Title: Red Headed Goddess, 12/12

Author: Goddess Evie

Date: October 8, 2007

Category: JJHR, Angst

Disclaimer: I do not own JQ. I am only using the characters for my own unique story. I am using lyrics for the song "My Immortal" by "Evanescence." Seriously, people, music doesn't get better than this. I'm really quite surprised I waited until the last chapter to use any lyrics from either CD. Ah, well, enjoy the story!

Chapter 12: I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears…your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone.

Jessie started as the door to the room banged open and then gasped to see Jonny standing there and staring at her and Zach. She was so stunned to see him that she couldn't make a noise, even to cry out for help. With wide eyes she watched as he seemed to falter for a moment, then stood strong again, his blue eyes filled with an anger and hate she had never before seen in them.

Jessie found she had mixed feelings about his presence. There was a part of her that was so happy and relieved to have him come to her rescue that she could have cried. He would stop Zach and get her out of this vile place. However, there was another part of her that was ashamed for him to see her like this. A tiny voice in the very back of her head reminded her that this wasn't her fault and Jonny wouldn't think any differently of her, but tied half-naked to a bed with Zach all over her was not how she wanted anybody to see her.

Zach lifted himself off of her, and Jessie saw him grab the knife from beside her on the bed as he faced Jonny. A new anxiety washed over her as she became a silent onlooker to Jonny and Zach's face off. She knew Jonny had been trained by her father and was an excellent fighter, definitely the more skilled of the two, but that didn't change the fact that Zach was the one with the knife and Jessie didn't doubt he'd kill Jonny in order to keep her.

Hey, let's make a deal. I promise not to get hurt if you do.

The promise from their make-up rang loudly in Jessie's head. Please don't get hurt Jonny, she silently prayed in response.

"You," Zach spat at Jonny, the single word sounding like an accusation and an insult all rolled into one.

"Let her go," Jonny replied and Jessie was surprise at how much he reminded her of her dad in that moment.

"You've been keeping her to yourself long enough, you selfish bastard!" Zach bellowed angrily, making Jessie flinch. "Now, I've finally freed her so that I can enjoy her company."

"I wasn't keeping her against her will," Jonny replied calmly and confidently. "It was her choice to spend so much time with me."

Jessie wanted to speak up and validate Jonny's statement, knowing it would hurt Zach to hear it from her, but she was mesmerized by the scene playing out in front of her and she couldn't get her tongue to work.

"Liar!" Zach bellowed, lunging forward with a swipe of the knife.

Jessie jerked in response as if she were the one Zach was attacking with the knife and not Jonny. Zach jumped back near her again after that brief attack and Jessie shied away from him even though his attention wasn't even on her. She watched as Jonny feinted first to the right and then the left with no success and then took up a defensive stance to await Zach's attack

"You can't have her back," Zach breathed determinedly and Jessie could see even through his shirt that every muscle in his back was tense and taut.

It was when Zach suddenly lashed out at Jonny with a diagonal sweep across the torso that Jessie found her voice, for a brief moment, and cried out in fear for Jonny. Jonny rolled out of the way and came up on his knees. He glanced over his shoulder and Jessie hoped to catch his eye, but his focus was solely on Zach. He stood to face Zach who was glancing between him and Jessie. Jessie felt every look thrown her way like a bullet ripping through her body. She didn't want him to look at her anymore. Unable to handle his attention on her, even briefly, she squeezed her eyes shut tight.

Jessie listened to the fight continue as she prayed for Jonny. She could hear the two of them struggling with each other, their grunts and labored breath from the effort. They moved around the end of the bed, and thumped against the wall. The sudden sound was enough to make her eyes open and look just in time to see Zach pull violently away from Jonny, knife still in hand, hesitate for a moment, and then rush Jonny, with the blade aimed for his mid-section. Jessie closed her eyes again, unable to watch as her best friend was sliced open before her.

She could hear more struggling, they bumped against the wall again on her right and then suddenly everything was quiet. Jessie wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but the terror that gripped her had too much of a hold on her to allow her a peek. She lay completely still, waiting for something to happen. There was the sound of something hitting the wall heavily and movement from where she had last heard Jonny and Zach struggling. She sensed only one of them moving, heard only one set of footsteps coming around the bed.

The mattress sunk under the added weight as somebody sat down next to her. She felt hands at her wrists and whimpered, waiting for Zach's hands to slide along her arms and down her body to take back up where he had been interrupted. Tears squeezed out from beneath her eyelids, as she realized that if Zach was sitting next to her on the bed, then Jonny was…

Oh God, no, the cry was purely mental, but she sobbed audibly, while her body tensed for the expected touch.

Many moments passed and the hands didn't move from her wrists. In fact, they seemed to be working at the ropes binding her to the bed. Her eyes snapped open and she stared unbelieving into a blue-eyed face framed with blonde locks. Jessie found herself gasping for air, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off her chest, as she watched Jonny struggle to free her of her bonds.

It was only after watching him speechlessly for a few moments that she realized something wasn't quite right. His face, his entire body, was rigid and emotionless, his blue eyes dull and lost looking. Not like they'd been during their fight, but completely and utterly lifeless. Jonny moved mechanically, his eyes focused completely on his task, and there was a serious atmosphere in the room that said it wasn't just because he was trying to be polite and respectful to her in her current state. He wouldn't look at her, look into her eyes, communicating with his usually expressive eyes that everything would be okay.

With the right tug, the ropes suddenly loosened from around Jessie's wrists and she shot up to a sitting position, crossing her arms over her chest and forgetting her train of thought. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and sat on the very edge of the mattress, feeling her nakedness and Jonny's close proximity with sudden acuteness. She wasn't sure what to do, now. She looked over her shoulder at what remained of her shirt and bra, useless tatters now. She wanted to leave this room so badly, but what was the point of leaving still exposed as she was.

Jessie sensed movement from Jonny and she looked at him only to look away again when she saw him removing his shirt. What the hell was he thinking?! She curled into herself, making herself smaller, unsure of what Jonny was planning. She felt something brush against her shoulder blade and jumped away, leaning over the foot of the bed, feeling confused and betrayed and so utterly heartbroken.

But then Jonny was absolutely still again behind her. After a few moments, during which neither of them moved, Jessie cautiously looked over her shoulder to find Jonny's arm stretched across the distance between them while he stared at the floor, his shirt clutched in his hand. She realized he was offering it to her and she suddenly felt guilty about believing Jonny could ever have such wicked thoughts or intentions toward her.

Her hand was shaking as she reached for the shirt, one of his trademark black ones, and he let go of it, allowing his arm to drop to his side, when he felt her tugging on it. Keeping her back to her best friend, Jessie quickly pulled the shirt over her head, breathing deeply of the comforting smell of Jonny that came with the garment. She hugged herself again even after she had donned the shirt, but turned to face the door.

Jonny still sat silently, staring at the floor and Jessie found that, even though she herself was now covered, she was highly aware of Jonny's bare torso. She hated it. She knew she could trust him, had no doubt in her mind, but she still couldn't make the nervous, uneasy feeling she felt go away.

Jessie really wanted to leave this room. Leave this house. Leave this entire place behind.

"Can we get out of here?" she requested quietly.

Jonny started at the sound of her voice, looking at her like he'd forgotten she was even there. He stared at her like he was seeing her for the first time, making Jessie feel uncomfortable despite herself, and then nodded and rose. Jessie stood and followed him out of the room and down the hall. She stared at the back of his head as she trailed behind him, and noticed how stiffly he was walking. She couldn't help but wonder what had happened back in that room while she'd had her eyes closed, but her desire wasn't strong enough to make her go back and look.

Jessie suddenly stopped and called out to Jonny when they got to the living room. He halted and turned his head, but didn't look at her with his eyes. Jessie really didn't like the way he was acting, but it was hard to focus on his problems when she could still feel Zach's touch crawling along her skin. Jessie hugged herself and spoke.

"Maybe we should call our dads."

Immediately, Jonny dug into his pocket and pulled out the silver flip phone. He held it in his hand and stared at it for a long while before Jessie realized he wasn't going to do it himself. Giving him a worried look, she carefully edged toward him and gently pulled the phone out of his hand, being careful not to touch him. Once relieved of the phone, Jonny clenched his hand into a fist and closed his eyes.

Jessie kept glancing at him as she dialed her father's cell number and counted the rings before he picked up.

"Jonny?" she heard her father say from the other end.

Hearing his voice almost made her break down. She had to force herself to take deep breaths just so she could speak. "No, daddy, it's me."

Jessie could hear the concern in his voice in response to the way she sounded. "Jessie? Is that you?"

She was crying in full force, as she tried to explain to her father what happened. It was a struggle to try to put into words what she had just experienced in the last hour. She was having a hard time keeping her feet and came close to just dropping to her knees. She knew her sentences were coming out all jumbled and all she really wanted was her father to come and make everything better again. Finally he spoke, cutting her off with a single question.

"Where are you?"

She gasped, trying to come up with the answer. She looked around as if expecting a sign to pop up to tell her their location. Jonny continued to stand, silent and very still, not paying any attention to her.

"I don't know," she finally stuttered.

"Are you safe?" Race asked next.

"Yes…I think so…"

"Then just stay where you are. I'll track you two with your phone. Jonny's with you?"


"Okay, I'll be there soon."

"Please hurry, daddy."

Jessie hung up and held onto the phone. She took another look around at the living/dining room she was standing in and shivered. She wanted out of this place. Now. She stalked past Jonny for the front door, not caring at the moment if he followed or not. She struggled with the lock for a moment before she got the door to open, pulling so hard she almost lost her balance. Stepping through the door into the late afternoon, her first instinct was to scan for any threats. She found none after a long search, so stepped further out onto the front step. With a sigh she realized she was being overly paranoid and sat down on the stoop to wait for her father.

After a few moments she sensed Jonny behind her, and her defenses went up, no matter how much she reassured herself that she had nothing to fear from her best friend. Jonny stood behind her for a long time before he sat down next to her. When he did, Jessie scooted away from him, feeling guilty, but unable to help herself.

They sat in silence for what seemed an eternity as they waited for Race to arrive, not looking at each other, not speaking to each other. Silence reigned, uncomfortable, rigid and unbreakable. Jessie glanced nervously, but worriedly at Jonny every so often out of the corner of her eye, but couldn't make herself say anything. Jonny was still as a statue, staring out into the street. Jessie worried for him, if only because it was the best distraction she had to keep her from thinking of…other things.

A squeal of tires heralded Race's arrival, startling both teens. They both watched as Race pulled up to the house and exited the car with it still running. Dougan got out on the passenger side, but stayed where he was, talking on a cell phone. Race rushed up to the front of the house where Jessie and Jonny both stared at him with wide eyes, but neither moved.

When Race dropped to one knee in front of the two, instinct and experience told him to tread carefully. He reached out for his daughter and frowned when she flinched away and grabbed his hand with both of hers before he could touch her. She really wanted to be held by her father, to feel his strong arms around her, like that morning after being shown the original room wall-papered with pictures of her. And yet she just couldn't let him. She didn't want anyone touching her, no matter how much she trusted them. Race didn't push her, but he curled his fingers around her hands, holding on to them tightly.

"Jess?" her father asked, communicating all his questions through his ice blue eyes.

"I'm…okay," she answered feebly, her gaze dropping away from his.

She just wanted out of there. She wanted to forget that Zach had ever happened. Wanted to forget the feel of his hands and mouth on her body…

Letting her mind travel down that path was too dangerous and painful and Jessie fought to keep her tears at bay. "I'm fine," she repeated again, even though her dad didn't look convinced at all. Once again, he didn't push the issue and instead turned his focus to Jonny.

Immediately the older man noted the blonde teen's stoic behavior and the way he was staring blankly at his hands. Race put his free hand on Jonny's shoulder and dipped his head to look into his eyes. Jonny acted surprised to see Race there, even though Jonny had been staring at him when he'd arrived.

"Jonny, you alright kiddo?"

All Jonny could do was stare at his mentor. Race waited for any answer at all, but the boy remained silent. With a sigh he looked between his daughter and Jonny and knew that whatever had happened went far beyond anything they had ever experienced before.

Race heard Detective Dougan's footsteps approaching slowly from behind. He turned to look over his shoulder without letting go of either Jonny or Jessie.

"There're a couple of patrol cars on the way," Dougan informed quietly.

"Why don't you go take a look inside?" Race suggested, wanting to do it himself and be sure it was done right, but knowing his daughter and Jonny needed him more.

Dougan nodded his consent and carefully made his way past the trio on the steps to head into the house. Race looked the two teens over again, saw that Jonny had gone back to staring at his hands and that Jessie kept nervously looking over her shoulder. Her hands gripped and re-gripped her father's as if she couldn't decide if she wanted to keep hanging onto him or let go. Either way, she wouldn't let him get any closer and he certainly hadn't missed the way she sat as far from Jonny as she possibly could when usually they were shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip.

Dougan reappeared in the doorway and caught Race's eye. Race raised his eyebrows, using the expression to ask his question, and Dougan just shook his head. Race took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it. Only one question reigned in his mind.

What now?

The End.

Summary: throws arms up in the air Jonny's alive! And Race arrives. And then that's the end. Of Red Headed Goddess, at least, but certainly not of the story.

Author's Notes: I know that I usually put this stuff at the beginning, but I didn't want to spoil the last chapter, so these sections came at the end! I'm really glad that none of you know where I live because I know a lot of you are hating me for how I'm ending this story. I know there is a lot left undone and unsaid, but it'll just have to wait for the sequel. Yes, you can all breathe easier knowing there's a sequel, but-OH NO SHE SAID BUT-no promises on when it'll be out. I'm working on another JQ fic, but it's totally unrelated to Red Headed Goddess. SORRY! I'll work on it and finish it quickly, though, so I can appease all ya'll with it while I work on RHG's sequel. I really had a hard time finishing this story, because I didn't want to give too much away, but I still needed to wrap up the story, at least for now. I'm not even sure I did a good job of ending this. I just kept writing until I got to a good ending point. At least to a good pausing point. I thought there was going to be an epilogue, as well, but it just didn't work out that way. Oh, well. I want to thank ALL my reviewers for their encouragement and positive responses! It's amazing how much a few reviews can keep a story going! I'm really glad so many enjoyed this story. I actually gained quite a few friends from writing this! grins So, for now, thank you and good night! bows