Sequel to gaara's love.

Summary:Four years after Gaara had told Sakura how he felt he asked her to marry her.

Gaara had decieded to ask her the big question the night of their fourth anniversery.

So he talked to Naruto and decieded to have a picnic under the willow tree that they had officially became a couple, the one under which he had

confessed his undying love for her.

So the morning of their aniversery he set up the picnic then set off to get her a ring.

He went to Konoha's only jewlrey store and bought her a beautiful dimond ring with their names ingraved into the band.

Then a sudden thought struck him, he sealed a bit of his chakra into the ring and when she put it on it would always show where he was.

He knew she would love it.

///////////////////////// Later that night under the willow tree.//////////////////////////////

"oh it's beautiful Gaara" Sakura exclaimed when she saw the picnic that he had set up for her.

Gaara smiled slightly and pulled her down onto the picnic blanket. " Time to eat my cherry blossam" he whisphered into her ear.

She giggled and nipped at his nose

"behave now cherry blossam,or else I might have to punish you"Gaara whisphered huskily into her ear.

She giggled once again and asked him,"oh yeah and how would you do that"she asked.

He grinned and said "this", as he leaned down and gently touched his lips to hers.

Sakura shivered as he ran his hand down her back. "Sakura" he whisphered into her ear.

She looked up at him and smiled. " Yes" she asked.

" I have to ask you something" he said rather softly.

Sakura looked into his eyes and asked, " Whats wrong"

Gaara shook his head and stood up slowly. As he stood he pulled her to her feet also.

Then he got down on one knee. " Sakura my cherry blossam" he started. " will you be mine, and marry me"

Sakura jumped for joy and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pressed her lips to his and said," yes I will Gaara"

Gaara chuckled and deepened the kiss.

For just a moment time seemed to freeze and all was still. Gaara jumped up and ran away leaving Sakura in confusion.

She took off in the direction that he had gone in and was surprised to find herself wrapped in his arms just a second after.

"Wha.." she asked in confusion. Gaara smiled and asked "surprised"

"uhhuh" she said.

" You will always be able to find me" he said, " my chakra is in your ring"

Sakura's confusion vanished when he said this. " I was afraid you might get lost" he said with a smirk.

Sakura Laughed full out.

Then thought to herself I know this marriage wil work out and theres an even beter thing,,,I just found out that gaara likes to play tricks.

He's in for a rude awakening tommorow. The rest of the night was perfect. The funny thing is that Sakura did give him a rude awakening the next day.

All the people of konoha could hear his screams as ice cold water was dumped on his head.

Everyone in Konoha was thinking They already sound like a married couple. And they knew that their marriage would last a lifetime and more.

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