'Edward, please don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Jacob's going to take care of me' I said as I finished the last problem of my algebra homework. I looked at Edward and the sunlight from the window hit his skin. He was rather pale but it made him look good. Everything about him made him look good.

'I know Bella. I just don't like the fact that you're dating someone two years younger than you. It just doesn't seem right' he looked away from me and seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

'I should start getting ready. He's going to be here in an hour' he looked back at me and sighed. He grabbed his books and his notebook. He rose to his feet and I did too. We walked to the front door together and he turned around to look at me.

'Be careful Bella. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Bye' he turned back around and walked to his Volvo. He smiled at me as he got into the drivers seat. He drove off down the street and then he was gone.

Edward and I had been friends for who knows how long. We met when we were just little kids. When I was around a year old my mom and dad met Esme and Carlisle. They had already adopted Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, and Alice but they had just adopted Edward and he was my age. The reason they had to adopt was because I guess Esme couldn't have kids.

Anyways, our parents set up play dates for us and we were fast friends. When my parents divorced I had to move out to Phoenix with my mom when I was three. I would come up to Forks every summer and winter break and I would spend almost every waking minute with Edward. When I was eleven my mom let me come and live with my dad and this is where I've been for the past seven years and Edward and I have never been closer.

A few years ago I met Jacob Black. My father and his father Billy are friends and they thought Jacob and I should be friends. He developed a crush on me but I still didn't have those feelings for him. I never really spent that much time with him. I was always spending my time with Edward. But then Edward got a girlfriend and he stopped spending so much time with me. I started to like Jacob and he asked me out. Edward didn't like it, but what did he care? He had the perfect girlfriend. She was unbelievably beautiful and smart.

I quickly ran back upstairs and raided my drawers for a cute outfit for tonight. A bunch of kids from my school and some kids from La Push were putting on a bonfire beach party and Jacob was going to take me.

I finally decided on a cute white bikini top with a ruffled lace cropped shirt over it (for pic of shirt go to profile) and a matching bikini bottom and a short denim skirt. I scrunched my hair with gel and I waited downstairs for Jacob. He pulled up on his motorcycle and I quickly ran out front. He took off his helmet and gave me a once-over and smiled a huge grin.

'Damn, Bella. You look gorgeous' I giggled and climbed on the back of his bike. He handed me a helmet and I quickly put it on. He put his on and then started the bike. I wrapped my arms around him and he sped off. It rested my head on his back and before long we were at the beach. He parked his bike and we got off. We hung the helmets on the handle bars and he took my hand.

As we walked along the beach people were staring at us in awe. I looked up at Jacob and he looked down at me. He walked me over to a log near the bonfire and we sat down, me in his lap. Even when I was sitting on him he was still a good five inches taller than me.

'You're so short Bella' he joked. I pouted and he laughed. He kissed my forehead and I rested my head against his chest.

'Hey everyone, the DJ's here' someone yelled. Everyone looked up and someone was hauling a huge DJ set onto the beach.

'Wanna dance when the music starts' Jacob asked me. I nodded and as if on cue Gimme That by Chris Brown started playing. Jacob lifted me up and walked me over to the spot where everyone was dancing.

We started dancing to the music and then I turned around so my back was facing him. I started to dance a little more aggressively and he put his hands on my hips and moved with me. He flipped me around and I smiled. I draped my arm over his shoulder and danced around him. When I got back in front of him he pulled me close to him and we danced together.

'Hey Bella' someone said as they tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it was Mike Newton. Jacob draped his arms over my shoulders and pulled me to him.

'Yes Mike' I asked. He looked from me to Jacob and then back to me.

'I was wondering if you'd dance with me' I was about to answer him but Jacob cut in.

'I'm afraid she can't Mike. She's promised me every dance for tonight and, well, the rest of her life' Jacob smiled and Mike walked off. I turned myself around and Jacob bent down and kissed me. Suddenly I heard my cell phone ringing. I grabbed it out of my back pocket and flipped it open.

'Hello' I muttered against Jacob's lips. Jacob laughed and that got me giggling too.

'Bella?' I heard Edward's voice ask. I pulled away from Jacob so I could talk.

'Yeah, it's me. What's up Ed?'

'Charlie's been in an accident'

'What' I asked shakily. Jacob looked at me with confusion on his face and I just looked at him with horrified eyes.

'He was in an accident and was sent to the hospital. Don't worry, Carlisle was his doctor and Charlie's fine. He just has to stay in the hospital for two weeks' I rolled my eyes and muttered an oh great.

'So I guess I have to find somewhere to stay, huh?'

'No. You're staying with us. Carlisle insisted on it' I looked up at Jacob and then back at the ground.

'Carlisle said that you should get your stuff over here quickly so we can fix your room' I sighed and said 'Ok'. I hung up and looked up at Jacob.

'I need to go' I said. He nodded and walked me back to his bikes.

'Where you going sweetie' some guys said as he grabbed my arm. He had a beer in one hand and was obviously wasted.

'Let go of me' I said sharply. The guy just looked at me and started to pull me closer to him. Suddenly I was yanked from him and the guy was sent flying backwards.

'Thanks' I said to Jacob. He just pulled me toward his bike. We got on and he drove me back to my house. He helped me pack and then he carried my bags into my truck.

'Thanks Jacob' I said as I held my key in my pocket. I twirled it with my fingers and stared at the ground. I had never felt so uncomfortable around Jacob.

'Your welcome Bella. I'll see you later' he placed his forefinger under my chin and lifted my head up. He looked into my eyes and had a sincere smile on his face.

'I love you' my eyes shot open and my heart stopped. I felt my face heat up instantly and Jacob started to laugh. He loves me. He loves me. My mind kept saying those words over and over in my head.

'I love you too' I got on my tiptoes and he bent down and our lips met. I knotted my fingers in his hair and I parted my mouth slightly. He eagerly followed and his tongue playfully danced around in my mouth.

'I need to go' I muttered against his lips. He laughed and picked me up into his arms bridal style. He carried me to the car door and I unlocked it. He set me on the seat and gave me a quick kiss before closing the door. I gave him a last longing look before I drove off.

When I arrived at the Cullen's house Edward was already waiting for me. He quickly grabbed my bags out of the back before I even got out of the truck. He greeted me with a warm smile and I gave him a hug.

'What's up Ed?' I asked as we walked to the front door.

'Nothing. I've been waiting for you to get here for the past hour and a half' I smiled and he opened the door. Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Emmet were all sitting in the living room and when they all saw me they stood up. Alice ran over to me and locked me in a hug.

'BELLA' she screamed. I returned her hug and we stood there for what seemed like forever and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Emmet. I quickly gave him a hug and then I gave everyone else was too.

'I'll show you to your room Bella' Edward said. He led me upstairs and into what used to be Carlisle's study but it was converted into a bedroom. Edward set my bags down and I quickly ran and jumped on the bed.

'It's so comfy' I said. Edward jumped on it and laid next to me.

'Bella' he said. I looked at him and he had a devilish smile on his face.

'No Edward' I said as I started to quickly sit up. He was too fast though because he was sitting on top of me and he was tickling me.

'Stop it' I was barely able to get it out. I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I tried to wiggle out from under him but he was too heavy. Someone walked in and knocked on the door.

'Excuse me' Edward stopped and we both looked at the doorway. Rosalie was standing in the doorway and she had her arms crossed and she was tapping her foot. Edward quickly got off of me and sat next to me.

'Hi Rosalie' he said sheepishly. I sat myself up and wiped my tears on my sleeve.

'Eddie, why didn't you tell me that dear Isabella was staying with us' she said as she made her way over to him and sat on his lap.

'First, don't call me Eddie. It's Edward. Second, her name's Bella. And third, I know you don't like her so why would I tell you' Rosalie gave him a weird look and then she quickly got up and left.

'Why doesn't she like me?' I asked. I never fully understood why she hated me. I never did anything to her.

'She just doesn't like you because of how close we are. She says that she should be my number one priority, not you. She thinks I'm having an affair with you' we both laughed and then we got into a wrestling match on the bed.

'Do you remember when we had our first kiss?' I asked. He smiled and he pinned my arms above my head and got this thoughtful look on his face.

'Yeah! We were about eleven years old. It was when you moved back here. You came over and we were just hanging out in my room. We started wrestling and then I had you pinned just like this and I asked you if you had your first kiss yet and you said no and then I just kissed you' I smiled and he did too. That was one of my favorite memories.

'Edward' I whispered. He leaned his head closer to me so that his mouth was right next to my ear.

'Yes' he whispered. His cool breath brushed against my ear and it sent chills throughout my body.

Should I tell him? Should I tell him how I feel? How will he take it? Will he feel the same? So many questions were going through my head that I just decided against it.