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Warnings: Yaoi, romance, fluff, violence

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Summary- Naruto is the grandson of a famous politician and a famous writer. His grandparents get him a body gaurd to protect, but the body gaurd soon finds he has to protect Naruto from himself(as in Kakashi). Kakashi/Naruto Yaoi.

Chapter one Naruto's body gaurd

"But baa-chan!! Do I really need a body gaurd? I can take care of myself just fine!!" Naruto whined as his grandmother told him the news.

"Naruto! I've gotten threats from people involving you! I have to be careful." Tsunade complained as rubbed her throbbing temples. She was getting such a headache. "I can't lose you, Naruto! You are my grandson for God's sake! Listen to me when I'm talking to you, brat!"

"Gran!!!!" Naruto whined some more. "He'll be following me to school, sleeping in my room! Thats a little much!"

"No its not Naruto!" Tsunade was getting frustrated. "Ok either you get a body gaurd, who I will choose, or no ramen for 6 months!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Naruto cried loudly. "Not my beautiful ramen! How can you do this to me Gran?!!?"

"Naruto..Quit acting like an idiot!" Jiraiya yelled from the room next store. He was writing a new Icha icha book. "Just SHUT UP!"

"..mrrh." Naruto sobbed. "Fine but he better not be really buffy and scary and ugly and mean!"

"Of course Naruto. Only the best for my grandson!" Tsunade grinned victoriously. Her brown eyes shining, Her blonde hair had a few white streaks in it. She had Naruto's father when she was very young with Jiraiya. He was muuuuuuuch better looking back then. She had only been 16 when they met, 18 when they got married and she gave birth. It was love at first sight, during their first fight. Of course she won. That was 30 or 40-something years ago. "Now Naruto go do your homework."

"Whatever..." Naruto grumbled as he headed to his room. His room had light blue walls and a dark blue ceiling. His bed had bright orange sheets and big puffy blue blankets. There house was a good size, 5 bedrooms. Though Naruto knew his new body gaurd would be sleeping in his room. 'I should get a futon in here.'

Naruto sighed and jumped onto his bed, he layed down slowly. Tommorow was going to be difficult. He closed his eyes, and instead of doing his homework he went to sleep.

The next day

School was sucky as usual. Naruto sighed as he stomped into his house. He yelled loudly."I'm home!!!"

Not only had Sakura tortured him with random punches, and tripping him, but Sasuke had made it so he got detention by sending Naruto a fake love letter. Naruto was so ticked off as he stomped up to his room that he didn't notice he was being followed. He threw his orange backpack up against the wall then turned to go talk to Tsunade. He ran right into someone.

"What the hell!?!" Naruto yelled as he pulled away. He looked up to see a man with a mask over his face, only showing one eye which was the color of the darkest night. Naruto screamed. "GRANDMA TSUNADE!!!! SOME CREEPY GUY IS TRYING TO KIDNAP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The man laughed at him. Tsunade rushed over. She looked at the man then at Naruto.

"This isn't a kidnapper Naruto. This is your new body gaurd!" Tsunade grinned.

"...WHAT?!" Naruto yelled. He calmed down after flailing his arms everywhere. He examined The man. "Why's his face covered?"

"So people won't realize I'm your body gaurd when I take it off." The man smiled. He had silver hair but Naruto could tell he was young. The man leaned over and traced the scars on Naruto's cheeks. Naruto's eyes which were the color of the noon sky widened. "My name is Kakashi. Nice to meet you. I am 28 years old."

"...Oh.." Naruto mumbled. He felt his face getting warm. "My name is Naruto. I'm 16."

"Good. I am sure we will get along greatly." Kakashi smiled, though it only showed by the way his eyes upturned slightly. His eyes were filled with amusement. He removed his hand from Naruto's cheek. "So where will I be sleeping?"

"In the brats room." Tsunade said as she ran a hand through her hair. "Keep an eye on him. He's tricky."

"Of course, Tsunade." Kakashi nodded and walked into Naruto's room. Jiraiya dropped two bags off as he mumbled something to Kakashi and handed him an orange book. Kakashi shook the man's hand and then turned to Naruto as soon as the man left. "Your grandfather is going somewhere to the North. he told me to tell you."

"What?! He was right there why didn't he tell me himself!!!" Naruto pouted as he jumped onto his bed. "He always does that the stupid old man."

"..." Kakashi smiled slightly then sat next to Naruto on the bed. Naruto noticed that the man smelled strongly of Vanilla. Unlike Naruto who only smelled like soap. He unconciously leaned up against the man. "So..I shall be sleeping in bed with you correct? At least thats what Tsunade-san told me."

"What... What?!?!?!?" Naruto's face turned redder than a tomato. "...Fine but your sleeping above my blanket and getting your own."

"Very well." Kakashi smiled and watched Naruto get up and sit done at his desk.

"I'm gonna finish my homework..you do whatever."

Kakashi took out the orange book Jiraiya gave him and began reading it. His eyes upturned and a slight blush was visible. When Naruto was done he turned to Kakashi and asked shyly, "You don't need to follow me to the shower do you?"

"Only if you want me to. Otherwise I will wait outside the door." Naruto nodded and went to his dresser pulling out sky blue pajamas. He then led Kakashi to the bathroom. He glared at Kakashi, "The door is locked so don't even think about peeping!"

With that Naruto went into the bathroom slamming the door shut behind him. Kakashi continued to read his book as he waited. When Naruto was done he came out with flushed skin and wet blonde hair wearing those pajamas that were obviously a size or two too big for him. Kakashi smiled. "May I use the bathroom?"

"Of-of course!" Naruto turned bright red and leaned against the wall indicating for Kakashi to go in. He walked down the hall to his room and waited in fron of his door for Kakashi to come back.

He began thinking that perhaps he could lock the man out..Yes that was a great plan. He didn't need someone else in his bed. Even if it was a queen size. He then went in and locked the door quickly. He then put his dirty clothes in a basket and skipped over to his bed. There he cuddled with his stuffed fox Kyuubi, and snuggled into the blankets. He closed his eyes. He began thinking that Kakashi was probably going to have to sleep on the couch. He smiled slightly at the thought.

Naruto's felt a hand clamp down on his mouth and his eyes flew opened and he screamed. There was Kakashi muffling his scream. Finally Kakashi pulled his hand away.

"How..How did you get in here?" Naruto panted.

"Through the window of course." Kakashi's eyes upturned. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to change into my own pajamas."

With that the man walked over to his bag and pulled out a pair of black boxers and a black t-shirt. He began undressing and Naruto looked away with a blush decorating his face.

"There." Kakashi said as he walked over to the bed with a blanket in his arms. He layed next to Naruto on top of Naruto's blue blanket and pulled a black one over himself. Naruto felt uncomfortable with someone sleeping with him, but he couldn't just kick the guy out on the floor now... He sighed and closed his eyes. He soon fell asleep as he wondered why Kakashi wore the mask to sleep.

When Kakashi was sure the boy was asleep he took off his mask revealing a handsome face. The reason he wore his mask, besides to conceal his identity, was to make it so he didn't have a ton of crazy fan girls going after him. He was actually a very very handsome man. He currently had mask hair so he ran his hands through it. One of his eyes was blood red and had a scar over it. He layed down completely then closed his eyes, knowing he would wake up in the morning before the boy did. He suddenly felt the boy cuddle close to him with a shiver. His eyes opened and he looked at the boy snuggling his chest. He smiled slightly and pulled the covers over Naruto's shoulder and the boys stuffed fox. He smiled at how kawaii the boy was. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the boys forehead before laying back down and falling asleep himself.


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