Chapter 5: A Night to Be Remembered

Two weeks have passed and Seiji finally got out of the hospital. He was healed physically but not emotionally. For the past weeks, he and Midori had no contact. Midori didn't visit him again. Now that he is well and strong, he has the chance to tell everything that happened to him.

The small dolls that Takamizawa made were still in his schoolbag. Seiji asked Kota's help in order to meet up with Midori. He agreed without any hesitation, he himself knows Midori had been lonely ever since that day.

"Come on, Midori! It would be fun!" Kota added, "Besides, I got these entrance tickets for free! How about that, huh?"

"But… I'd rather stay at home… I'm not in a mood to go out tomorrow…" Midori said

"Midori, it's only at the carnival… you know, the nearest one… Please…" Kota begged. Midori sighed as she looked at her friend's eyes. "Oh, o.k. then. I will go… I will wait for you by…"

"By 5 o'clock in the afternoon…" Kota said; he has to follow every word Seiji gave him. He left as soon as their conversation was over. Oh, brother! I'm not really good at lying. Midori, please forgive me! Kota thought, looking back at Midori, who was standing at the balcony of their house.

This might be the only way to bring you two back together. Kota told himself. Meanwhile, Seiji was waiting for Kota's call to make sure his plans were followed. His phone rang. "Seiji here, oh, it's you…" Seiji answered, "How is it? Really? That's great! Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it! O.k. then, goodbye!"

The following day came; it was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon when Midori hurries to dress up. She was wearing a pink shirt and a dark blue skirt. "Oh, I'm going to be late…" Midori panted, running as fast as she could.

Seiji was already at their meeting place, waiting for her to arrive. He, himself is nervous. Darn it! What will I say for her not to leave? Seiji thought, thinking deeply. He was wearing a red shirt and a midnight blue pants. He was holding a bouquet of red and white flowers in his right hand while on the other hand were the dolls.

Then, Midori finally arrived. She did not notice Seiji because she was looking for Kota. Seiji walked behind Midori's back and asked, "Guess who…"

Midori thought that the voice was familiar; she turned around to see who it was. As she turned her back she saw no one. Seiji was still hiding at her back. Finally, Seiji stopped hiding and as Midori turned her back once more, she saw Seiji standing in front of her.

"What are you doing here?!" Midori exclaimed.

"Well… uhm… it was me who wants to meet you here and not Kota." Seiji said bravely.

"I don't care! I'm leaving…" Midori said as she turned her back on Seiji, but then, Seiji lets go of what he is holding and placing his arms on top of Midori's shoulders and slowly embraced her. "Please don't go… I'm really sorry… Terribly sorry…" Seiji said.

Midori held Seiji's arms and closed her eyes; she was crying. It has been a long time ever since Seiji embraced her so tight. She nodded her head and said, "I forgive you…"

Seiji started to grin and then, he gave the bouquet of flowers to her. "Let's ride on the Ferris wheel…"Seiji said, grabbing her hands. As soon as the ride on the Ferris wheel began, Seiji hands over the doll to Midori. The letter that was attached on the doll's hands was still there. "You can change its attire if you want to, just like when you stitch your dresses when you became my right hand…"Seiji said.

"That would be wonderful!" Midori said gladly, "I can't wait to dress up my Seiji doll… I would stitch some shirts that say 'I LOVE MIDORI'…"

"I knew you would say that…" Seiji laughed.

After trying out each ride at the carnival, they ate at Midori's favorite spot. Seiji bought the food as Midori waited for him. "Sorry if it took so long… there are lots of foods to choose from." Seiji said, giving Midori a packed food. They sat down and watched the beautiful fountain.

"Time sure passes by, don't you think so?" Midori said, finishing the last piece of her meal.

"It sure is… Anyway, once we're done eating, can I walk you home?" Seiji asked, "Besides, it's already late…"

"You're right…" Midori agreed, "Seiji… I'm really sorry for what happened… I didn't realize I was being judgmental…"

"It's o.k…" Seiji said, "We all judge people because of what we see… you know, just a misunderstanding…"

Seiji stood up and collected their trash. He placed it on a plastic bag and threw it at the trash can. On their way to Midori's house, there was a moment of silence. Seiji can't think of anything to say, on the other hand, Midori wants to say something but did not know where to begin.

"Seiji… thank you for all these gifts… I really appreciate it…" Midori said nervously.

"Oh, it's not a problem at all… compared to what I did…" Seiji said; feeling embarrassed.

When they reached Kasugano's residence, Seiji and Midori seemed to be speechless.

Seiji puts his hands on Midori's shoulders and gulped. He did not know what to say; he felt himself burning up. Midori held the doll and the bouquet very tight, she was waiting for him to say something. He asked her to close her eyes and then, Midori felt nervous. She did what she was asked; her heart was beating so fast. Seiji's face came closer and closer, until their lips have touched. Seiji have done it for the first time. Midori wished it would last forever. And they looked at each other, both feeling embarrassed. Then, Midori bid him goodbye.

Before they went to sleep, they are both grinning the whole night.


All right, readers… I hope you like it… it was really hard thinking of a good ending… I wish I had made it longer… as I always say, thanks for reading… ;p