Chapter 1: Tea & Puppy

My name is Fujino Shizuru, I have a terrible secret. No, it's not what you think. I am gay, I admit that, and I am perfectly ok with it. Why would I want to deny that when I happen to have the cutest girlfriend in the universe? I love my girl, but I haven't let her in my darkest secret yet.

What's my terrible secret? I'll never tell.

My name is Kuga Natsuki, I have a terrible secret. No, it's not what you think. I admit I like girls, rather, one girl, my girlfriend. She is a tease, but I like her, a lot, maybe too much sometimes. I know I should be honest if I want to maintain a healthy relationship with her, but I cannot bring myself to tell her my most horrible secret yet.

What's my terrible secret? I'll never tell.

"... Litters in the school yard, graffiti on the walls, and many other acts of vandalism on school properties... KAICHOU! Are you listening to any of this?" An angry blond slammed her fist on the desk and glared at the calm chestnut-haired girl.

Shizuru raised her tea cup and took another sip of the aromatic green liquid. The tea is getting cold. Suzushiro-san's speech is especially long today. It's Friday, and she just has to drag this on. I want to go home. I want to see Natsuki. I wonder what's for dinner?

"Stop drinking your damn tea and pay attention to me, kaichou. Don't you have a shred of self-wireness that you are the President of the Student Council?"

"It's 'self-awareness', Haruka-chan..." The blond's best friend Yukino, a timid glass-wearing girl corrected in a barely audible voice.

"That's what I said." Haruka huffed and glared at the tea-sipping kaichou.

Shizuru put the empty tea cup down. "Ara, I heard everything you said. I shall leave it to your capable hand, Suzushiro-san. You are my trusty Executive Director after all."

Haruka looked mighty satisfied by the Kyoto-girl's praise. "Very well then. I'll do everything in my power to right the corrupted moral in this school. Yukino, we are leaving."

"Yes, Haruka-chan."

The blond and her friend left the student council room. Only Shizuru and the handsome ladykiller of a Vice President was in the room.

"I should be leaving then. I promised Mikoto to meet her after school." Kanzaki Reito bowed politely at the chestnut-haired girl and left the room.


The ceramic tea cup sitting on the desk cracked in half by itself. Shizuru's brows furrowed at the broken cup. An omen...

Natsuki was sitting in her room, brooding. She hated this time of the month. Sighing heavily, the raven-haired girl stood up and took out her cellphone from her pocket.

"Shizuru, it's me. Look, something important came up, I won't be seeing you tonight."

Omen. Shizuru squeezed the cellphone in her hand. "I see. Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow." It's weekend, maybe I'll stay over...

Natsuki chewed her lip. "I'm sorry, Shizuru. I'll see you Monday at school. Bye."

Shizuru stared at her cellphone's light blue screen. Call ended. 00:20. She blew me off. The Kyoto girl flipped close her cellphone and glared at the broken tea cup. Omen.

This was not Shizuru's day. She ran out of tea Saturday afternoon and had to go out for an emergency tea shopping. After she got to the specialty tea shop, she realized she had forgotten her wallet at home. Before she had the chance to get back into her dorm room to retrieve her wallet, she was forced out of the building because some genius (aka Mikoto) apparently burned down the kitchen and the fire department took over the place.

Shizuru had to walk back to the Student Council room for tea. She hadn't have any tea since this morning. The Student Council room was locked, and Shizuru regretted profoundly the decision of making the earnest Executive Director responsible for all the keys to school property.

She had no money with her, she couldn't go home, she was tired, she was thirsty, and she missed her girlfriend terribly. Natsuki said she was busy and she may not even be home right now, but...

She marched toward Natsuki's apartment.

Natsuki sat at the corner of the balcony and stared at the round full moon. She hated to be alone, especially at this time of the month. She wanted to see Shizuru, but she knew she couldn't.

She curled up into a ball and wept into her arms.

A tiny sound made her cock her head up in alarm. It was a metallic clink made by a key inserting into a keyhole. Natsuki began to panic. Only Shizuru has a spare key to my apartment... Nooooo... This is bad, this is bad, this really bad!!! She covered her ears and yelled. "Go away!"

Shizuru froze at the door. What does she mean, 'go away'? She felt like she was slapped in the face. Shizuru ignored the young girl's warning and stepped into the apartment anyway.

It was dark inside the apartment. The only light was the pale silver moonlight spilling in from the balcony. Shizuru approached the trembling figure that was hiding in the corner, then she sat down and pulled the girl into her arms.

Natsuki struggled for a few seconds, but soon relaxed into the older girl's embrace. She put her hands away from her ears and grabbed the back of her girlfriend's shirt instead. "I don't want you to see me like this... I am hideous..." The raven-haired girl sobbed and whimpered, her furry ears flatten against the side of her head and her fluffy tail drooped down sadly behind her.

Furry ears? Fluffy tail?

Shizuru brought her hand up to scratch behind the dog-girl's ears. Natsuki tilted her head to the Kyoto girl's hand and wagged her tail. Shizuru had to bite the inside of her lip to stop herself from laughing out loud. "You are not hideous, you are beautiful, Nyatsuki."

Natsuki snapped her head up, her ears erected at the unexpected word. Nyatsuki?

Shizuru quickly covered her own mouth and stared at her girlfriend in horror. Oh my...

"What did you just called me?"

Shizuru shook her head.

"I heard 'Nyatsuki'."

Shizuru shook her head again.

Natsuki narrowed her icy green eyes dangerously at the Kyoto girl. "You definitely called me 'Nyatsuki', I know I heard right. Dog hearing, remember? Now spill it, woman. Don't make me force it out of you." She lowered her upper body down on the floor and was ready to pounce.

Shizuru put her hand down and sighed. "Alright, alright, my secret is out. You happy nya?"


The Kyoto girl continued. "I am tea-deprived, that's why I'm talking funny. I guess we are even nya." She chuckled and petted her girlfriend's head.

Natsuki giggled at the tender touch and naturally flipped over, wordlessly begging the chestnut-haired girl to scratch her tummy. When Shizuru did, the dog-girl squealed and wagged her tail like crazy.

"Fullmoon night, nya? I see. I think we'll have a very interesting weekend nya. My dear Nyatsuki."

Author's Notes: I had to write this fic, the sound of "Nyatsuki" has been driving me crazy. Please read and review.