Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Lance looked back once more, then Torah and he started to leave.

"Why the long faces? It looks like someone died." I said as Frachsun and I walked out of the dust. Torah's face lit up and so did Lance's. As I got off, the others turned around and saw me and they came to see me.

"Sarina! You're okay and FRACSHUN!" Lance said, running to see us. Torah came to great me and Lance ran past me and gave Frachsun a big hug!

"You're okay!" Artha said as Beau magged him off. I looked at Kitt. She even looked somewhat happy too see me.

"Yeah...well Torah, I think we need to find a new place to live...come on, let's see if there's anything salvageable," I said, moving to the door.

"But you can't go in there. It's not safe and it's all blocked… right?" Parmon asked.

I turned to him, "the underground tunnels are fine in some spots."

"Well, what are we waiting for then," Artha said, moving to the door.

"You don't have to come," I said, stopping Torah in front of him.

"Well I owe you one for saving Lance and all of us," he said, looking back to the others.

"Well okay then ..." I said, looking at the others. "Who are you?" I said, looking at the girl on her dragon.

"I'm Salina and this is Comet," she said while patting her dragon on the head.

"Nice to meet you." I said, moving Torah to the door and we entered. I looked back at Parmon. He was looking at the wall.

"It's really not safe here." He said in a worried voice.

I went to the wall and pushed a brick that opened the ramp and I went down, followed by Lance. Almost all the beam structures were still intact, but I wouldn't be able to live here any more. My childhood home was destroyed in one fell swoop. I went by one of the halls that led to the mask room. "Hang on ,I want to see where the mask is," I said, turning Torah down the lane.

It wasn't long until I found the room .The tinted glass floor was smashed and rocks and walls were falling in. Frachsun and Lance walked over to my side and Lance got off and picked up a piece of something and handed it to me. I looked at it. It was a piece of the mask, it had been destroyed. "Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore," I said putting the piece in my pocket.

Parmon came and looked at the rubble. "Even if someone found all the piece's, it would take the Magna Draconis to put it back together," he said, turning back around. I followed Lance and him back to the main hall where I took the lead once again.

"Where's the mask?" Artha asked me as I passed him.

"It's in pieces," I answered as I looked around at the wall. Some things looked different, but I could still find my way around easy. Left, right, and one more right. "Well, let's see what happens," I said, pressing the button. Torah stepped back for any rubble to fall, and some did. Some small pieces. "Well, I think it's safe," I said, going up the ramp.

There was not much room for Torah move when we got to the main floor, so I got off and squeezed between a fallen pillar and the wall so I could reach the switch to open the door. I stretched my arm as far as it would go and I was just able to reach it. The door opened and some of the stuff that was on the wall was on the floor, and things were knocked over. Some of the walls were cracked. It was sad. As I walked in the kitchen, it got worse.
Torah's food pipe had burst and there was dragon food all over the floor. There was even more broken ceiling and walls. I got off Torah and went down the hall to my room. The door was shut and wouldn't open. "Torah, can you help me?"

/Sure, / she said, stepping over a fallen pillar. She came to my side and pushed the door with her head until it opened. I stepped in.

Half of my stuff was on the floor. I went and picked up my books, drawing supplies, some clothes, and my fussy blankets. I put it in my pack and threw it to Torah and she caught it in her mouth. I moved through the halls and I limped over to the door and opened it. As I walked in, some of the walls were crumbling. This was a room that was not safe, so I quickly went to the dresser and took the box of stuff and a family picture that was there. I put it in the box.

I turned around. Torah was at one of the walls, it was the one that was falling. I set the box on the bed and walked over to her and looked at one of the cracks. There was a small room behind it. Torah started to break the some of the wall to get in, but the ceiling started to shake.

"Don't touch it." I said to her. She backed away and looked at the wall. There was a hole, but I was too big. I wouldn't fit, but lance would. "Hey Lance, can you come here for a sec?" I called to him.

"Yeah?" he said, poking his head through the door.

"Do you think you could fit in there?" I asked, pointing to the hole in the wall.

"Yeah," he said, coming to the wall. He got on his knees and crawled in. "Oh my. You should see this Sarina!"

"What is it?"

"Hang on I will take it out." He said, crawling back through the hole. He stood up and handed me a gauntlet. On it there was something like a carving that was exactly like the amulet I found.

"Where did that come from?" Artha said, taking it from my hands and looking at it.

"It was in the wall, I don't know how it got there." Then the wall started to shake. "Let's get out here!" I said, grabbing the box and jumping on Torah and they ran out the door and the wall fell. "Well, I think I got every thing," I said, getting off and going to the cupboard and taking out a can and stuffing it in my bag.

"Well than let's burn claws." Artha said, getting on Beau and we left.

When we got out Artha turned to me, "so where are you going to live now?"

"Well I think I'm going to find my grandfather. He will probably let me stay with him."

"Where does he live?"

"I can't remember, but I will find him. How many stables are there in Dragon City anyway?"

"A lot...well where are you going to stay until you find him?"

"Well I haven't thought of that yet ... but I do have some darkles, so maybe I can stay somewhere." I said, trying to think of how much I had left.

"You can stay with us!" Lance said with a big smile on his face.

"Well I don't want to intrude..."

"Aww no, we would be happy to help you!" Artha said, cutting me off.

"Well if it's no trouble."

"No it's none at all. Come on, we had better get home. Dad's probably worried sick about us." He said looking at Lance and the others.

I looked back and Salina was gone. She must have took off. "She's one slippery character," I said, moving Torah's controller forward.

When we got to Dragon City, I looked around. Things have changed a lot! By this time Artha was his regular self, and the rain had stopped. We passed some street venders and food carts. "Wow, this place is amazing!"

"Aww, it's not that great." Artha said, moving past a dragon and rider. We rounded a corner. "Now Sun City, that is the place to live!"

"I've never been there. I've only been to Dragon City…where are we going?" I asked, following him. I looked around. People were looking at Torah and me strangely.

"To Penn Stables, my home," he said, looking back then at the people. They saw him and went back to their work, pretending that they weren't looking at anything. He shook his head and looked forward again. As we kept walking, things became quiet. When we arrived at Penn Stables, the house was burnt and some of the stuff was broken, but it was nice.

In the Stable Where Conner Was

Conner was pacing the floor, wondering where his sons were, when they came through the gate. There were five people coming through. Artha, Kitt, Parmon, Lance and someone else. It was a girl. He squinted his eyes to see who the new face was. 'Lilly?' he thought, but it couldn't be.

Then the girl came into the light.

Torah and I followed Artha in the stable yard where a man came and greeted Artha with, well, not a smile on.

"Artha where were you?" he said to him in a stern, worried voice.

"Uh, we had a problem at the track. Moordryd kidnapped Lance and took him to the temple of Lezmark…." But before Artha could finish, Conner looked at him, as if he wasn't supposed to talk about it around other people. "Oh Dad, I want you to meet Sarina, she lived in the temple."

Conner looked over to me. "Nice to meet you, I'm Conner Penn, owner of Penn Stables, Artha and Lance's father. What brings you to Dragon City?" He asked in a kind voice.

"Well after Moordryd left, he blew up the temple and it's not safe to live there anymore. So I thought I would come and find my grandfather, but I don't know where to start looking. So Artha suggested for me to stay here, if that's okay with you?" I said, getting off Torah.

He looked at me as if he already knew me and smiled. "Of course you can, stay as long as you have to…we will have to make some new living arrangements though." And he walked away to another door, we all followed him. He hit a button and the door opened to a large room. It was dusty, there were cobwebs, old boxes, some gear racks, a desk, empty barrels ….a little dirty, but it looked like it would be home for now.

"This is where the girls will sleep, yes Kitt, you and Sarina will be sharing this room together. There's not much room in Beau's stall now, so you will be sharing this room and no butts about it."

Kitt looked stunned, like she didn't know what to say and she stormed off with Wyldfyr not far behind.

"Lance and Artha, you will clean this room for our guest and Kitt."

"But Dad," Lance complained.

Artha was about to say the same thing when Parmon came running in. "I got a reading from Dragon City Security. There is a crime in progress, you have to go!"

"Well, have fun cleaning, Lance. I have to do my duty," he said with a chuckle.

"Not so fast, Artha. You will have to clean when you get back." Conner said, stopping him.

"Common, let's go." Artha said to Kitt and Parmon.

Conner walked away and came back with a broom for Lance. "There, you can start cleaning until Artha gets back," and he left again.

"Well then, it's just you and me Lance," I said, picking up the broom that was handed to him. "Here, you can dust the walls and shelves and I will help, then we can sweep." I said, leaning the broom on the wall and picking up some cloth. I handed one to him and I went to the highest shelves and started to dust it off. Lance went to the desk and dusted it off. Once that was done we started to sweep.

Somewhere in Dragon City

"Put the dragon back where you found them, Paynn!" Dragon Booster said, holding his jakk-stick.

"How did you escape?" Moordryd asked, stunned to see him standing before him.

"That's for me to know and you never to find out!"

"Fine then, you want me to leave I will, but you won't be happy when my friend comes along!" And Cain, the dragons and he left without a fight.

"Well that was easy, and if I know better, the Shadow Booster will arrive soon," Parmon said through his helmet communicator.

"Yeah, let's put these dragons back before he gets here. Kitt come get them," he said, changing signals from Parmon to hers.

Up on the roof top

Kitt was thinking about staying in the same room as Sarina, thinking how good Artha and Sarina got along, and how her friend, her love, would be taken away from her. She never noticed that Artha was talking to her until….

"Kitt!" Parmon shouted at her.

She quickly snapped out of that thought and back to her job. "Yeah, what's up?" She said, focusing on Artha.

"I need you to come and get these dragons out of here before the Shadow Booster shows up."

"Got it," she said, turning Wyldfyr around and they sped off to go help Artha. When she got down, Artha had them ready for her, and she was just about to leave with them when….

"Look what we have here, the Dragon Booster and Kitt Wonn." He said, pushing forward on his controller, making his dragon jump off the roof of the building to the ground. "What is the stable brat going to think when he sees you two together?"

Kitt and Dragon Booster looked at each other and smiled. "I'm just helping," she said, trying to cover up.

"Right!" Artha /Dragon Booster said.

Kitt looked at him then grabbed the dragons and took off. Shadow Booster was about to follow her when Dragon Booster stepped in his way.

"I don't think so."

"Fine, have it your way," Shadow Booster said. Stepping back, he looked to the sky and put his hands back. He started to glow.

Dragon Booster saw and knew what would come from that, so he did the same. Shadow Booster fired a mag-blast and so did Artha. They collided, causing them to explode. Artha thought, well this will be going nowhere…this happens all the time. I throw one at him, he throws one at me, it never seems to end and he always seems to get better…why don't I… Artha looked around before Shadow Booster had a chance to throw another mag-blast at him….than he saw it.

Chapter 21

He saw a old support beam that the Dragon City construction had been working on to take down, and he looked down at Beau. He had the same idea. He fired a mag-bolt that hit the beam. As it started to fall, the Shadow Booster looked up at it and jumped back right into a pile of garbage. While he was trying to get up, the Dragon Booster sent a mag-blast at him, and the Shadow Booster was flung back into the building and fell to the ground. Decepshun looked at the Dragon Booster, ran to her rider's side, magged him in the saddle and sped off.

"Well done, Artha!" Parmon said, coming out of the shadows followed by Kitt with the dragons.

"We had better put them back before their owners find that they're missing." Kitt said, moving them to the foot pads.

Just then, Dragon City Security came. "We'll take it from here," Captain Faier said, coming through the other security officers. "Thank you again, Dragon Booster."

"Ah, it's not a problem. Just doing my duty."

"Well we must be going, right Parm?" Kitt said, elbowing him.

"Ah, right. See you later." He said as he followed Kitt out of the alley.

"So you'll make sure that they will get to owners?" he said, looking at the dragons.

"Yes, you can leave. Thanks again."

"No problem I have to go." He said with a smile and waved. Then they were off. Beau mag-jumped over a building and they were out of sight of the Dragon City Security.

"Well, that was fun," Kitt said, approaching Artha, who landed in the alley.

"Slick moves there, Artha!" Parmon came from behind her.

"Well thank you!" he said in a proud voice. "Well let's go home. Sarina is probably waiting for us." He said, taking the amulet out of the gauntlet. Kitt shook her head and followed Artha out of the alley.

In some other alley
Decepshun had finally stopped running and Moordryd had come to. He sat up in his saddle and put his hand on his head, then Cain came out of the shadows.

"Are you okay, Moordryd?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"I'm fine Cain!" He said angrily, and then he reached down and took out the amulet and he went back to normal. "Father's not going to be to pleased," he said to himself. No mask ...ahh I thought I would bring him some dragons so he wouldn't be as mad with me...but now...I come back with nothing. He shook his head. "Come on, Cain. My father wants to see us now."

Cain shook his head, thinking of what Word was going to say when he found out what had happened.

Penn crew
Artha, Kitt and Parmon were almost home when Artha remembered what Sarina found at the temple, and that Conner had gone to see the dragon priest and that he might have some answers for him. "Come on, guys, we have to get home now!"

Kitt looked at him with a surprised look on her face. That's right, he wants to get home quick to see Sarina. She thought to herself. Her face started to burn with anger. She decided to be as slow as possible. Maybe by the time she would get to the stable, Sarina would be asleep. She wouldn't have to talk to her, so she pulled back on her controller.

Wyldfyr turned her head up slightly to see Kitt. She was confused. Usually Kitt would ask her to go fast, but never to go slower than a regular walk. She knew there was something wrong, but Kitt couldn't understand her even if she tried. Kitt would never understand. She shook her head / Wait, I know someone who could help! But it will have to wait. /

Kitt looked ahead as Artha and Parmon got further and further away. Kitt shook her head. Why am I so afraid of losing Artha…he's not even mine, she sighed.

"Kitt, are you coming?" Artha's voice was low since he was so far away.

"Coming!" She shouted back. Well, he noticed. I can't keep going slow now. So she pushed her controller forward, asking Wyldfyr to catch up. When she got to their side, Artha was talking to Parmon about their next race. Kitt shook her head.

"Kitt, what were you doing back there?" Artha asked curiously.

"Umm….well…," she tried to think of a new excuse. She looked around and saw Artha's extra thruster gear. "I was looking at a new thruster gear…you know I would like to have my own level 4 instead of borrowing yours all the time…" she smiled, hoping they would fall for her excuse.

"Oh…okay…did you see one you liked?"

"No, everything there was too expensive!"

"Oh okay. Well, in the meantime you can still use my spare." He smiled at her, the smile that made her melt inside.

After a while of listening to Parmon blabber on, they made it to Penn Stables. It was dark, so the stable lights were on.

Conner came out of the house. "Where were you guys?" He asked, approaching them.

Artha jumped off of Beau. "After we dealt with Moordryd, the Shadow Booster showed up," he grumbled.

"Oh well…Lance has been cleaning the stall, you can go help him, now that you're back." He smiled and walked back in.

"Oh great more work." He rolled his eyes. "Come on Beau, you want some supper?"
Beau opened his mouth, letting his tongue hang out and shook his head yes.

"I take that as a yes!" Kitt smiled.

"Yeah ...okay then, let's get some food!" And Beau and he walked off to the stables. Kitt jumped off of Wyldfyr and followed Artha to the stables to feed Wyldfyr.

Wyldfyr, Beau and she went in the stable and waited for Artha to come with a barrel of food for them.

"What do you think Beau? Does Artha like Sarina?" Kitt said, walking over to him.

Beau didn't know what to say, yes or no. / I think he likes her, yes. But not the way Kitt thinks./

/Yeah, she is really worried, but I don't see why. / Wyldfyr said, shaking her head.

/ Humans are so confusing!/ Beau said with a laugh.

/ Yeah, but you still got to love them! / She said with a smile.

/ Yeah, / he said, smiling at her, then he sniffed the air. / I smell Artha coming!/ He said, letting his tongue hang out.

In came Artha, rolling a barrel of high quality dragon food. "For working dragons." Kitt moved over to help Artha roll in the food as he was having a hard time with the extra large barrel. When it got to the trough, they stood it up and took off the cover. "Do you think we could have a little help boy?" Artha said, looking at Beau. Beau nodded and magged the barrel and poured the food in the dish for him and Wyldfyr.

"Thanks Beau!" Kitt said, petting Wyldfyr. Beau nodded and Wyldfyr and he moved to the trough to eat.

"Well, you can do what you like, but I have to go clean." He said.

"I'll stay here to keep out of the way."

"Okay. I'll come and get you two when we are done." And he left Kitt alone with only the sound of Beau and Wyldfyr eating their supper. She shook her head and went to her saddle bag and pulled out a candy bar for her supper. It wasn't much, but it was something. She took a bite and turned to the dragons.

"What do you think of Sarina?"

Beau and Wyldfyr pulled their heads out of the feed trough and looked at each other.
/ Why does she ask these questions when she can't understand us? / Beau asked Wyldfyr.

/ She's worried that Sarina might steal Artha away from her./

Beau just looked at her. / Females are so weird./ And he kept eating.

Wyldfyr looked at him stunned, and took her tail and whacked him on the back of the head.

/Ouch…what was that for?/ He rubbed his head with his tail.

/ Females aren't that complicated. Not like males. /

/ Whatever./ He said, going back to the food.

Kitt just looked at them strangely and shook her head and yawned. She had a long day racing, Dragon Booster stuff , etc, etc. She was exhausted. "Well, when you're done eating, you can come join me." She said, leaving Wyldfyr and Beau to finish their supper.

When she got to the other stall, Artha and Conner were talking outside the door. They were in deep conversation and she didn't want to bother them, so she walked around them.

When she got in, the stall had been cleaned spotless. The cobwebs were gone, the boxes were gone, the barrels were gone…everything was gone except for the desk and a chair. The desk was large, but where it was it didn't take up much room. As Kitt examined it closer, there was stuff on half of it. A picture, an old, tin can with pencils, some papers, and a jar with some drakkals…but half was empty. Lance was on the floor showing Sarina how to play battle ground dragon when he turned over and saw Kitt. He stood up, handing Sarina the game and ran over to Kitt.

"We left half of the desk for you to put whatever you want on it!" He said proudly.

She looked around the room. "You cleaned this all on your own?"

"Yeah, with some help form Sarina." He turned around to see her fiddling with one of the controllers. "So, what do you want to put there?" He said, dragging her to the desk.

She looked at the desk and picked up Sarina's family picture. The glass in the frame was broken, and the kid in the picture looked happy with her family. Kitt shook her head and put the picture down. "I don't have anything to put here." She said sadly.

Lance looked up at her and saw a tear roll down her face. She didn't know it, but Wyldfyr had finished eating and had seen Kitt's reaction. She laid down and magged Kitt and took her beside her. Beau was also there and saw that Kitt was sad. He magged Lance out of there incase Lance said anything stupid.

Sarina looked over, stood up and went to Torah's side. She pulled out one of her blankets and sat one on the floor and pulled the other on top. She looked over to see that Kitt had fallen asleep without a word.

"Torah," she said in a whisper, "take this to Kitt." She said, taking her third blanket and handing it to Torah. "But don't wake her."

/I will try not to ./ Torah said, taking it from Sarina's hands. She quietly walked over to Kitt and dropped the blanket. It slowly landed on top of Kitt, so Torah turned around and went back to Sarina's side.

"Good job, girl." Torah nodded and laid her head down and closed her eyes. Sarina looked at Kitt once more before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

In the other stall

Lance was sleeping quietly next to Fracshun and Parmon was laying on the floor, listening to Artha and Conner's conversation.

"So, what did the dragon priests say?"

"They said that the dark purple draconium dragons and their riders helped the original Dragon Booster. There were many in their crew, but a few had the Shearkin battle armor. The other crew members created gear to help stop the war, and they say that after the dragon human war had ended, the armor was lost...or the ones who had it went into hiding."

"If they had armor, why did they hide? Wouldn't the people want protectors?"

"Well, the people thought the Dragon Booster was good enough, so they chased them out or they got rid of the armor and hid. All but the ones that were guarding the mask. If they were the ones that had the armor…other than that they didn't have much more on them …oh, and some of the dark purple dragons had the capability to change shape and color …they don't know if those ones are still around, but I thought you would like to know that."

"So the…Shearkins had many armors?"

"More than one person had the there's only one gold Dragon Booster armor and amulet...but they had many."

"Oh…but was their armor as powerful as the gold?"

"No, that's why there was so many. They couldn't stand alone, they wouldn't stand a chance. You had better get to bed, you never know how many times you may have to get up tonight."

"Yeah …too bad there wasn't that many of Dragon Boosters." He said, mocking his Dad. "Than I wouldn't have to get up so much during the night." He lay down next to Beau and went to sleep.

At Word's citadel

Moordryd and Cain had arrived and made their way to Word's control room. Word was sitting in his dragon bone chair, smiling happily.

Moordryd saw this and looked at Cain, worried.

"Did you get the mask?" Word asked Moordryd, still smiling.

"No father." Moordryd dropped his head, and waited for his father to scold him, telling him how awful he had done.

"Okay, that's fine."

Moordryd picked up his head and looked at his father strangely. "What…" he started to say, but his father cut him off.

"I would like you to meet our guest," he said, giving a hand gesture to a dark, shadowed corner. Moordryd and Cain looked closely to the corner. Out stepped a tall girl. She had long, black hair and tall, black boots. She also had dark, red pants. Half her shirt was red and the other was black. She wore a red necklace, and she wore the Dragon Eye symbol over her heart. "Hello Moordryd." She said in sneaky, sexy voice.

"Moordryd, do you remember your cousin, Justine?" She smiled a devilish smile.

"A...we...well, you have grown." He was speechless. He had not see her since his mom left.

"And you haven't changed a bit," she chuckled.

"She will be staying with us and helping you with the work you keep messing up." Word said, trying to keep a smile on his face.

"I can't wait to help you stop the Dragon Booster." She let out a devilish laugh and they all joined in.