Warnings: fluff, shounen-ai, blood, hospitals, etc.


Chapter 11

Naruto woke up in a hospital bed. His thighs were bandaged, and his arms ached. He noticed Kakashi was asleep right next to him. The man's side had a huge band-aid over it. Naruto smiled. 'My hero..hah that sounds so cheesy'

Kakashi sat up. He noticed Naruto was moving. "Hey...How are you feeling?"

"Good...Especially since you're here." The blonde whispered back. Kakashi leaned forward and kissed Naruto gently on the lips. Neither of them noticed the door being opened. Hands clung to Kakashi's shoulders. The silver-haired man's arms wrapped around Naruto's waist, pulling the boy closer to him gently.

"What do you think you're doing?" An annoyed female voice growled. The two pulled apart, and stared at a fuming Tsunade. Naruto's face turned bright red. He didn't notice Tsunade was pinching her nose to stop the bleeding. "I leave my Grandson alone for a few hours, and you go and molest him?"

"Gran..." Naruto felt nervous as the old women glared at them.

"How long has this been going on?!" The woman demanded.

"For..A few months.." Kakashi said slowly.

"I see." The woman stood still for a moment as she thought. "Alright, just remember to not have sex in funny places!"

"Gran!!!!" Naruto screamed as his face turned bright red. Well this was unexpected. The women cackled easily and left. Turning, Naruto saw Kakashi chuckling. The boy pouted. "What's so funny.."

"Naruto...You're really cute..." Kakashi kissed Naruto a second time. Pressing his lips against the blonde's.

"...Hey," Naruto asked when the kiss broke. "How long will I be stuck here?"

"About three days." Kakashi kissed Naruto's forehead, taking a tan hand in his pale one. "As soon as you're out, I'll take you on a date to the ramen shop."

"Really?" Naruto smiled a small, happy smile. "Are you ok, Kakashi? Is your side ok?"

"It's fine. Nothing too bad. Just a few stitches." The man couldn't seem to be able to keep his hands off Naruto. Slowly massaging the boy's thigh. "You're so beautiful.."

"Kakashi..." Naruto whispered as their lips touched again. Blues eyes closed as they responded to the kiss. Kakashi held Naruto tightly. "I love you.."

"I love you too, Naruto." Kakashi kissed the blonde again.

A few days later Naruto was well enough to return home. He had many things he had to do. Like get caught up with his school work. He still had Kakashi at his side and he couldn't be happier. The blonde practically glowed whenever the man was around. Jiraiya saw this and gave the couple his blessing. The old man even made a new gay porn book, dedicated to them. Kakashi was delighted. Naruto, on the other hand, was very embarrassed.

The two had finally decided to move into a nice cozy apartment... With on bedroom. The younger of the two was very nervous. The farthest they had gone was making out. Boxes were placed in their gray-carpeted living room.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" Kakashi asked, stroking the boy's cheek.

"N-nothing..I'm just a little nervous." Naruto smiled back, his cheeks glowing a pleasant shade of pink. Kakashi kissed Naruto's soft lips.

"Wanna check out the bedroom?" The man asked with a wide grin. Naruto's face turned bright red.

"Pervert!" The blonde hit the older male. Kakashi just laughed it off and started to unload some boxes of clothes. The apartment was already furnished, which was good. Especially since the bed was king-sized.

"Come on.. We can test out the bed." Kakashi kissed Naruto again, not being able to get enough of the blue-eyed boy.

"I..." Naruto blushed as Kakashi began to grope his ass. Pleasure rushed through his body. The silver-haired picked Naruto up and carried him to their unused bedroom. There the two began to kiss passionately. Clothes were thrown on the floor, skin was against skin.

Sweat covered Naruto's small body. A tiny bit of blood and semen was leaking out of the teen's behind. He ignored it as he cuddled against his older lover. This was his first time, of course it would hurt. Butterfly kisses were placed around his neck.

"You alright, Naruto?" Kakashi asked as he ran a hand through silky blonde locks.

"Yeah." Came a soft reply. Naruto felt sleep overcome him. "..Kakashi... We'll be together forever...right?"

"Of course, love." The silver-haired man leaned over and kissed the boy gently. "Now get some rest."

It all had seemed like a wonderful dream. Naruto hoped their relationship would never end, and it didn't. Through time, in different lifetimes, different situations... They were always able to find each other, because they were connected... In more ways than one.


So that is perhaps the end. There might be a sequel in the future. I have to finish my other fanfics first, though. Woo...The sequel will be them in another place, another time. Hmm... The future... another planet... We'll see I suppose. ..I'm thinking future. Some cutesy, slightly unoriginal thing..maybe..maybe not... Till then 3. Thanks for reading.