After millennia of evil deeds, a fallen angel is given a second chance and is reborn as a mortal. 28 years later and he's gotten himself into a spot of bother. Spoilers throughout Season 1 & 2 and this is ending up AU.

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The Last Song


He woke groggily. There was really no other way to wake when you felt like you'd been hit by a train. Because that's how he felt, his whole body aching. His muscles ached, his joints ached, hell even his skin ached. And his mind hurt the most, like it had been fried and served up for some cannibalistic breakfast.

He blinked his eyes open and stared blankly at the ceiling of what appeared to be another motel room, but he couldn't remember which one. All his memories blurred together, making it hard to tell one apart from another. Like a tiny ember, so small that they couldn't show the whole picture.

A car door slammed outside and he turned onto his side, staring at the wooden entrance that lead to the world beyond the motel room, watching it carefully. The fog in his mind made it hard for him to think about anything, made it hard for him to process any information… all he knew was there had been a noise beyond that door and now he was staring at it… waiting.

It creaked open, light spilling into the room and blinding him as a silhouette appeared in the doorway. And he didn't catch on at first, his mind still refusing to work… until he heard the voice.

"Jesus man… it's the middle of the day. You gonna sleep your life away?"

He pulled himself up, the ember of a memory sparking and igniting, exploding as everything came crashing back with the sound of that voice and he watched in disbelief as Sam closed the door behind him and walked into the room with a bag full of food and two coffees.

"Sam?" He breathed, barely daring to ask the question as he just continued to stare, afraid that if he did anymore then it would all disappear.

Sam's head snapped round to look him up and down and worry creased his features as he set the food and drinks down on the table to walk over to his brother, "Dean, you feeling okay?"

Dean… the name made his heart skip a beat as he continued to stare at his little brother, almost certain he was freaking him out but he didn't care. It was Sam… and he was Dean. He was Dean Winchester. And he remembered everything… what he didn't remember though, was why.

Sam was in front of him now, standing over him, the worry never leaving his eyes, "Earth to Dean… you feeling okay?" He repeated; his voice a little more demanding.

"I'm fi-ne." Dean choked the words out, nearly losing his voice as he couldn't stop staring, couldn't tell his body to do anything else.

More than anything he wanted to tackle Sam, pulling him into a hug just like when they were kids and the youngest was getting to that 'older siblings are embarrassing' stage. He wanted to tell Sam how much he loved him and how sorry he was for everything that had happened, but as he continued to just stare, he began to realise that to Sam none of it had happened.

So he didn't dare. If Sam didn't know, he didn't want Sam to know… and he didn't want to give him anything that would make him suspicious. And Dean Winchester shows of affection for no reason was suspicious.

"You sure?" Sam asked; placing a hand on Dean's forehead and frowning as it felt cool, no sign of a fever.

"Dude! Gerroff me." Dean squirmed away, trying to act as though everything was normal and he wanted it to be so badly, if only he knew what was normal now and what wasn't, "Seriously, I'm fine. Just had a nightmare."

Sam nodded, accepting the excuse after having used it himself so many times. He was about to push but mentally stepped back, giving his brother a little space. He found his way over to the coffee and food, setting his laptop up on the table as he did so, "So I was thinking… we could head over to the Roadhouse, check up on Ash. I mean… dude, possessed pets? You can't tell me you were being serious."

He remembered this conversation, or at least this part of it. It was the same thing they'd been arguing about on the day they went to investigate the hellhound. A stab of guilt washed over him as he wondered what had happened to the poor hound. He nodded his head, trying to pick up from where he'd left off, "You should know I never joke about a hunt. I was being deadly serious."

Déjà vu washed over Sam and he looked up from his laptop, shaking his head for a moment or two, almost as if he'd known Dean was going to say that because he was so sure he's asked the exact same question before. He opened his mouth to voice it, but closed it almost instantly, choosing rather to ignore it. If Dean noticed the uncertainty, he didn't say anything, just got up and announced he was grabbing a shower before leaving Sam to it.


Half an hour later, he stood staring at his reflection for the longest time, studying every inch of it and particularly the hazel green eyes that gazed out at him. Damp hair sat flat against his head, water slowly dripping down into his eyes and causing him to finally blink. No horns, no tail, not that there ever had been but still… and most importantly, no fiery eyes, no cold stare and no vicious grin.

And he really wanted to know why.

So when he saw the young woman walking her dog over the road, as he was packing up the Impala, and couldn't help but feel he knew her, he walked towards her, eyes narrowed, a mixture of defensive and offensive.

She met him brightly, eyes wide but not with surprise. The dog she held immediately pulled her forward, almost causing her to fall as it leapt towards him. He dropped to the ground on one knee, reaching out to stroke the dog without even thinking about it, staring deep into its eyes and smiling.

"He's gonna miss you." The woman said, smiling down at the dog and its true master.

"I don't get it." He replied without looking up from the hellhound, scratching its ear and laughing at its wide doggy grin.

"What's to get?"

"I made a deal. I thought… I thought all this would be gone and that I wouldn't be… me."

"Oh, so you wanted it to be like that? I guess I better go fix it… big guy upstairs'll wanna know all about the mistake." She teased, his head snapping up to stare at her.

"I didn't mean… Jeremiel… I just. I didn't expect this."

"I told you to have a little faith. Do you really think it would have been a true test of sacrifice if you had known there had been even the slightest chance for you to return to this life? Of course… something tells me he knew all along what choice you would have made, probably knew this whole thing was coming since he offered you that first deal."

"And what about everything I did? What about the people I…" He couldn't bring himself to say the word 'killed', the guilt already weighed heavily on his chest, threatening to steal his breath away.

"Fixed, just this once because let's face it, there would be questions… and investigations and it'd probably find its way back to you one way or another." She sighed, shrugging her shoulders, "Clean slate. Memories wiped clean, except yours, mine and his… but this could get out again. You realise that right? It only takes one demon sniffing about or one helluva hunter and this could get out…"

"Guess that can't be helped…" Dean muttered, not really wishing to relive the past weeks anytime soon… not wishing to relive them ever if he was honest.

"Dean!" Sam called out behind him and he stood up, spinning to face the youngest Winchester as he impatiently tapped his foot next to the Impala.

"You're a good man Dean Winchester. Make the most of this." Jeremiel added behind him, calling for Ripper to come as she pulled him gently away, "See you around."

He nodded in reply, watching as the angel left along with the hellhound and slowly made his way back over to Sam. His hands caressed the cool metal of the Impala, smiling at her touch as he reached for the driver's door handle and climbed in.

"Who was that?" Sam asked, climbing in beside him and stretching out on the passenger seat.

"Just some chick, wanted to know if I was gonna be in town tonight." Dean lied effortlessly, twisting the key as the engine roared to life.

"Right…" Sam rolled his eyes, watching as Dean reached for the radio and flipped it on.

A few chords of Rolling Stones found their way into the car, causing Dean to freeze as familiar lyrics passed through his mind.

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name

But what's puzzling you

Is the nature of my game…

"Sam…" He started, his hands moving to rest on the steering wheel as he looked straight ahead, "What would you say if I was the Devil?"

Sam raised an eyebrow and he couldn't stop the snort of laughter at the tone of seriousness in Dean's voice, "The Devil, Dean? As in Satan?"

"Yeah… like a reincarnation…" He glanced towards Sam for mere seconds before looking straight ahead once more.

"I would say that you're crazy. Look, demonic pets… reincarnations? You want the truth? I think this job is getting to you…" Sam laughed, bringing his hand up to his face to try and stop his laughing.

"Yeah, you're probably right." He agreed.

"Why do you ask?"

"Dunno… wanted to know if your opinion of me would change I guess."

"Whether you're Dean Winchester, Lucifer or the freaking tooth fairy… I think you'd still manage to be an overbearing jerk." Sam joked, his smile faltering a little as he saw the distant look in his brother's eyes, "You're my brother… that's all that matters."

Dean nodded, satisfied with the answer. He flashed Sam one of his patented Dean Winchester smirks and turned the volume up a little on the radio before pulling the car away from the motel.

"I'll tell you one thing though Sammy, if anyone in this family is the tooth fairy… it ain't me."

Just as every cop is a criminal

And all the sinners saints

As heads is tails

Just call me Lucifer

'Cause I'm in need of some restraint…


THE END! Wow… I can't believe it.

Song lyrics at the end are Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil because that song so rocks for this story. :P

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