Tony walked into the living room and found her crying on the couch. She stood up and put her hands behind her back without being asked. Still crying she said:

"He was my geek and he left me" All she could picture was the look of Thomas's face as her father raised the gun. Jane had been standing in a nearby bush, in which her father didn't know, when she heard the shots. Having watched both of them fall she felt relived. It was over, but the look on Thomas's face was one that would haunt her for the rest of her life. It was full of despair, dread, hurt, confusion. Jane had never witnessed someone with so many expressions on there face and it suddenly all turning into one and the only thing she cold use to describe it was as blank as a white piece of paper.

"Where's the agent you kidnapped?"

"I don't know" Jane cried


"He ran" she then burst into hysteric's and falling to the floor.

"Where would he run too? Boss" Tony asked


Putting his weight on the bike he was limped over to NCIS. As he entered the smell of coffee and chemicals and over heated computers washed over him. As he was trying to get the lift many people turned to look at him with white faces, several of them turned to there partner and started whispering.


McGee turned to see Jimmy running towards him "Get the doctor to Gibbs desk for me"

"Sure, Sure"

McGee sighed as the elevator doors closed, still clutching onto the boy's bike. He looked down and realised he must look a mess compaired to his normal self, he had all over him, possibly from the car, and a grey substance from the closet, but that didn't matter he was free. As the doors open he couldn't help but smile. He for once loved the sound of people talking of the phone and that strong smell of black coffee. When he had finally got to his desk he found none of his team where at there's. McGee fell onto his chair and grabbed his phone.


"Boss, Boss, the address is 17 Mort …"

"I know I know street. Where are you?"

"At …my desk okay it's a girl called Jane and…"

"We got them. Has Ducky to scan you over yet?"

"I sent…Palmer to get him"

"Does Abby know yet?"

"Eh…no I was just about to phone her"

"Okay we are at the carpark now"

"Who was that Boss?" Tony asked as Gibbs hung up with a grin on his face

"McGee" Tony and Ziva looked at each other and smiled.

"Good heavens! Timothy what in the world happened to you? Here put down that phone get Mr. Palmer to run all your errands."

"Eh…I was about to phone Abby"

"Oh yes right. Mr. Palmer go and find our dearest Abigail and tell her that McGee had returned please. Now let us see you, head bruises, burst lip" Ducky said whilst walking around McGee's desk. "What happened to your knee?"

"I was hit by a car. I think" McGee answered looking over to the lift. Gibbs was marching as usual with Ziva and Tony following closely. They were both walking a cuffed James and Jane in front of them.

"How did you find out?" James grunted.

"His" Gibbs said whilst pointing at McGee "His forensic star told me. Now take them to a cell then you can come and see McGee and have that new agent person take them to different interegation rooms" Both Ziva and Tony frowned but followed orders. Gibbs walked over to McGee who was now standing in the centre of there work area, with the aid of Ducky. Gibbs stood in front of him and smiled, he raised his hand and patted his head gently and said "Good job McGee"

McGee was beaming. He was so pleased to be back. "Thanks Boss" He turned as Ziva and Tony were almost running towards him but everyone was stopped by a sudden "MCGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" coming from the lift. Abby was running at him with tears coming from her eyes. Forgetting his knee and the fact he needed help to walk he took a few steps forward. She basically jumped onto him with an embrace, so much so that he almost fell backwards and everyone went to catch him.

"Abby" he whispered softly into her ear. He held her like if he let go then she fall out of his life for ever. Abby pulled back a little. McGee slipped on hand away and wiped away a tear from her cheek. They both smiled at this. McGee kissed lightly her on the lips. Everything around them seemed to stop. All there problems and suffering all ended.

"From now on McGee I'm not letting you leave me sight" Abby said

"I wouldn't have it any other way"

Gibbs simply rolled his eyes, Ducky smiled at the joy between two of his friends and Tony and Ziva, both with there mouths open, looked at each other and without saying a word knew what the other was trying to say. Abby pulled back and placed her head on McGee's shoulder. Gibbs sighed and then slapped both Abby and McGee over the head.

"That's for breaking Rule 12: never have a relationship with a co-worker"

"Wait a minute there Boss" Tony butted in as he walked over to McGee "Well done McGee" he grabbed his hand and shook it "For breaking rule 12 and in front of Gibbs... and before me"

Every laughed at this, no matter if they found it funny or not, they just felt like laughing to have a contrast again all the stress from the past few days.


"Yes Ziva"

"I believe this belongs to you" She handed him a book.

"Deep seven…?" he said "Tabby Cusio…Abby" McGee looked down to see a bright red face which quickly hid in McGee's jacket. "Abby…Is this why you started saying to me not to publish my next book"

"Maybe" came muffles.

"I thought I said no more Deep six or seven!" Gibbs said

"But Gibbs" Abby said "This one is different, this isn't really about your character, it's about McGee's"

"What mine?" McGee said "But thats not what I wrote"

"I made a few changes and wrote the ending...thats my favourite part" Abby smiled and buried her head into McGee's chest but brought it up as Tony staretd saying something

"You know it just goes to show that being a geek is danergous, I mean look how obsessed that girl was. She was screaming "He's my geek" on the way here according to one of the officers, it's a shame she was a great cheerleader...I know this ones on me" He hit himself over the head. Everyone's attention was then brought to James, who was being taken to an interegation room, he glared at all them, but he focused most of his glare at the couple, the two of them had ruined his life. Then Jane was dragged by


Jane and everyone else looked at one girl who had marached forward to her, her black pigtails swaying as she did it

"He" pointing to McGee "will never be yours, or you geek and do you know why"

Jane shook her head

"Because...He's My Geek"