After millennia of evil deeds, a fallen angel is given a second chance and is reborn as a mortal. 28 years later and he's gotten himself into a spot of bother. Spoilers throughout Season 1 & 2 and this is ending up AU.

Just a teaser for an upcoming story, please let me know what you think.

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Warning: I have given this an 'T' for now though I might change it at a later date.




Since time began, there has always been good and evil. Always two forces forever fighting to be on top but both sides knowing that in order to exist, there must be a balance. Both sides have many names, in many different cultures and religions. The ultimate power of good seen as a god and to some – The God. The forces of evil seen as demons and devils, but one devil is meant to have committed more sins than all the others put together because he was the first – the first personification of evil.

He was the one to tempt the 'first' children of God with the forbidden fruit. Only they weren't the first children, he was in fact one of the first, along with Gabriel and Michael and all of the other angels. Perhaps it was on jealousy he acted or perhaps his destiny was predetermined when he was born.

He was the one to be guilty of such a vain pride, stating that one day he would rise above God and for this act of vanity he was thrown from heaven and into a hell that would determine the rest of his immortal life.

The fallen angel went on to tempt another child of God as he wandered starving in the desert. But this child would not be swayed and he stunk of failure. But all those wars he'd caused had been great successes. He is widely known by many names: The Devil, Prince of Darkness, Satan and the more ironic – Lucifer, a name meaning the bearer of light.

After millennia of fighting, any soul is sure to tire and grow weary. He, the big guy, could see it as he watched his wayward son. This was not a path either would have chosen but in order for the world and everything in and around it to exist, there needed to be a balance and Lucifer was the one to stop the scales toppling over onto the side of good. He'd done so much evil to keep the balance right that on the day that he received his once in a lifetime offer for redemption, he was sure he had misheard. The offer gave him the chance to leave his immortal life and be reborn as just an ordinary human with an ordinary destiny, meaning he could live a normal ordinary life and have a chance to regain his seat in heaven.

But when you have an extraordinary soul, you should not expect the ordinary because sometimes there are forces in play besides that of God and your own free will. And sometimes when you were predestined for something, you can't escape your destiny. And besides, when the leader of Hell up and disappears, certain higher level demons are going to notice.

But that was nearly three decades ago. He was now a healthy twenty eight year old with no memory of past lives and past deeds yet he was still living a far from normal and ordinary life. After all, the words 'normal' and 'ordinary' just do not appear in Dean Winchesters vocabulary.