A Bad Dream

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'It's a bad dream', Brooke keeps on telling herself, 'Just a bad dream.' But every time she lowers her hand to her stomach, she realizes it's not a bad dream, it's reality.

This is my version of what season four would be like if Brooke actually was pregnant. So it's sort of I guess an AU of season 4. Please enjoy! Brucas, as always!


Chapter 1 -

It has to be a bad dream. A nightmare. It just has to be. Right? There's no possible way that she could be pregnant with Lucas Scott's baby. Right? Please let it be a nightmare. In a few minutes she'll wake up and realize how stupid the dream was. Except she didn't...She just sat there, on the cold, tiled floor of Rachel's bathroom, spitting her dinner out.

Brooke wiped the beads of sweat that were forming off her forehead, getting up and moving towards the sink. She put some toothpaste on the brush and jammed the stick in her mouth quickly, trying to rid herself of the horrendous taste. Maybe it's just a false alarm. Just the twenty-four hour flu or something. It has to be, it really just has to. Pregnant with Lucas' baby? Please. There's just no way.


Just to make sure, not that she believes she 's pregnant, Brooke picked up a few pregnancy tests at the pharmacy. Why not one? That way, if the first one's results reveal something she absolutely doesn't want to know, she could go to the second, hoping it would bear other news, and so on...

She quickly ran into the bathroom, locking the door. It's an amazement that Rachel doesn't know or suspect anything yet, or does she? Well, whatever, it's not time for that now. Brooke opened the first box, reading the instructions thoroughly, making sure she didn't miss one word. She then took a deep breath and took the stick out. This was it...

She sat on the side of the bathtub, counting down the minutes and seconds that would reveal if she was carrying a real human in her. Okay, here it goes...5...4...3...2...1...um...-1...-2...-3...okay, okay fine! With a final deep breath she slowly moved her hand to the sink where the test lay and then picked it up, still not looking. 'Just look at it already,' She told herself. And then her eyes moved towards the symbol that would determine a very important thing. And there it was. A thick, blue line. A blue line...wait...no...that couldn't be...no...there was no way! But there she sat, looking at such a hideous blue line. Who knew a line could be hideous? Well, I guess when it tells you something you absolutely don't want to hear, then it's hideous. Just on reflex, her hand extending flinging the hideous stick towards the wall, landing on the floor with a thud. No! This just couldn't be! Her hands quickly fumbled to open another box. This time without counting down to the negative numbers, as soon as the time was up she looked. And there it was again. The ugly blue line. It was like a ghost, always going to be there to haunt her. But it has to be false! It has to! 'Face it Brooke, you're pregnant!' She kept on screaming inside her head, but she didn't want to face the truth. She can barely handle herself at this age, how the hell is she going to be able to handle her plus a baby?! She sat up against the wall, the newest stick now on the floor. As her eyes began to tear, she glanced over at the bag with the rest of the tests. It's pointless now to take those. Most likely she's pregnant and there's really nothing she can do about it.


Brooke sat, rocking back and fourth, wishing it was two years ago. Before she met Lucas. She can't be pregnant now. They just broke up! She walked out of his room and he didn't do anything to stop her...not a thing. And now he's going to get together with Peyton. No! Why does everything happen to Brooke?

"Um...Brooke?" Brooke's sobbed were interrupted when Rachel's voice boomed through the bathroom door.

"What?" Brooke snapped.

"Are you getting out anytime soon?"

"Um...I'm sorta busy right now?"

"Well I just need to get in there for a little bit..."

"Rachel, I'm really busy," Brooke said, furiously wiping away her tears, standing up and opening the door the tiniest bit, "I'm really busy." She whispered as she stood face to face with Rachel.

"Oh," Rachel said seeing Brooke's teary, blood-shot eyes, "Yeah, take your time." Rachel said, closing the door. Though Rachel's not exactly the nicest girl, she sort of feels bad for Brooke. Surprising, right?

Rachel walked over to the couch where Brooke's cell phone lay, she quickly searched the phone's phonebook and found the number she was looking for.

"Brooke, hey."

"Haley, it's me, Rachel."

"Oh," Haley said somewhat less enthusiastic, "What do you want?"

"Look, you know I normally wouldn't call you but I think something's wrong with Brooke. She's been in the bathroom for awhile...crying."

"I'll be there in a minute." Haley immediately said, hanging up.

Though, before, Haley and Brooke weren't exactly best friends, over the past few months their friendship grew. When Haley returned from tour it was Brooke, and Brooke only, who treated her normally. Everyone else acted as if they were her enemies. Brooke even let her room with her. They became extremely close. So if there's anything Haley could possibly do to make Brooke feel better, she'll do it.

Haley arrived at Rachel's house, ringing the bell.

"Haley...upstairs, the one to you left." Rachel said pointing to the staircase.

"Thanks." Haley mumbled, making her way past the red-head.

Haley tried the door but it was locked, "Brooke...It's me," After a few seconds Brooke opened the door letting Haley in, then closing it once again, "Oh my god, Brooke, what's wrong."

Brooke reached on the floor and picked up the stick, letting Haley get a look, Haley gasped.

"Brooke..." Brooke bursted into a fresh round of tears, thrusting herself into Haley's arms. This definitely isn't a bad dream. It's not a nightmare either...it's reality.


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