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Haruka's Take On Love by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Freedom by Haruka Tenoh

Love is strange. I often find myself sitting under a tree, listening to the wind in the trees and thinking such. I'll never understand how it happened, but somehow I ended up her. I thought I was free, so free and flying away that no one could ever catch me, but she came along and kept me. I found myself falling for her and I didn't even mind. I still can't believe she managed to reach me, but I am thankful that she did.

Now, living here with our daughter, something else I had thought was impossible, and our best friend, the survivor of all time, I feel that I too am on the edge of time. I feel that I am tempting something, something that wants to take it all away. I have never felt so happy, but I am afraid. As I sit here under this tree, I wonder if it will be here tomorrow, and if I will be here tomorrow to sit under it.

Then she comes and sits beside me. She takes my deep thought into consideration and the pain of my heart as well, as she takes to rubbing my back. I feel so tranquil. I really feel as though I am the wind and the sky at once, but I don't want to fly too far from her. She reminds me of my destiny, and she is the reason I am here. I never want anyone to know that I have this fear, this weakness, and that she is my only strength. With the way I act, people would find it hard to believe, which is a big part of why I act this way. I don't know why I want everyone to think I am strong all the time. I guess if it's just me who feels the weakness, I can choose when to ignore it.

It isn't just me. I know she feels it too. She knows what she is for me, without any jumbled words from my unsure mouth. She understands.

I think it would have been easier if I had stayed in my dark sky, if I had never loved. I would never have had to worry about tomorrow. Still, when I look into her eyes, I realize tomorrow wouldn't have been worth my worry without her.

She takes my hand and helps me to stand up. We walk arm in arm beneath the cool summer sky, and I know that I am in love, and that I am free, in every sense of the word.