Chapter 1: Welcome to Meteor Vill.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mar characters or Mar, but I made up Anya and Meteor Vill.

After a few exciting battles of Team MAR and the Chess pieces, everyone was getting ready for the next day's battle. "Night everyone! See ya' in the morning," Ginta said with a yawn. "Night," everyone said back. Up in the castle Peta and Phantom were talking about the battles that just took place. "You better go rest up for your battle tomorrow, Peta." Said Phantom. Peta nodded and left.

Phantom got up off of his throne and walked outside onto the balcony. Well it looks like Ginta and his friends are getting better. I can't wait to battle Ginta for myself. Thought Phantom with an evil grin across his face. Then all-of-a sudden an explosion went off and a black hole appeared out of nowhere. The black hole started sucking everything and everyone in, including Phantom and the people inside the castle. "AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" yelled everyone going in. Phantom found himself and many other people in some sort of dimensional rift that was pulling them to somewhere.

Before he could wonder what happened Phantom was knocked out. It felt like forever to Phantom until he felt something wet and cold across his face. He opened his eyes and saw a dog on top of him. "Woof!" barked the dog licking his face. "Ugh…stop…licking…me…" Phantom tried to say during the slobbering wet licks from the dog. "Patch! Here boy! Where are you?" someone said off in the distance. The dog finally got off of Phantom and ran off. Phantom noticed that he was in the middle of a forest (it seamed like). But the weird thing was he wasn't dressed in the same outfit as before. He had on a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. What was stranger was that his bandaged arm was perfectly fine, and his zombie tattoo was gone too. Luckily he had all of his ARMs.

"Patch what did you fin –," a girl said coming out of some bushes. She was about 15, and she was wearing what looked like her school's tracksuit. The girl ran over to Phantom. "Oh my! Are you ok?!" said the girl. She put her hand on Phantom's left arm and he noticed that it was broken. "Ow," he said trying to not show pain. "Come on we have to get you to a doctor!" she said trying to get him up. "The Johnson's house is just up the hill, we can ask them for a ride." "No thanks I'm fine," said Phantom trying to get away from her tight grip on his right arm. "Nonsense! Now lets go!" she said pulling him up hill.

"Mr. Johnson! Mr. Johnson! I need your help!" yelled the girl. They were just in the woods now they were on the Johnson's farm. The farm was about 20 acres big that had a barn, a house, and many animals. The girl ran up to Mr. Johnson who was carrying some bags to the barn. "Oh, hello, Anya. Who's that?" Mr. Johnson asked Anya. "He's… a I don't know," Anya started, "what is your name?" Phantom thought for a moment I should lie about my name and see if any of these people have anything to help me get home.

"My names… Tom," Phantom said with a fake smile across his face.