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Living is sometimes a hard fiet to accomplish. With its ups and downs, twistings and turnings there was no telling what was over the next crest or around the next bend. Hardships, blessings, and all the in betweens could come at the most unexpected and unwanted of times. Blessings and hardships were certainly not something Tifa was expecting when she rose that morning. She didn't expect to enter that bedroom and have what came at her come at her. To leave her confused and hurt.

There he sat on his bed fidling with a ribbon around his left arm. He seemed to be trying to tie it again. And Tifa wondered how it had come to be untied, but as she stood watching him unsuccessfully trying to tie that ribbon it didn't matter. Like a life full of strange changes, that ribbon would twist, turn and change direction till it was no longer even looping the right way to go together. Cloud sighed and cursed quietly as he moved the ribbon to loop it once again.

"Allow me to help you, Cloud." Tifa offered sitting down next to him and drawing her legs up under her she leaned foward and began to tie the narrow clothe. Cloud didn't reply and Tifa concentrated on getting the stubborn clothe to intertwine.

To intertwine it was almost like taking two lives and weaving them into a single, undivided cord of life and strength. Was there some sort of weaver that was attempting to weave Cloud and Tifa's lives together by way of tying a single knot, none would know. But what of the invisible force that seemed intent on closing the spaces between them and making them one solid and strong coil of life? It is difficult to say, for none understand the greater forces of this world and the part they play in peoples lives.

It is a strange feeling to be close to someone, to feel their warm breath on your skin. To be in close quarters with someone you have always felt for can make you loose control of yourself and, without realizing it consciously, do things you wouldn't have dreamed of doing.

Tifa glanced up as she finshed tying the ribbon. Gazes locked with Cloud, Tifa forgot what she was going to say. She searched his face for any clue as to what he was thinking, but he was as hard to read as a closed book in a foreign language. When he leaned slightly forward her breath caught and her heart froze. Then as if to make up for lost time it sped up when his lips brushed hers. Lips barely brushing neither moved a muscle.

The seconds ticked on and that single moment seemed to stretch on into the horizen. A thousand things that could be flashed before closed eyes and thoughts abounded from sharp imaginations.

Tifa wanted to lean into his touch, but since he was hesitating she found herself doing so as well. Why did she hang back, when this was something she had always wanted to do? Even she could not understand what made her falter, some unknown force seemed to make her stay. A force intent on keeping Cloud and her seperate, intent upon unwinding what had already been woven.

That single second of hesitation broke and Cloud inched closer to her. But no more had their lips touched each others, then something shattered and both jumped. Heads snapped toward the door as someone called out their names.

Tifa's gaze slowly travelled back to Cloud's. A sad smile flitted across his face as he shook his head and moved back. Tifa's breathing increased as she fought the urge to cry. Slowly swallowing she called out a, "We're in here."

Cloud watched her for a second before standing up and heading out the door. A great sadness welled up inside of her as she thought about what had happened. Why did that person have to come looking for them then? Tifa would never understand the greater forces at work. She simply placed her head in her hands and cried.

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