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Hmm… I thought. What to write now… I leaned back in my rickety, old, wooden chair that I've had for over 18 years. The legs wobbled from side to side, making creaking noises as they did so, until the entire seat of the chair came to a rest leaning just right of center. Arms crossed and head craned over the back of the chair so that I was staring at the ceiling, I imagined several scenarios, attempting to figure out how to insert myself logically into one of my own stories, a Twilight Princess story nonetheless.

I can't use that 'sucked into the TV' scenario or that 'I wish I were in the game' scenario because they're all way over done. I kept beating my brain from the inside. This isn't going to be easy. While the imagination and logical centers in my brain beat war drums over how to pull it off, I focused most of my attention back onto the computer set up in front of me.

Perhaps if I have some inspirational music, I thought as I reached out to the mouse and double clicked on the Music Player 3000 Plus icon. A window popped up on the screen, prompting me to choose the playlist that I wanted it to load into the program. I double clicked the folder labeled, 'Zelda'.

After a few moments, during which the computer hard drive made several successive clicking noises, the Player interface came up on the screen and the first song started to play. The soft notes of the opening theme song for Twilight Princess came from the two speaker satellites on either side of the computer screen. That finished, I clicked on the Internet Browser and started looking up the local news.

Ahh, I thought, nothing like listening to Zelda to calm the nerves, ha-ha. I stopped thinking about how to write my next story as I focused more on the story that came up in front of me.

"A serial killer is on the loose in the Hicksbooring area," I read aloud.

That's the town next to here, not even two miles away, I thought.

Skipping a few lines down, I read aloud the next part, "The unidentified woman kills her victims by draining all of their blood in an occult ceremony, purported to transfer all life energies to the drinker."

"Well that's stupid," I said. "Who would believe that drinking blood would give eternal youth? That only works in those cheesy horror stories."

Regardless of the stupidity of the act, I thought, she did kill those people over it. What's wrong with the world we live in?

The next paragraph described how she got to her targets. "So," I said, "she seemed to enter people's houses as if they welcomed her in." Who would welcome people into their homes when they knew there was a killer on the loose, I wondered. I closed the Internet window, listening intently with my eyes closed and humming along to the end of the credits' theme song of Twilight Princess.

I am totally obsessed with this game, I thought. But who said that was a bad thing, eh? He he he. After the song was through, I closed the Music Player 3000 and then stared at the empty sheet of white digital paper in the word processor, waiting patiently for me to write the beginning of the story. Well, crap, I thought while sighing dejectedly, that didn't work out so well.

Yawning, I glanced at the clock on my computer and noted that it was going on Eleven p.m. Wow, didn't know it was so late. Guess I'll head to bed and try again in the morning. I'll have all day tomorrow to come up with something. I just love Saturdays, no work, now college, no driving, just lazing around and writing.

I stood up, the chair beneath me groaning a little as I did so. After I was sure the computer was on its way to shutting down, I made my way to my messy bed and slumped into the covers. I barely put my head onto the pillow before I was asleep.

I didn't remain asleep for long though. I woke up, sat up, and looked around. I felt completely rejuvenated, but something just didn't feel right. I feel like I slept a full night, but it's still night out. A quick glance at the glowing red number on my clock told me it was 1:38 in the morning. Something's wrong, I can feel it.

I turned to the blind-covered window next on the right side of my bed. I pulled one of the plastic shingles down a little bit and looked out the window. It was raining out side, but other than that, nothing was out there. I was about to shrug the feeling off when a dark figure moved past my window, almost faster than I realized someone was there.

What was that? I felt my heart start pounding in my chest, my thoughts immediately going to the story I had read earlier. Is that the crazed psycho serial killer? I jumped out of bed, my heart thudding loudly in my ears as I quickly made my way out of my room and down the hall just in time to see my sister opening the door. Before I could do anything, a small dirty hand reached in the door, grabbed my sister's hand, and pulled her violently out the door.

"Sherry!" I shouted. No! I took one step forward when the lights in the house went out and the front door slowly creaked open. There, in the door, stood a young woman in a drenched hooded cloak. Every time lighting flashed, it lit up the intruder's silhouette and amplified the horrible presence that she projected into the room. When the thunder rolled across the sky, it seemed to shake the floor boards in conjunction with her footsteps, making her seem even more imposing.

"Aww," she said in a sweet, seductive voice. "Did I hurt your feelings by only playing with your sister?" I stood my ground, but not in defiance. I was thoroughly terrified of this creature before me, intruding into my home. "Don't worry," she cooed in a way that made me feel as if I stopped breathing, "I'll make it up to you, if you're a good boy."

I could feel her on me, all over my body. It felt as if she was touching me from five feet away with warm, soft, moist hands. I suddenly felt lightheaded and sick. "Mmm," the woman groaned, breathing in deeply. "I've not had one as strong as you in a long time." She grinned widely and licked her lips.

Lightning flashed and for an instant, I saw into the enticing depths of her dark purple eyes. In that moment of frozen time, a force reached across the distance between us. I felt it enter my mind through my eyes and force my body to follow its commands.

"Ahh…" she sighed. "There we go. Good boy, nice boy. Soon you'll feel very good." The woman then turned around and walked back to the front door, only to close it. The moment the urge to move on my own came up it was violently suppressed by the presence that had made itself at home within me.

The woman walked back and past me, into the kitchen. She flicked her wrist and the lights suddenly came back on. My body turned, against my will, and followed her. I tried to fight against this oppressive force controlling my body, but it was no use. I came to a stop right behind the woman, who had pulled back her hood to reveal long, soft blond hair and fair skin.

When she turned around, she was holding a long knife in her right hand, one that my mom used to cut the bones of chicken and beef with. This is a dream, I thought, yeah, I'm dreaming, dreaming. I have to be. But the closer that woman got, the more I realized I really was awake. But those thought were pushed away by the force within me, replace with the urge to pay attention to her face

Well… she is pretty, I thought. Not a blemish on her anywhere. But… No! This isn't right.

"Shh," cooed the woman as she plastered herself against my right side. She set the knife down on the table next to us as she started running her hand through my hair and rubbing my back with the other. "Don't fight it," she said, her voice flowing like silk and tasting like honey to my ears. While she rubbed my back and head, she slowly slid her body up and down my side. I felt my will power fading as she sucked the energy right out of me. The straw that broke my will power's camel's back was when she licked me on the side of my face.

I shivered and any semblance of self control I once had, dissipated into nothingness. I found myself imagining how this poor bedraggled woman needed my help. How she needed my warmth, my strength, my blood to make her healthy again. And before I knew what was happening, I was holding out my wrist and watching the woman bringing the knife to bear on me.

Noooo, I moaned internally, this isn't right. I… shouldn't do this. But she's so helpless… Nooo, she's evil… evil has taken advantage of her. Evil is inside of her… she needs my blood to save herself from the evil. And she looks so helpless… Nooo! She has to… has to… has to get rid of the evil blood first!

In a daze, I grabbed the woman's wrist with strength I didn't know I had. She was as surprised as I was when I took the knife from her grip and cut a long gash into her forearm. For several tense milliseconds I stood motionless, the knife in my hand dripping crimson on to the floor alongside the blood that gushed from the wound on the woman's arm.

Then all hell broke loose.

The presence that was controlling me disappeared as the woman screamed bloody murder into my ear. I stumbled backwards and collided with the refrigerator, watching the woman in a befuddled confusion as she pressed tightly against her arm. Her ragged breathing was intermixed with incoherent mumblings.

After a few moments she fell silent. Then she looked up at me and I felt my chest tighten and my blood run cold. The unbridled rage; the waves of unadulterated hatred rolling through the air in a palpable wave of vehemence hit me and I literally stopped breathing.

"YOU!" she spat at me. Her word hit me as if it were a physical blow. "I'm going to KILL you!" she shouted, pointing at me with her bloodied hand. I thought I felt my heart stop after I literally felt her words pounding into my body. "DIE!" she shouted, leaping into the air as if to grab my neck and push me through the refrigerator.

Unknowingly, I still held the knife in front of me. It was as if the woman and the knife blade melded and became as one. It all happened so fast, I didn't have time to think about what happened until it was too late. She didn't hit me and kill me as she had intended, instead she crumpled onto me, leaning against me. Her shocked look mirrored my own as she backed away and looked down at the handle sticking out of her gut.

"I… I…" I stammered. She reached down and traced the end of the knife handle, almost as if she were in a trance. Then she looked back up at me and smiled, insanity now beamed from her eyes. The intensity of her happiness was too overpowering for me to stay there any longer.

I slowly backed up into the hallway, leaving the woman there reaching a bloodied hand out toward me with her sadistic smile plastered on her face. Once I felt far enough away, I turned and bolted back toward my room. Once I had the door shut, I leaned against it and sighed in relief.

It's finally over, I thought, but for some reason my heart wouldn't stop pounding.

Then the door exploded. I was sent flying across the room where I slammed into the wall and slid down onto my bed. When I looked up, I was again confronted by the insane look of the woman I had left in the kitchen. Only now she wasn't smiling, now she was growling.

"Do you honestly think that you can defeat me?" She asked slowly. Gone was the syrupy silkiness in her voice, replaced by razor sharp knives. "I'm going to kill you very, very slowly," she said in a provocative and deadly voice. "I'm going to drink your fluids, eat your organs, and make your skin into a new cloak." My stomach churned at the images that were flying through my head, but I was too afraid to throw up. I felt her presence start to concentrate within my room. It made me feel on guard, as if I was about to be attacked, to which I responded by unconsciously grabbing the closest thing to my right.

"Now," said the woman, grinning once more from ear to ear in insane delight, "it's time to feast." She reached a hand forward and the presence within the air shifted, instantly, lowering the temperature in the room by thirty degrees. Before anything else happened I held up whatever I had grabbed on to in front of me and closed my eyes.

A deep pounding filled the air as some large force collided with the object in my hands. Also a very strong wind started to blow through my room, accompanied by a loud sucking noise. The pounding turned into a very deep and powerful thudding, capable of lifting me off the floor with every thump. I opened my eyes, but was unable to see clearly because of the intensity wind. However, I was able to hear the tortured screaming of the woman as she was sucked into the vortex that had appeared between us.

Once the woman's scream disappeared, I suddenly felt myself get lighter. I barely had time to realize I was being sucked into the vortex before I was already through the mouth of said vortex. I was falling. Falling. Falling for what seemed like ages.

So… tired… I think… I'll sleep some. I fell and fell through the windy shadows that had engulfed me until I splashed into a pool of water. Cold! Cold! Cold! I swam as fast as I could to the surface, taking a deep breathe when I got there.

After taking a few seconds to calm myself down, I looked around at the pool I landed in while treading water to stay afloat. I was in the middle of some kind of forest glade, one that was filled with a large pool of running water. The water itself was very refreshing, it actually made me feel less tired and from the water that had gotten in my mouth, it tasted pretty good too.

I swam to the shore and climbed out of the pool I had landed in. I sat in the cool night air, shivering in my wet pajamas. Where am I? What happened back in my room? And what happened to that woman? Many more questions entered my mind, but none of them were answered.

I sighed and stood up. Now I wasn't shivering just because of the cold alone, now I realized I was in the middle of the frightening, dark, intimidating woodlands that surrounding the water filled clearing. I've never been alone before, I cried to myself. A wave of panic rolled through me before I put it down with the thought, I'm ok as long as I keep a level head. Yeah, I thought with a snort, easier said than done.

I spun around, hugging my arms and hopping from foot to foot in an attempt to stave of the numbness I felt creeping inward from my fingers and toes. That's when I noticed a path cut into the trees on the other side of the glade. Where there's a path, there are people, right? Shrugging I started to make my way around the water's edge toward the path entrance. I hope they're nice people, I thought as I stepped onto the worn path.

A wave of déjà vu passed over me with a tingling sensation that made me look twice. Have… I seen this path somewhere before… No, that's impossible. Shrugging the feeling off, I turned and walked down the empty path cut into the trees.

I took down my other Zelda attempt because it was, in my opinion, not so very good at capturing the reader, while this baby on the other hand, makes up for that in spades. At least I think so.

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