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Fading Sunset Chap 4: A sunset yet to be reached.

Yugi lay awake in his hospital bed contemplating his situation. The agonizing tests had been completed an hour ago leaving him alone, tired, and drugged in the little white room. Obviously the doctors hadn't called back his friends probably finding it best for all of them to get some decent sleep. Deep down he was feeling a little frightened staying in this hospital with unknown people all around helpless. The drugs they had put him on made his body numb and his mind hazy. He couldn't think clearly and every time he'd try and move the room would spin. He didn't like it here. He wanted to go home. He wanted to go back to the peer and sit on the bench letting all his worries just disappear.

The heart monitor weakly beeped the boys sufferings. It was the only noise he could hear and it wasn't brining him any kind of comfort. Yugi groggily moved his head to the side searching for a window. There was a small one to his left, but it was covered with rectangular blinds. He then moved his head around to find a clock. There was one on the far wall but his vision was too fuzzy for him to make out the time.

"I don't want to be here anymore." Yugi muttered weakly. He attempted to sit up but his heart screeched in protest. A passing nurse came rushing in the room to see if everything was all right.

"My dear, you mustn't move. You need to rest." She stated kindly pushing him back on the bed. Yugi was too weak to resist and reluctantly fell back onto the white sheets. Lifting a shaking hand he pointed toward the blinds. "You want those opened?"

"Please." He wheezed. The nurse nodded her head and walked over to the window. Pulling on the string the blinds rose up revealing a pathetic view of the busy streets below. Yugi coughed and turned his face away. The nurse catching his reaction nodded her head and shut them again. She returned to his side and gently patted his hand.

"You really should get some rest dear. You must catch your strength." Yugi looked up into her kind eyes. His breaths hitched in his chest as he tried desperately not to sob.

"I don't want to be here." He choked. The old woman smiled gently and cupped his cheek.

"Nobody does, dear. Everything will be alright."

How? He was going to die. He was doomed to wait out his final days in the confines of a hospital bed with needles pricking his skin and endless amounts of drugs consuming his mind. How was it going to be alright?

Yugi turned up to her, his eyes glossy.

"W-When can I go home?" He questioned pleading. His mind was beginning to drift into the unknown recesses of confusion again. The nurse knew this patient was terminal and didn't have much longer. The look in his eyes told her he knew it as well. Sighing she leaned in close and comfortingly gripped his fragile hands minding the various needles.

"Soon." She replied. "Very soon."

With that she brushed the boy's fallen bangs away from his face and walked out the door hiding the single tear that had escaped from her wrinkled eye. Yes, soon he would finally be going home.

Early the next morning Tea awoke to the ring from her cell phone. Immediately she recognized the doctor on the other end. After a two minute conversation she hung up and leaped from her couch quickly getting dressed. Grabbing her purse and her car keys she raced from the house dialing Joey's number in the process.

Fifteen minutes later she arrived at the hospital. The two men were waiting for her near the entrance as she came jogging up.

"Hey, guys." She greeted warmly.

"Hey." Joey replied. Tristan nodded in greeting.

"How'd you guy's sleep?" She asked as they walked through the doors and headed toward Yugi's room.

"I was awake for half the night and then tossed and turned for the rest." Joey answered solemnly.

"I don't remember." Tristan spoke. "I remember making it home and then seeing my couch. How about you?"

"I tossed and turned all night, too."

They were silent the rest of the way to the room. Joey was the first to enter. Yugi was still asleep and by the looks of it he hadn't been sleeping well either. His face was pale and his eyes had dark circles beneath them.

"Looks like he's asleep. We'll come back later. I need to get to work." Tea whispered.

"Yeah, I gotta get goin' too." Tristan replied. "Tell him we said hi." Joey nodded his head as the two retreated back out the door. As he was about to sit down Tea popped her head back in.

"Oh, I called Kaiba. He and Mokuba might drop in sometime today." Tea warned.

"I'll be sure to keep an eye out." Joey muttered. Tea nodded and left.

Joey sat there for a time watching his friend sleep. He had a feeling this wasn't going to be one of Yugi's good days. The wheezing in the boy's chest seemed extra loud today and the heartbeats seemed just a little more off. He reached over and grabbed his friend's hand squeezing it comfortingly.

There was a soft click and a nurse entered the room.

"Oh, you must be one of Mr. Mutou's friends." She replied holding her clipboard to her chest. Joey nodded. "Well, um, you'll be happy to know his tests went well. Um…"

"Is he feeling alright?" Joey interrupted concerned. "I mean besides all this, but he just sounds really weak today."

"He's tired. He didn't sleep hardly at all last night. And then some of the medicine he's on isn't helping matters. But don't worry, he'll sound a little better when he wakes up."

"Why wasn't he sleeping well?"

"Well, you know it was his first night actually conscious in the hospital so he was a little uneasy. His chest was also causing him some discomfort so that didn't help either."

Joey nodded and turned back to his friend's pale face. The nurse strode over and checked the IV's and the rest of the medical equipment. She scratched a few things on her clipboard and then strode off out the door.

About an hour and a half passed until finally Yugi began to stir. Joey stayed quiet not wanting another outburst like last time and waited patiently for him to become aware of his surroundings.

"J…Joey?" Yugi asked. His head fell to the side weakly as he tried to focus on his friend. Everything was feeling really numb this morning.

"Hey. How you feeling."

"Eh." Was the quiet reply. Yugi blinked his eyes a couple times trying to rid his sleep. His body felt heavy and drained.

"Tristan and Tea said to say hi. They had to go to work but they'll be back." Joey's voice was full of enthusiasm as he tried to mask his worry and depression.

"Oh…okay." Yugi replied sleepily. Joey brushed away the fallen bangs. Yugi cringed and touched his chest lightly with his hand. He tried to breathe deeply but the tube in his nose made if feel awkward and uncomfortable.

"The nurse said you weren't sleeping well last night. How come?" Joey asked trying to start a conversation. He noticed Yugi's pain and was desperate to detour the boy's thoughts away from it.

"When?" Yugi asked confused. He cringed again as the heart monitor jumped slightly.

"You don't remember last night?"

"I saw you guys and then…"Yugi didn't finished as he took a sharp intake of breath. The monitor spiked again. Yugi weakly stared up at the constantly beeping machine as if it were the source of his pain. His fingers were clutching the hospital gown desperately as the pain increased.

"Do you want me to get a nurse?" Joey asked concern lacing his words. Yugi shook his head and smiled gently.

"I-It'll pass." Yugi replied slightly breathless. But even as he said those words the pain increased dramatically. He squeezed his eyes shut in desperation. A warm hand found his and held it tightly.

"Let me get a doctor, they'll take it away." Joey pleaded. He couldn't stand seeing him like this. Yugi still shook his head. "Why not? It'll help!"

"Because…I don't like the way i-it makes me feel." Joey let his eyes travel up to the monitor. It was beating randomly with sharp spikes. He was no doctor but he knew it wasn't normal. Yugi yelped as a particular large spike shot through the monitor making it scream.

"I'm sorry, Yugi." Joey apologized and struck the nurses button.

Within seconds a nurse came rushing in immediately seeing the patient's pain marred face. Locating the medicine she immediately injected into one of the IV's. Slowly the pain ebbed away leaving Yugi's body numb and weak. The nurse smiled sweetly and left.

"Sorry Yugi." Joey apologized again. He was feeling slightly guilty as Yugi coughed and his eyes drooped.

"When I wake up…" He drawled. His sentence was left unfinished as he fell unconscious.

"Seto, can we go now? Please!" Mokuba begged.

"Give me a minute." Kaiba replied ever-so-slightly annoyed. He was trying to finish a report that was due.

"But Seto." Mokuba whined. Kaiba felt like puffing out his cheeks to block the number of words he felt like using.

"He's not going anywhere." Kaiba replied instead. Mokuba crossed his arms impatiently.

"You know," Mokuba spoke an idea popping into his mind. "His friends are probably all at work right now, so you probably wont have to deal with them."

Kaiba's fingers halted atop the keyboard. Three small clicks of a mouse and the CEO closed his laptop and stood to his feet.

"Lets go."

"Thought so." Mokuba giggled.

The two left the building and entered the Kaibas' slick black corvette. The two brothers sat in silence for a time each lost in their own thoughts. About fifteen minutes into the trip Mokuba spoke.



"Do you think it's possible to save Yugi? I mean maybe he just needs a transplant or a blood transfusion." Kaiba sighed and glanced at his brother's hopeful face. He hated to mar it with the truth.

"Mokuba…" What does he say? Should he be brutally blunt or sugar coat it? "I don't know." He lied. "But the chances aren't looking so well. You have to remember he's been in this condition for five years. I'm sure if there was a solution they would have explored it by now."

Mokuba's face fell in sorrow. Tears welled up in his eyes at the thought of losing one of his friends.

"It's not fair." He sniffed. "He doesn't deserve to die."

Kaiba reached out and gripped his brother's shoulder comfortingly. "I know. It'll be all right." Empty words and he knew it.

The silence continued until they reached the hospital. Parking the car the two entered the enormous building and immediately headed for the information desk. With a quick conversation they headed off to Yugi's room, two floors up.

"Oy, Yugi what am I going to do with you?" Joey muttered resting his head on the railing.

Yugi's face was serene but Joey could almost swear he could see a tint of anger on those gentle eyebrows. Boy was he going to get it when he woke up. Well, figuring Yugi remembered anything. He couldn't imagine forgetting things so quickly or the confusion that Yugi was going through. It really must bring down his moral. Heck it was definitely bringing down his.

He sighed heavily causing his bangs to rustle. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

"Joey?" Joey's heart leaped to his throat as he was startled. He hadn't heard the door open in his musings.

"Mokuba? Kaiba?"

"Hey." Mokuba smiled gently. Kaiba stayed silent his eyes transfixed on the person in the bed.

"Um, yeah. Tea said you'd be coming. I….The doctor gave him a sedative so…." Joey stuttered. Awkward. "I'll leave you be." Standing from his seat he made his way around the smaller brother. Just before he opened the door Kaiba reached out and gently but firmly grabbed Joey by the upper arm.

"I need to talk to you before we leave." He stated low in his throat. Joey nodded and exited the room. Kaiba returned his eyes back to the sleeping form. Mokuba was already next to the bedside one hand gently grasping the patient's.

"He looks so pale." Mokuba whispered as Kaiba joined him.


Kaiba leaned against the part of the wall not occupied by the variety of machines. He gazed at his rival with his usual stone mask but on the inside his heart was aching. So this is how far a man could fall. One of the greatest and strongest people Kaiba had ever known was now just a feeble, weak body wasting away in a hospital bed. Was he still in there? Was that brilliant mind still working or had it wasted away like his body? Was he still Yugi?

The small sniffling next to him brought his mind out of its revelry. He wrapped his two strong arms around his younger brother and held him close. Mokuba was right. This wasn't fair.

"Mokuba stay here. I'll be back."

"Where're you going?" Mokuba asked wiping away his trail of tears.

"I need to go have a talk." Kaiba replied. Giving his brother a gentle squeeze he walked out the door. He found Joey leaning against the far wall, his head bowed. The door shut with a click and the blonde peered up. "Wheeler."

"Yeah?" Kaiba observed how the man didn't hold his shoulders up with confidence like he usually did. Nor did he have that usual spark in his eyes. Instead he seemed drained. His shoulder's slumped and his eyes drooped from lack of sleep. His mouth was in a grim thin line not the usual obnoxious grin. It was sad to see the effects this depression had caused.

"How are you doing?" Joey looked taken aback by the question. His biggest rival and enemy just asked how he was feeling. This world just went topsy-turvy.

"Surviving, I guess." He replied warily. Kaiba rolled his eyes and leaned on the wall opposite the blonde. "You?"

"Fine." He replied with no emotion.

"What'd you want to ask me?"

"I have some business issues we need to get cleared up." Kaiba stated. Joey snorted and dropped his head.

"You know for a minute there I actually thought you cared about him."

"I'm as pissed as you are for having to bring this up." Kaiba snipped. "But whether you like it or not this world is still rotating and I have things I have to take care of. So do you!"

"I know that! But right now Yugi's my first priority. I could give a rip of what the rest of the world's doing. Right now my best friend is dieing in that room confused and scared. For God's sake Kaiba every time he wakes up he can't remember what happened just an hour ago!"

"Perhaps not, but that doesn't mean you should shy away from your responsibilities. I'm as ripped up as you are to see him wasting away in that bed, but think about it Wheeler. What would he think if he knew what you were doing? If it were you in that bed, would you want everyone to stop their lives and forget everything?"


"Then figure it out and let's get this over with." Kaiba took a deep breath to quell his anger as Joey bowed his head again slightly ashamed. "Now, I need to know if the two of you are still planning to participate."

"Of course n…!" Joey stopped mid sentence and turned his face to the side. Yugi knew they were signed up for the tournament, if he found out they quit… "Let me talk to Yugi when he wakes up."

Nodding Kaiba sighed and folded his arms.

"So…how is he?" Kaiba asked changing the subject.

"Eh, better than he was yesterday, but his heart was giving him some trouble earlier today."

"How so?"

"It was spikin' all over da place and causin' him a lot o' pain." Joey sighed and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. "He's been dealin' with that for five years and not once did I ever catch on."

"The pain was probably only noticeable recently. If he's been hiding it for that long you probably wouldn't have noticed it." Kaiba replied.

"Still, he's my best bud, more like a brother. I just feel…I don't know. I'm tired and I'm beginnin' to blab."

"Ninety percent of your life you're blabbing." Kaiba snorted. Joey smiled at the comment lighting his face slightly.

"That's probably true."

"Is there any hope of finding a solution?" Joey's face fell at the comment.

"No. This is finally it."

Kaiba dropped his gaze in remorse. So it really was true. The Game King was going to die.

Mokuba stroked Yugi's hand gently. The needles created a sort of lump in the skin. He stared at the pale face before him in sorrow. Yugi was his friend. He was always there for him and his brother. Seto may never admit it but if it hadn't been for Yugi neither of them probably would still be alive. Granted when he first met the little duelist he hated him. He would have done anything to make the kid's life miserable. But as time went on Mokuba couldn't help but be thankful he met him. That's what made the situation all the more worse.

He saw it in everyone's eyes. He may be young but he wasn't stupid. He knew there was no solution. Yugi was bound to die. There was no stopping it. Tears pricked at his eyes again. Frustrated he wiped them away. He wouldn't cry anymore. He refused to show his tears. It's not like Yugi was dead…yet. He was still here for at least another month. There was no reason to cry yet.

The door opened as the older Kaiba stepped in. Mokuba dropped his head.

"Can't we stay a little longer, Seto? Please?" He begged. "At least until he wakes up?"

"We'll come back tomorrow." Kaiba stated.

"But why?" Mokuba whined. He jumped as the hand he was holding slightly twitched. Two violet eyes blinked open, confusion evident in their depths. "Yugi?"

Yugi turned his face to the raven haired boy next to his bed. At first he didn't recognize the visitor but eventually it clicked. He gave a small smile and a wink to the kid causing the other to smile in return.

"Wheeler." Kaiba called. Joey popped his head through the door and smiled nervously when his friend locked eyes with him.

"I'm gonna kill you." Yugi wheezed. Mokuba flinched and Kaiba had to close his eyes as they heard the weakness in the man's voice.

"Maybe later." Joey joked. "The Kaiba's came to see ya."

"I can see that." Yugi replied. Mokuba giggled slightly and squeezed Yugi's hand. Kaiba allowed a small smirk to grace his lips.

"How are you feeling?" The boy asked.

"I don't know. I'm numb." He sent a fleeting glare at his best friend.

Yugi and Mokuba lapsed into conversation for a time. Mokuba spoke and Yugi listened smiling occasionally. Kaiba stood to the side and watched intently though he did allow a small tug on his lips. Joey stood at the far end of the room giving them privacy. After a while Kaiba cleared his throat.

"What's up big brother?" Mokuba questioned, praying it wasn't time to go.

"Yugi, I know this isn't exactly the best time, but Wheeler needs to ask you something." Kaiba shot Joey a look. Yugi smirked knowingly.

"I was wondering when this would come up." He spoke gently. Joey scuffed his feet against the floor somewhat nervous and a tad guilty.

"Kaiba wants to know if Tristan and I are still plannin' on duelin'." He muttered. "But I'll stay here, to watch out for ya…"

"No you wont. I told you I was going to sit on the sidelines this time. Granted it's not as close as I first thought but I still want you to duel." Joey stared at the boy slightly hurt. Yugi smiled and continued. "I'd rather watch you on the TV having fun than have you next to my bed side moping."

Joey was silent for a moment. A smile eventually spreading across his face.

"You sure?"


"Okay, Kaiba we're still in."

"Good." Kaiba replied. "I expect to see you in a week then. Let's go Mokuba."

"Bye, Yugi! We'll visit you again!" Mokuba smiled giving Yugi a quick hug. He hopped from the chair and waved goodbye as the two brothers exited the room.

Joey returned to his original seat beside his friend and smiled gently.

"You seem to be doing much better than earlier today."

Yugi chuckled. "To tell you the truth I don't know what he said half the time."

"You could have fooled me." Joey laughed.

The next week went by in a blur and before they knew it the tournament was here.


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