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Suichi's mother had indeed been very kind and understanding about the whole situation, and only more than willing to allow Kasumi to remain in their home. Kasumi was filled with relief, hearing this, knowing that she truly had no where else to go at this point in time. She didn't have a clue what she would have done if Shiori had told her son that she was not allowed to remain there.

Suichi explained that his mother was a publicist, and was often away for weeks at a time doing research and attending seminars across Japan, and even sometimes in other countries. His mother was gone more often than not, and so he often had the house all to himself.

Once he finished speaking with his mother on the phone, he started making supper for the both of them, and once he had finished cooking, supported Kasumi as she made her way to the kitchen table. Although she was no longer in pain, she was still rather stiff. She was relieved when she ate the ramen with no pain to hinder her jaw and the motions of swallowing.

By the time they finished eating, and Suichi cleared off the table and finished the dishes, it was nearing ten o'clock. Kasumi was surprised at how tired she was, even though she hadn't really done anything today, and considering the fact that she had gotten far more sleep than she was used to last night. Suichi put her back into the living room and, while Kasumi finished the mangas that Kuwabara had loaned her, the kitsune was in the kitchen, preparing the salve, wondering as he prepared it, how he was going to apply it to her injuries while still maintaining his dignity.

Youko wasn't helping him in this area.

'Aw, come on, Suichi... if you get a little pleasure out of this, what's the big deal?'

'Youko, I don't want her to think I'm going to take advantage of her in any way. She's had more than enough of being used in her lifetime.'

Youko snorted. 'What? You're acting like it's going to hurt her to put the salve on her. She KNOWS you're doing it to help her, and she already knows it's going to work to get rid of her bruises and swelling! Besides, from what I understand, she's never been touched by a man THAT way before, and considering that WE'RE the ones who'll be applying the salve, who's to say that she WON'T enjoy it?'

Suichi moaned.'Youko...'

'Hey, I'm just saying... and besides, it's the first time you'll have your hands on a naked woman... or nearly naked, depending on how much clothes she's willing to take off. You can't tell me that you won't enjoy it either...'

'ENOUGH!!' He took the bowl filled with the prepared salve and tried to compose himself. 'Let's NOT discuss this right now, Youko! I'm doing this to heal her, NOT to seduce her!! Any physical pleasure the two of us receive out of this interaction will be strictly coincidental!!'

He could almost see Youko grinning in his mind's eye. 'If ya say so...'

Suichi frowned deeply, but Youko said nothing more. Taking in a deep breath, he headed back into the living room, putting a gentle smile back onto his face.

Kasumi looked up when he entered and eyed the bowl. "Your miracle salve?"

He nodded. "Yes, it's ready. It should be enough for the injuries you have." He cleared his throat meaningfully. "I'm... afraid that it must be applied in a certain way or it could cause some rather... nasty adverse effects. If I trusted anyone else but me to apply it to your injuries, I would most certainly call up Keiko or perhaps even Kuwabara's sister, Shizuru, but I'm afraid that they do not have the hands on experience that I have, and..."

"You don't have to explain, Suichi. I... trust you," she said, turning a little red as she said the words, a shy smile coming to her face.

Suichi, looking at her expression, couldn't help it as he felt some heat rush to his own head. Youko grinned broadly from within.

'Hmm... you sure you're going to be able to behave yourself there, Red? If you like, I could always take over and easily take care of your awkwardness. I can guarantee you that...'

'I'm sure I can handle it, Youko,' Suichi said quickly, knowing what would most likely happen if he were to let Youko control his body while in the process of applying the salve.

He cleared his throat a little, fighting off his own blush. He held his free hand out to her. "Well... we'd best do this now."

She nodded. "Right..." She accepted his hand and let him help her to her feet. Then, while supporting her with one arm, he gently lead her up the stairs and they entered his mother's bedroom.

Suichi set the bowl of salve onto the nightstand and looked at Kasumi a little awkwardly, trying to ignore Youko with little success.

'Come on, Red... just take the dress off her, lay her down, and get your hands dirty! It's not hard!! Want me to show you how it's done? Just say the word and I'll gladly step forward...'

'YOUKO!! Enough!! Nothing is going to happen between us!!'

Youko chuckled in his mind and Suichi was only barely able to keep his annoyance from his features. 'You say that now, but wait until you start laying your hands on her...'

'She's injured, Youko, so please stop...'

'You think I'd actually HURT her? Get real! When it comes to women, I treat them like the most delicate flowers, Red. You think she wouldn't enjoy that?'

Suichi mentally put his foot down, refusing to listen to any more of the kitsune's urgings, as he meaningfully cleared his throat, his gaze still on Kasumi. Then he stepped up to her slowly, and carefully helped her to undress. He unbuttoned the buttons at the neckline, and then took hold of the bottom of the dress, very gently pulling it off over the top of her head. Very carefully trying to keep his eyes from going down to her chest, he gently lead her to the bed and helped her to lay down.

He gazed down at her near naked form for a long moment. She had not bothered with a bra this morning, deciding that it would be likely to irritate her injuries, and he was once again, inexplicably drawn to the perfect swell and shape of her breasts, and almost turned as red as his hair when he realized that there were dark bruises on them as well.

I guess I may as well start from the top and work my way down... Suichi thought, trying to keep himself as composed as the circumstances would allow. Which wasn't very. He could still feel the blood rushing to his head, much to Youko's amusement.

Dipping his fingers into the salve, he gently started applying it to the injuries on her face, starting with a large bruise on her forehead. Kasumi almost gasped when she felt the cold salve as it contacted her skin, but then forced herself to relax as Suichi's body temperature warmed it, and his gentle circular motions rubbed the mixture into her skin. Once he finished with her forehead, his fingers slid down to her cheek, where her father had punched her the night before. His fingers sliding over her skin with an almost feathery touch, and she felt the blood rushing to her head once again at the unfamiliar sensations he was waking in her body already.

She forced herself to stay complacent as she could as he moved to a smaller bruise on the right side of her jaw, his thumb brushing up against her lower lip as he applied the salve. Her heart skipped a beat and she forced herself to take in deep, calculated breaths to keep her virgin body under control, not used to these alien sensations.

But as his hands started working their way down her neck, she found that keeping in control was going to be easier said than done.

Suichi was having difficulties of his own, trying to stamp down both anger that was boiling once more upon closely inspecting her injuries, and the desire that touching her was rising up in him. Youko was still putting in the occassional perverted comment, especially about his anticipation of getting to her chest and to the beautiful shapely thighs. Suichi had only been half done her neck when he suddenly found himself fighting off an erection. He did his best to ignore it, focusing all of his attention on applying the cream to his patient. He daubed more on his fingers, and then continued his way down.

'Too bad it's not honey or whipped cream,' Youko said, a grin on his face. 'I would love to lick it off of her soft, creamy skin...'

'YOUKO!!!!' Suichi bellowed mentally, trying to steel himself against the ensuing images that came into his mind. He single mindedly and stubbornly shut out Youko as best he could, and continued on.

Kasumi was bombarded by a series of unfamiliar sensations as Suichi's hands worked their way down the top of her chest, rubbing the salve into her skin with an unparalleled gentleness. She felt her body temperature rise when she realized that she was being very thoroughly turned on by the administrations of the most popular boy in school. She felt his hand hesitate a moment, and then it went over the swell of her left breast, his thumb coming into contact with the nipple briefly. A feeling akin to electric shock went through her and before she could even think to stop it, a cross between a gasp and a moan escaped from her lips. In that same instant, she felt her panties moisten slightly.

The sound of her pleasurable moan, followed hard on the heels by the tangy smell of her arousal, almost sent Suichi over the edge. He felt himself go rock hard in that instant, and he had to steel himself, and found himself struggling against a now almost ravenous Youko. He clawed at the barrier, trying to lunge forward to take control of his hosts body.

'Damnit, Red!! Let me out!! She wants it!! And I can't just sit here and listen to her moaning and see her writhing on the bed while you keep to your fucking 'morals' and 'integrity' and NOT do something about it!!!'

Suichi winced at the almost painful struggle he was suddenly experiencing. 'Youko, STOP!!! If you fully step forward and transform, you're going to terrify her!! This is NOT the time to do anything with her!! She's injured and anything we might do could hurt her all the more!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!'

Another whiff of her scent entered Suichi's nostrils in that instant, much to his consternation. He heard Youko give a predatory half moan half growl when he caught wind of it. Suichi was now painfully hard and desperately trying to talk reason into the kitsune. He felt it was a losing battle when Youko began his assault against his mental walls once more with a renewed frenzy, and for a moment, he was honestly afraid that Youko would come forward, take control and ravage the very vulnerable woman lying before him.

'FOX!!! CONTROL YOURSELF!! I thought you had more self control than that, and I would hate it if you proved me wrong!!'

Suichi gave an immense sigh of relief when the familiar voice jumped into his mind. Glancing at the window, he saw Hiei's red eyes looking squarely at him.

'Hiei!! Thank Inari!!!'

'Hn. Distance yourself from the girl for a few moments and get that kitsune under control again! You know that Koenma would have a few things to say if he were to come bursting loose at a time like this! Go, now!!'

'NOOOOO!!!! LET ME OUT NOW RED!!!!!!' Youko roared, clawing relentlessly at the mental walls holding him back.

Suichi quickly looked at Kasumi, who was blushing madly by this point and a little curious about why he had stopped in his administrations. "Stay here for a few minutes, Kasumi. I will be right back."

The girl looked at him a little curiously, but didn't ask any questions, much to his relief. Leaving the bowl of salve where it was, he got to his feet and quickly exited the room, going to his own room to try and talk some sense into Youko. Hiei was already standing in his room by the time he got there. He had a deep frown on his face, and his arms across his chest.

Youko was stark raving mad, to say the least. 'HOW DARE YOU!! This was the first opportunity I've had in almost eighteen years to get laid and you've got the gall to DENY me?!'

Hiei glowered and scowled. 'Listen fox... you seem to be forgetting that humans are naturally frail creatures, for one thing. And the one in your mothers bed right now is more frail than most. She is injured and in the state you were in, you would have inadvertedly harmed her even more. You could even have killed her, so shut your mouth, unless you want Koenma to send us after YOU as our next mission!!'

Suichi nodded in agreement, finally gaining some semblance of control over his own bodies reaction to her scent. 'That's right. Also, this is the first time she has been touched by a man that way before. She is an innocent, Youko. Her body simply reacted. That doesn't mean that she wants us to jump on her and fuck her brains out! And as I've said before, in the state you were in earlier, you would have taken full control and transformed into your demon form. Do you honestly think that she would just by lying there complacently if THAT happened? I highly doubt that she would be calm and collected when faced with a man that has golden eyes, silver hair, and fox ears sitting on top of his head!! You would have terrified her!! She doesn't need any more stress than she's already been put through at the hands of her own father!!'

'...Okay, I'll grant you two that, but... HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO CONTROL MYSELF WHEN THE SCENT OF HER AROUSAL IS ASSAULTING ME?! I can't just sit by and do nothing while she smells so... alluring...'

Hiei snorted then, and spoke aloud for the first time. "Surely you have a plant in your collection that could dull your sense of smell for a short while. Despite the fact that you can be a pain in the ass, I don't want to have to hunt you down and kill you by Koenma's order because you breached the terms of your conditions."

Suichi wordlessly ran his fingers through his hair and came up with a seed, causing it to sprout. He he plucked off one of the dark blue leaves and put it up to his nose, breathing it in deeply. The smell of it was absolutely horrible, and he heard Youko mentally gag, but it would dull their sense of smell for a few hours. He then took in a few deep breaths, ignoring the fact that Youko now seemed to be pouting in the back of his mind, nodded his thanks to the still present Hiei, and returned to the room where his patient was waiting for him.

Suichi gave the girl a gentle smile as he reentered the room, and quickly picked up where he left off. Now that he could no longer smell her arousal, he had an easier time keeping his bodies reaction in check. The only obstacles that he now faced was the hands on approach he was forced to take to take care of her injuries, and the occassional moan and slight squirming that she let loose, despite her own attempts to keep her own bodies reactions in check. He was eternally grateful now for the Makai Stink Weed he had grown when he got to her thighs and noticed with a half glance that her panties were now wet from her reaction to his touch. As it was, the moan she let out made Youko perk up in the back of his mind, and the fox let out a string of curses that would have made even the most hardened youkai blush.

He gently rolled her over, and started on her back. Instead of causing further arousal, this time his motions seemed to simply relax the young woman lying before him. By the time he was finished, it was nearing midnight, and the girl was sleeping soundly in the bed, her head turned to the side so he could see the profile of her face.

He couldn't help but smile gently as he leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Kasumi's forehead and took a moment to run his fingers through her hair. "Sleep well, Kasumi. I'll see you in the morning." he whispered softly as he got to his feet, gathered up the bowl of salve, and left the room.

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