Sarcastically Said


Riku woke up at about two in the morning, very groggy and very hungry.

He could barely remember walking into the kitchen and fixing himself a bowl of 'Fairytopia' cereal.

Despite the fact that he was seventeen years old and eating Barbie cereal, it was some awesome stuff.

Four bowls later, Riku sat in front of the TV, mindlessly flipping through the channels.

His finger happened to stop on a Barbie commercial. It featured Barbie, and a little gold dog.

As Riku watched more, he found out you could feed the dog plastic brown dog food.

As much as he hated to admit it, it was sorta, kinda…cute.

And then he saw it.

He shouldn't be so surprised.

If you eat something, where does it come out of?

But still…little girls shouldn't see dogs spewing out sprinkle-like brown things from their rear end.

Riku watched as they showed Barbie pick up the digested food with a little pink stick.

Riku stared at the TV with disgust.

Then the commercial started singing happily again.

He buried his head in his hands.

Leave it to Barbie to make picking up poop desirable to young girls.

--The Queen of Ramen


:::I hope you enjoyed this:::

This was inspired by Kingdom Hearts and Barbie.

Both of which I don't own.