.-.-.-.Monster in the Closet.-.-.-.


Somewhere in Colorado, children from 3 families have gone missing, can the boys find out what's going on before forgotten memories come back to haunt them, more specifically – Dean. Flashbacks gonna happen.

A work in progress for now but please, let me know what you think.


1. Creaks


Sam – When I told Dad I was afraid of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.

Dean – What was he supposed to do?

Sam – I was nine years old. He was supposed to say "Don't be afraid of the dark."

Two Days Ago

It was warm both outside and inside the house, a stuffy kind of warmth that always came after particularly bad storms filled with deafening thunder and blinding lightning. And it was still. The kind of still that could only ever exist after such loud and exciting yet terrifying storms. So with half her covers on and half thrown off, Megan tried her best to fall asleep.

Bleary eyes tried to make out her clock, but the darkness was too thick. She moaned and changed position. She was far too young to be having trouble sleeping but with that storm earlier, her body refused to rest. Her mouth felt dry and it was aggravating her but she'd just managed to get into a comfortable position. In the end, thirst would win though. Mumbling incoherent curse words that such a young and innocent mouth should not even know, she clambered out of bed and shoved her feet into her soft pink fluffy slippers.

She was a brave nine year old, that could be said – came from being an only child, no one to be compared against enforced her strengths, made her swell with too much pride but then again, not all nine year olds would be as comfortable as she was fumbling down the stairs towards the kitchen in the dark.

It wasn't until she reached the bottom of the stairs that she heard a creak from upstairs. Big house like this, bound to have a few creaks every now and then. But her reasoning didn't calm her. She took a deep breath and rushed into the kitchen, slamming her hand against the light switch. The light flooded the room, spilling into the hallway slightly.

"You are so overreacting." She laughed at herself and went about her business, forcing the water down.

She refilled the glass and placed in on the side whilst she searched the small utility cupboard for a flashlight. A Small one sat right at the front and she immediately pulled it out and tested it.

So, now armed with a flashlight and carrying her glass of water, she turned the kitchen light off and headed slowly back up stairs.

"Don't be stupid." She said to herself, gently pushing her bedroom door open, "Afraid of the dark? Me? No way."

She made a quick sweep of the room with the flashlight, there was nothing there. The most unnerving thing was her closet door was slightly ajar but that could be from her messy tidy up before bed. She stepped into her room and closed the door behind her.

"I'm too old to believe in monsters under beds and in closets too!" She told herself, but it didn't stop her from closing the closet door fully.

Megan placed her glass of water on her bedside cabinet and climbed back into bed. With one last glance around the room, she switched the flashlight off and stuffed it safely under her pillow.

She was determined now more than ever to fall asleep. Her eyes were pressed tight shut and her covers pulled up to her chin.

Within minutes she found herself drifting, falling into dreams. And that was when it came again. The creaking. It rudely woke her up from that sweet limbo and made her body freeze and her eyes snap open.

She didn't want to look but a sick curiosity drove her to and she turned her head in slow hesitation to see, and what she saw was not comforting. The closet door creaked open, revealing a hulking shadow.

Cold grey eyes locked with hers, keeping her firmly in place as this being edged its way out of her closet and towards her trembling body. She tried to scream but only managed to squeak and as if she missed the movement somewhere, it's hand was suddenly on her mouth.

"Shhhh…." It whispered, a cold hand stroking her hair.

And as it rose from its position, she made one attempt for freedom, sending her glass of water flying, shattering into a thousand pieces and she screamed for her parents to rescue her but before she made it out of bed, the thing had scooped her up into it's arms and was headed back towards the closet.

As the closet door shut, her screams were deafened and the night fell into and eerie cold silence.


Present Day

It was late and the Winchesters were up searching for their next gig. Dean lay on his bed with the laptop; he was scanning a couple of articles concerning missing children. Five so far; the latest being Megan Thompson who had disappeared only a couple of nights ago.

Sam had originally found the articles and was now busying himself around the room while Dean looked them over. Basically, he was clearing up after his big brother.

"So you think whatever this thing is, it's attacking kids?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, just like the Shtriga – I dunno, maybe it is one."

"Nah, it would have put the kids in hospital, it wouldn't have taken them."

"But it's moving through families, similar patterns."

Dean looked at the names again, Sam was right; it did seem to be working that way.

"Except it didn't take the Vaughn's eldest." Sam interjected before Dean's thoughts could go any further, "Which is kind of weird."

"Mary Walters aged eleven goes missing and two days later her little brother Joe, aged nine does the same vanishing act." Dean went through the facts out loud, trying to organise his thoughts, "Then in the next week, the Vaughn's youngest disappears, Michael, six years old, followed by his sister two days later again. Oldest stays put and this thing moves onto the next family and takes Megan Thompson, an only child. Not making much sense yet Sammy."

"It could be a bust, bunch of local kids playing a prank, I know but…"

"You're right, I know you are. There's definitely something up, even the non-psychic wonder that is me can see that. Could be a creature, or maybe some mystic cult."

Dean closed the laptop and chucked it over onto Sam's bed, Sam was still busying about but Dean was ready for a good nights sleep before they set off at whatever time Sam decided to torture Dean into getting up at.

"Sammy man, you need to sleep, like I'm about to do. And I swear, if you've moved my food I'll so kick your arse."

"I've left your M&M's on the table, where you left them before and I haven't touched them and I'm going to bed, now in fact." He opened the utility cupboard door and there the bad of rubbish he'd collected into it, where it landed next to a pathetic and broken three foot tall vacuum cleaner. Then he moved his laptop off his bed so he could easily climb into it.

"Dude!" Dean said warningly.



Sam stared at Dean and then back at the open cupboard door, "You're twenty eight years old Dean, are you trying to tell me you're afraid of the thing in the closet?"

"Shut up!" Dean shot at his brother, "It has them thingy mijigs in, you know the ones that make loud annoying ticking noises during the night."

"Oh so you're afraid of the noises."

"Just shut up and close the damned door."

Sam smirked, it was always fun teasing his big brother, and closed the closet door.

"Night, wuss." He teased.

"Night, pain in my ass." Dean retorted.