Chapter 9: Date Wars

Anya explained to her friends that Koi and her have been friends ever since the fifth grade. After Koi moved away they still kept in touch, and whenever Koi came to town he stayed with them. And recently they started dating, but Koi's dad had a job transfer to a different city so he had to go with. "Yes, but now he got a better job at the science community here in Meteor Vill. So I'm going to be staying!" Koi said when Anya was done. Anya also said that Koi is a hair stylist with his mom, and also helps his dad in the science area.

"So you're very smart then," Ian said. Koi nodded yes, "I'd rather work with my mom though. Hair stylizing is more fun. But blowing stuff up is fun too," Koi said. Anya giggled and hugged Koi. Phantom was watching them two hug. He clenched his fist on the can of soda that he was drinking, and it crushed right away. Peta leaned over to him, "You getting jealous of Anya and Koi?" He teased.

Phantom got up and went toward the door. "Tom, where are you going?" Anya asked Phantom. "HOME!" He yelled at her while slamming the door. Anya was about to go after him but Peta said that he's just tired. And outside the window Alviss, Ian, Loco, and Peta saw Phantom put a dent into a streetlight. "He's jealous," Loco whispered to Ian and Peta. "Ya' think?" Ian whispered back.

Phantom fixed the dent in the light pole, Why am I acting this way?! Anya is just a girl that I met here in Meteor Vill. She's nothing special. Phantom walked quietly home. "Oh, Tom! Your home! How was your movie?" Mrs. Johnson asked Phantom when he got home. "I don't want to talk about it," He said walking up to his room. He changed into some PJs and collapsed onto his bed. Staring at the ceiling he started thinking about Anya and Koi. I'm not jealous. It's just awkward to see Anya with a boyfriend that's………perfect. Ugh! Stop it Phantom, Anya is just a friend that is nice, smart, with a cute ditzy smile…It's no use… I do like her. He slowly closed his eyes and tried to sleep.


The next day, Phantom thought that he was free from Koi and free from acting like a weird lovesick guy. But there he was, in front of the room being welcomed to their class. "Phantom? How much sleep did you get last night?" Peta asked. Phantom responded with banging his head on the desk and gave a moan. "Koi you will sit next to Tom and he can show you around school for the day. Right Tom!" the teacher yelled at Phantom slamming a book on his desk. "PI EQUALS PI, R SQUARED!!!" Phantom yelled quickly, getting up automatically. The kids in the class laughed, "Tom this is Spanish class, not math class!" the teacher smirked, "You will show Koi around school for the day. Or do you want to stay here and pick gum off the chairs with Ivan?"

"I did it once and you nag about it for life!" Ian said looking up from his textbook. The last bell rang and everyone got out his or her textbooks. "Ok, class, open to page 253 and we'll get started," the teacher said to the class. "You left before Anya got to introduce you," Koi said to Phantom, "So you're Tom?" Phantom nodded yes, "Nice to meet you," Koi said sticking out his hand. Phantom forced a smile and shook his hand. The teacher wrote something on the board and asked if Koi could translate the paragraphs on pg. 253 to Spanish. Phantom thought that he would do poorly but Koi did excellent. Everyone applauded; a few were even saying "Wow! You're boyfriend is awesome!" to Anya. Phantom sneered at Koi and broke the pen that he was using. Koi didn't notice him sneering at him. Phantom knew deep down that this wasn't the end of what Koi could do.

At gym Koi played basketball perfectly, he got three pointers over and over again. In math class Koi finished the teacher's hardest problem that had been up all year waiting for someone to answer it. Koi even said that the teacher messed up on part of the equation. Phantom also noticed that whenever Anya and Koi were together in the hallway, that they would always hug each other before they left. He would also notice Koi giving Anya a kiss on her cheek. Koi also joined them at their lunch table during lunch. Phantom watched the two talk, half of him wanted to kill Koi, and the other half wanted to curl under the building and stay there for the rest of eternity.

Anya's friend Reni walked passed the table and Phantom leaned over to talk to her. "Hey Reni, what is up with Koi?" Reni looked at Phantom and giggled, "Tom, Koi has a IQ way over 100. He's probably the cutest nerd I have ever known. He can easily play some of the hardest music pieces out there. He can reinvent the atomic bomb if he wanted to. He can also cook fantastic dishes all around the world. But too bad Anya already has dibs on him," Reni said looking at Anya and Koi. Phantom then just had a thought, "Reni come with me," he said taking her wrist. "Tom! What do you want!?" Reni screeched as Phantom dragged her out in the hall. "Ok," Phantom started, "you like Koi right?" Reni nodded yes, "And I can tell you like Anya," she said back. Phantom looked at her, "How did…" Reni gave a smile, "How you look at her from a distance. How you're always around her. How you…" Phantom looked at her, "Ok I get it. I was thinking that if we go out on a double date and –" Reni backed up a little, "Ok Tom I think you're cute but not like that." Phantom shook his head and explained that if they go on a double date that they can try to break them up. Reni smiled at the thought, "Then I get Koi and you get Anya." Phantom nodded, "so you in?" Phantom stuck out his hand and she shook it. "Oh, Tom, to make it look real you will have to let me be by you're side." Reni then took Phantom's arm and they walked back into the cafeteria.

Anya saw them and Reni got up on her tiptoes and kissed Phantom on his cheek, "I'm so glad that we are finally going out Tom! I'm so lucky to have a strong, handsome guy like you as a boyfriend!" Reni said with her flirty smile on her face. Anya told Koi that she would be right back. Anya walked up to the two, "Tom? Since when were you and Reni going out?" Anya asked. Phantom gave a smile, "For a little while now. Reni and I have the same feelings for each other." Anya looked a little sad for some reason. But she quickly changed back to normal. "Why don't you guys come on a double date with us! Tomorrow night at 6 o'clock at the Ichigo Café." Reni said happily. Anya agreed and walked back over to Koi. The bell rang and everyone went back to class.

After school Phantom was walking home alone. He was thinking how he would go through this date with Reni. Reni was the most popular girl in school and was also the president of almost everything. She was not that tall, but not that short, and she had the longest golden blond hair than anyone Phantom has ever seen. I love Anya, but I have to go through a date with Reni. How am I going to go through this? Then all of a sudden the landscape around Phantom became black.

"What's going on?!" Phantom shouted. Then out of the darkness, Phantom saw the Queen. "I have finally found you, Phantom," the queen said. Phantom stared at the queen, "Found me?" he asked. The queen then came in front of Phantom, "Yes. Some how all you guys disappeared except me. I have been looking for all the chess pieces and now I can take you home." Phantom smiled for a moment but stopped when he thought that if he left for MAR then Koi would get Anya. "I can't," Phantom said, "there is someone…" The queen looked at Phantom and gave an evil chuckle, "has Phantom, my number one knight, fallen in love with someone?" Phantom looked away and the queen busted out laughing.

She looked back at Phantom, "I do love someone. I don't want to leave! At least till she knows, but I…" Phantom said looking like he would cry. The queen thought for a moment, "Well if you want, I'll give you three days." Phantom looked at her and asked what she ment. "You have three days to make the person love you and give you a true kiss of love. If she does give you the kiss then you can stay on Earth. But if she doesn't then you will automatically go back to MAR. Do you want to do that?" the queen said to Phantom.

Phantom thought about getting a true love kiss and also getting to stay on Earth. He looked at her, "Yes I want to do that!" The queen looked a little disappointed. She took her scepter and a light came out of it. The light went over to Phantom and he closed his eyes. "Remember you have three days," the queen said disappearing. Phantom found himself back in Meteor Vill. He looked at his hand and saw the number 3 on it. "Three days. I will tell Anya!" He shouted into the sky. Phantom then as quick as he could ran back to his house, planning how he would tell Anya that he loves her.


To Be Continued………………..


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