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A Bad Dream

Chapter 15 -

"I think I still love Lucas, too."

Brooke didn't dare turn around to face the blonde. Had she really just said that? Those words...they just rolled off her tongue...almost naturally.

Almost as if she had no problem saying those words to Brooke. Like she hadn't just heard Brooke confess that she still loved him.

And like she wasn't aware of Brooke's pregnancy with his child.


"Don't...just don't." She silenced her.

She felt sick; sick to her stomach. How could Peyton just say those words to her and then expect everything to be a-okay.

Even if they weren't sitting there, in a hospital room, with an unconscious Lucas lying there, the thought would still be unsettling.

"I think I still love Lucas, too." What a stupid thing to say. She might has well have said : "I know you have a lot of stuff going on and all. The father of your baby is unconscious and you're still trying to define your feelings for him. So, I'm just gonna load off all my problems to you. Might as well, right?" It was just as stupid. Just as pathetic.

"But, Brooke, I'm sor-."

"What?" Brooke whipped her head around to face her former best friend. "You're sorry? Sorry for what?" She stood up from the seat, advancing towards the blonde. "Sorry for saying you love Lucas?" She pointed a finger in her face. "Because you can't be sorry for that. You said you were sorry for that the last time, oh, wait, and the time before that, too. That sorry can't possibly mean anything because then you wouldn't have to keep saying it."

Peyton winced as Brooke's cold, harsh words poured out of her mouth. Brooke knew she wasn't overreacting though. Not one bit. She had every right to be mad at that blonde bitch she once called her BFF.

"But maybe..." Brooke continued on. "Maybe you're saying you're sorry for being a bitch. Then I could maybe understand." She said, incredulously. "I gotta go." She mumbled the last part in a vulnerable voice. Right now, she was mad. Mad because of those words that left Peyton's mouth. But she didn't have to worry about losing Lucas to Peyton...yet. Because Lucas is unconscious, not awake. When he wakes up, though, that's a different story. Then that's when to get scared.

With a swift movement, she exited the room, leaving a dumbfound Peyton behind.

It was then, in that moment, that Peyton demolished all thoughts in her mind of chances to rekindle her and Brooke's friendship.


Maybe she was being extremely harsh on Peyton. At least this time she had the courtesy to say how she felt about Lucas before going right ahead and kissing him. No, Brooke dismissed that thought quickly. Peyton was supposed to be her friend and friends don't steal other friends' boyfriends. But the only problem is, she and Peyton aren't exactly friends anymore. And she and Lucas aren't girlfriend and boyfriend anymore, either. But the baby, maybe that counted for something. It just had to. Peyton's the wrong one in this situation, not Brooke, it's Peyton.

Brooke sighed defeated, closing her cell phone. She had called the hospital four times in the past half hour and Lucas still had not awoken. She felt guilty, knowing that she should be right by his side for when he wakes up. If it was her unconscious, she knows that she'd want Lucas to be by her side. But there was no way she was going to be going back to the hospital. Peyton was probably still there.

Within a matter of seconds, her cell phone's ring-tone filled the air and she was surprised to see that it was Haley calling.

"Hey." She sighed into the phone. Haley was one of the only people she could talk to at the moment.

"Hey. I was wondering, maybe you wanna go back to the hospital, ya know. In case he wakes up. I can come pick you up if you want. I was just heading over there now."

"No, thanks. I can't, well I can, it's just, I don't wanna go there."

"Maybe you should call Peyton then, sort things out."

"This has nothing to do with Peyton, Haley." She replied defensively.

"I'm just saying...oh, nevermind."

"Whose side are you on?"

"I'm not on any side, Brooke. Just forget it, okay."

"Yeah, whatever." Brooke immediately felt sorry. She didn't mean to snap at Haley. "Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to all moody on you, it's just—." She stopped upon hearing commotion from the doorway. Rachel and Peyton. "—Haley, let me call you back."

"I tried to stop her." Rachel said, throwing her arms up in defense.

"Ugh, god, Peyton what do you want?" By now, Rachel had left and it was just the two former friends.

"Can we talk? I mean, like, have an honest conversation."

Brooke rolled her eyes. Honesty and Peyton never meshed well. She could already predict the conversation she would have with her. It would be all about her love for Lucas. It seemed that was the only time Peyton was ever honest; the times where it would crush Brooke.

"What is it, Peyton? What is it you need to say? It can't possibly make me more pissed off than I already am. So you might as well just get everything off your chest."

Peyton opened her mouth, ready to speak. Before anything came out though, Brooke's phone rang.

She was going to ignore it and let it continue to ring, but she noticed it was from Karen. It must have something to do with Lucas.

"Karen...Is Lucas okay?"

"He's awake, Brooke."


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