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It is strange the circumstances that one finds themselves in. Millions of thoughts collide making for hard thinking, questions stir and answers slink away, annoyingly right when you need them. How did it come to this? What happened to bring things to this spot? Why were things the way they are? Thoughts that at the time have very simple and well known answers, but answers that hide themselves when you try to come up with even the simplest of results, and the questions block any sense of what had happened only allowing you to focus on what was happening. Foreclosing any coherent ideas of why something was happening. For at the time you really don't have the thought capacity or strength to figure such things out and do what you are doing.

How? What? When? Where? Why? All questions that one asks themselves in various situations. Questions that were indeed flying through Cloud's mind as he ran across the field. Not sure of where he was or even exactly why he was going that direction, but simply aware that he needed to flee and thus flee was what he was doing. He couldn't contemplate what had happened only what was happening. And thus didn't really know why precisly him and Tifa were running or what they were running from only that they needed to run or else die. And dying wasn't very appealing to him at the moment, though he really didn't like to flee either, but he only had one choice and the lesser of the two evils was run, so he did.

Like many people have a habit of doing when running from something, and whether from curiousity or fear of the chaser getting closer without the one being chased knowing it none know for certain, Cloud looked over his shoulder. All he saw was open fields, and at the far end in the opposite running direction there was a wall or something, but he didn't know for certain what it was, though in the deeper recesses of his mind he knew. But that was after-all in the deeper parts of his mind and not in his concious thought at the moment.

That single glance over his shoulder, such a simple and slightly innocent act, was all it took for the greater forces to seize their chances and once again try to knit Cloud and Tifa's lives together. For when he looked over his shoulder he missed seeing Tifa come to a halt in front of him, and consequently leading to him running into her. He struggled to regain his footing as did Tifa but the wet grass made it difficult. A wind shook the trees voliently and at the same time Cloud had begun straightening back up the wind hit him hard and since he had grabbed Tifa's arm to help her, they were both sent falling off the precipous that overlooked a small pathway.

It felt like an etenity before Cloud felt his back connect sharply with the ground, and pain explode all over his body. He had but a second to catch his breath before something struck him in the chest and the air was pushed from his body, so quickly that his vision turned black and he almost lost consciousness. When he came to full awareness he struggled to breath, the rise and fall of his chest hindered by something heavy and strangely warm.

Slowly he began to realize what his surroundings were like, and that is when he realized that Tifa was what was preventing him from breathing properly. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, so as to not need as much air. He lay on the ground, minutes ticking by, and lost his train of thought. Cloud didn't notice the direction his thoughts were taking nor did he try to determine everything conciously. He was simply letting everything go and didn't realize how much he was enjoying Tifa being close to him, on top of him. Was it a great weaver that wove his thoughts the way they wove, or simply the fact that he wasn't fully concious and thus didn't know what he was thinking? Who can tell, for there are many things in life that can't be determined for sure.

Cloud snapped back to reality when Tifa began to rise. Her hands slid across his chest as she used him as a means to rise, and he almost shivered at the contact. Hair tickled his face and neck as she pulled back from him, for a second all he could see was black silky hair and then her face came into view as she slowly shifted on him. Shivers shot up his spine as she shifted again to rearranged her legs beneath her and they came to rest on either side of his. Her eyes flew open and wine pools collided with saphire gems.

Neither moved, and it brought to mind a moment in their past. One where they had almost kissed and then Yuffie had called them, he remembered that day clearly. Remembering it made his lips tingle and he wished for that feeling again. Just to feel it one more time...

Tifa tilted her head closer to him, and he felt like he could draw her to him with his gaze. Pull her closer just by looking into her eyes. He felt like he was reaching out to her, drawing her into an embrace with only his eyes. Calling her to him.

When she moved closer to him his breath caught and something snapped inside him. Breaking his revere, so that when she leaned forward his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he whispered, "Don't, Tifa."

She stopped and pulled back, and he opened his eyes to watch her as she rose from his body. Tifa turned and walked a few steps from him but halted as she glanced back over her shoulder at him. Cloud could see tears glistening in her eyes, and wanted to mentally beat himself up. Cloud had never wanted to hurt Tifa, and afterwards when another moment had passed when he had had the chance to embrace her love and he didn't he found himself lost and confused. When she turned away from him in the gorge he felt like he was suffocating, but couldn't make himself go after Tifa. Couldn't move as he watched her walk away, and he felt tears burn his own eyes.

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