Title: The Strongest Color

Chapter One: Captured!

Pairing/Characters: Aizen/Ichigo, Ulquiorra

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of its characters.


"I have a new assignment for you, Ulquiorra."

Sousuke Aizen calmly announced to the Espada standing in front of him. Ulquiorra stood attentive in the man's presence with his hands behind his back and eyes fixed. He was ready to receive his orders like any obedient follower of Aizen. If his master commands it, he will obey. To him, it was that simple.

"This mission is very important to me," Aizen stated. "If what you reported from the last mission is true, then you should be more than capable to carry this out alone."

"Yes," Ulquiorra replied.

"I don't want any witnesses in this. Anyone who sees you has to be silenced before they cause any trouble. I want you to reveal yourself once the target is alone. First, I want you to try to convince him to come freely. However, if he resists then you have permission to use force, just try to not hurt him too badly. I request that you scan the area for bystanders before returning to Hueco Mundo. You can never be too careful."


"Good. Now, onto the target information."

Aizen turned around to the table sitting behind him and pressed a small button situated on the top of it. The screen beyond the table flashed on, displaying a picture of the mission's target.

"Shinigami representative, Ichigo Kurosaki," Aizen stated, "is your target."

There was a pause in the conversation as Ulquiorra studied the image of the boy. It was that worthless shinigami boy all right. He dropped his gaze from the screen and looked at Aizen.

"Forgive me for saying this Aizen-sama, but..."

The Espada let his arms fall to his sides before he continued.

"That human is not worth your time. To be honest he's pathetic. The boy can't even control the hollow powers inside of him."

Aizen sighed.

"I can't explain it all to you now, Ulquiorra. You just have to trust me on this one."

Ulquiorra nodded.

"Right. If you don't have any more questions on the matter then you are excused."

"Yes, Aizen-sama."

The Arrancar bowed and turned his way to leave. Quietly the door pushed open and he silently excused himself.

Aizen turned to the screen once again, looking back at the picture of the orange-haired shinigami.

"It won't be much longer now. Soon we will be able to see each other again."


- - -

School was over for the remainder of the day for the high school students in Karakura Town. Ichigo Kurosaki, like everyone else, was busy shuffling off the school grounds and off to his destination. Just before he exited the building, Orihime and Rukia asked him if he wanted to come along and get a snack somewhere. Ichigo declined the offer, telling them that he's going straight home after school to do some work.

"Are you sure?" Orihime asked again.

"Maybe some other time."

Ichigo left the two and walked off alone down the sidewalk. He had no plans on going straight home like he had said to the girls. Right now the teenager just wanted to take a walk and think some things over before he planned anything else. The current situation with the Arrancar and his hollow side was a mess. He was a complete mess. Then there was that guy, Shinji. What did he call himself again? A Vaizard? Yeah, that's what it was.That was another problem weighing on him as well.

"Dammit," Ichigo swore under his breath.

The boy kept on walking with his bag slung over his shoulder and his hand in his pant's pocket. After a while he felt a little strange, like there was a sudden change in the air or something along those lines. He shrugged, whatever. If it was a hollow, he surely would have been able to feel it by now.

He passed by a group of adolescent girls, all in school uniform, who glanced at him as he went by. One of the girls, a brunette with long, curly hair, whispered to her friends,

"Hey, check out that guy's orange hair."

The pack of girls turned their heads and giggled.

"Tsk." Ichigo looked off the street, annoyed.

He traveled farther down the street and contemplated taking a stop somewhere. He looked off at a line of stores on the other side of the street.

"Ah, forget it," he said and kept moving.

It would be awkward if he ended up going to the same place that Orihime and Rukia decided to eat at. I'll just wait until I get home. There he felt it again. Only this time it was stronger, not a change in the air like last time. Someone, or something for that matter, was following him. He could feel it.

Ichigo looked all around him. Nothing seemed strange or out of place as far as he could see. But it was still there, this feeling, this presence. Something clicked in his head, it was like the tick a clock made, but this he could feel in his mind. A voice spoke to him, not out in the material world, but inside his head. It told him,

"Go in the alley. I have something to discuss with you."

"What the hell?" Ichigo looked at his surroundings, then at the alley.

Nobody's there, I can't see anything but boxes. Once again, he checked everything around him and then, seeing nothing wrong, advanced in the direction of the alley.

It's a trap. I know it's a trap. But at the same time...

Ichigo stepped in the alley and turned around quickly as he then heard a fuzzy sound from behind him. A black wall appeared in front of his eyes, blocking the exit to the alley.

"Ah, dammit. What the hell is going on!" He cried.

"And so we meet again, Ichigo Kurosaki."

Ichigo, upon hearing his name, jumped back around to look upon the man who had set up this trap.

"Bastard," he said, looking at the face of the Espada named Ulquiorra.

The Arrancar made no response to the boy's comment. Ichigo frowned and glanced at the wall behind him. What the hell is that?

Ulquiorra stated, "It's a spirit particle wall. Anyone without a significant amount of reitsu cannot see us. All they see is an empty alley, nothing that's out of the ordinary in their everyday lives."

"Heh," Ichigo turned his attention back to the enemy. "I figured it'd be something like that."

He focused his eyes on those of the arrancar's.

"What did you come here for?"

Ulquiorra closed his eyes, "I have a request."

"Hm," Ichigo shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Aizen-sama," he began, "wishes your presence in Hueco Mundo."

"No!" Ichigo replied before he could go any further. "Like I'd fall into another one of your traps that easily. I know what this Aizen guy is like. You really think I'd go there so you can kill me!"

The substitute shinigami emphasized the last words, yelling them at Ulquiorra's emotionless face. The man only sighed, showing his annoyance for the boy's assumptions.

"Trust me, Ichigo, if I wanted to kill you I would have done it once you stepped through that wall."

There was a pause before Ulquiorra continued.

"I don't know what Aizen has planned for you, but he gave me specific orders to take you back alive and, for the most part, unharmed."

Ichigo frowned. "The answer is still no. I'm not going to Hueco Mundo, not by my own will."

"So be it."

Ulquiorra leapt at the teen, throwing a punch near his face. Ichigo dodged it easily and jumped to the side, grabbing for his shinigami badge. He hit it against his chest and escaped from his body in shinigami form. Instantly, he grabbed for the hilt of his zanpakuto and unraveled the bandages that covered the blade. He stood ready, carefully watching his opponent. They stood still for the next few moments, watching each other. Ulquiorra didn't attempt to attack Ichigo right away, instead he waited for the boy to make his next move. The shinigami approached him, slashing at the Arrancar with Zangetsu. His enemy dodged and counterattacked with a powerful blow to the gut. Ichigo coughed out blood and before he could recover from that last blow, Ulquiorra came again and landed a hit to his back. The boy was knocked down on the ground face first. He groaned in pain and slowly began pushing himself up. The Espada watched him and before too long told him simply,

"You cannot beat me. You should know that I am far beyond the level of your shinkai."

"Yeah," Ichigo coughed. "I know that."

Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed. "Then why?"

"I knew I couldn't take you on, even with bankai. There's no way I could go all out in a small alleyway like this. That was your plan, wasn't it?"

The Arrancar didn't answer, he only stared blankly at the teen.

"Even so, I knew I couldn't just let you have your way with me. That's why I fought. You see, I wasn't planning on taking orders from a lowlife like you!"

Ulquiorra looked down at Ichigo. "Lowlife...huh."

"Heh," the shinigami boy managed to half smile. He slowly pulled his body up off the ground, trying his best to ignore the pain from his torso.

"You're very stubborn," Ulquiorra sighed. "You should have just stayed down."

"Huh?" Ichigo saw the Arrancar disappear in front of him. Before he could react, however, Ulquiorra had already dealt a hit on him, a blow that knocked him unconscious.

The Espada caught him before he fell to the ground again. He paused and scanned the area, as Aizen requested. Half a mile away he felt the presence of two spirit forces, which he guessed were a couple of the shinigami sent to Karakura by Soul Society.

"It's time to go," he said out loud and opened a portal to Hueco Mundo.

He tightly gripped Ichigo's body and quickly disabled the spirit wall before stepping through the passage. Not long afterwards did he step foot back in his home and carried the boy into Las Noches, where Sousuke Aizen was patiently awaiting his return.


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