The Dragon

The offering below was inspired by Guy Fawkes Night!

A dragon! She did not want to see a dragon! Dragons had fearsome reputation. Mr Bilbo had seen one, her daddy had told her. Well, Mr Bilbo could deal with this one. Little Cherry Proudfoot hid her head in her mother's skirt. Whatever they said – she had no intention of looking. "Come on, Cherry." Don't be a baby, her dad laughed. "There's nothing to be afraid of."

If there was nothing to be afraid of, then why was everyone screaming? That's what she wanted to know!

Woosh…! Cherry buried her head deeper into her mothers lap as the great fiery beast whizzed over her head. A tear tricked down her cheek, "Has it gone?" she whispered when her mummy dropped a kiss on her hair and cuddled her close.