So I have read other stories full of JDA and I decided that I wanted to write one. So yesterday I started typing out the idea that I had in my head. This story will eventually turn into a slash but that will not come until later. It will also deal with some other themes but like I said it will be a while before I get there.

Summary: J.D thought that he had an innocent secret admirer, he was wrong. What is going to happen when he becomes the object of someone's obsession. Will be able to protect himself from the challenges that will lie ahead.

Disclaimer: Don't owned Scrubs. Wish I did but I don't so bite me.

Chapter 1

J.D had been having a really rough morning. He had overslept and was late to work and his very first patient had been a very angry old man. Sighing he made his way to the nurse's station and laid his head own on the counter in front of his best friend's wife Carla.

"Hey Bambi, you got another package today"

"Really another one" J.D groaned. For the past two weeks, he had been receiving gifts from some unknown person. At first, it was little things like key chains or cards but lately they became more personal, as if the person knew many things about him. The last gift that he received was two days ago and it was a gold scarf. J.D didn't know what to do about the gifts since he didn't know who was sending them to him so he just kept them.

"What's the matter, you thought you liked your gifts."

"I use to like my gifts" J.D replied. "I pictured they were from this really hot model chick and she was madly in love with me. But now they just seem kind of creepy."


"Yes creepy." J.D replied again. "I mean at first they were cute and simple. A keychain here and a fountain pen there. However, lately, they just seem too personal. I mean how many people know that I collect scarves."

"Everybody in the hospital knows now that you said that out loud." Carla grinned.

"It's not just the scarves thing that's got me freaked. It the phone calls that I have been receiving too. The other day when I was off, someone called my apartment like ten times."

"Did they say anything?"

"Unless you count their constant breathing on the phone, then it's a no"

"Wow, that sounds serious" Carla frowned.

"I know I don't know what to do."

"Maybe you should go to the police"

"And tell them what Carla" J.D frowned. "That some stranger is sending me scarves and calling me at my place. I don't think so"

"Just trying to help"

"I know, it just creepy."

"Looks like someone has gotten another gift from their secret admirer." Elliot teased as she hopped onto the counter and smiled at J.D. "What did you get this time?"

"I don't know, I haven't opened it yet" J.D answered. "I don't think that I am going to"


"Because J.D thinks that this person is not an admirer but a stalker"

"Really" Elliot laughed. "You think that you have a stalker."

"I don't see anything funny Elliot," J.D snapped. "It could very well be possible that someone out there wants a piece of this."

"Whatever" Elliot laughed again. "Are you going to open it or not"

"Alright, alright" J.D frowned as he opened the box. Tearing off the wrapping, his smiled faded when he saw that it was just a photo album. On the cover was "My Lover" with hearts drawn all over it. "Okay now tell me that this isn't creepy"

"Okay it is a little creepy," Elliot agreed.

"That's it," Carla asked as she grabbed the photo album out of J.D's hand. "It's not that creepy." When she grabbed the book from him, a letter fell out of the book onto the counter.

"Hey J.D, they sent you a letter" Elliot replied as she picked the letter up and handed it to him.

"Let's see what they wrote to me" J.D replied. The group looked onward as J.D's eyes skimmed over the letter. The watched his smile fade and the color began to drain from his face. His knuckles turned white and he began shaking a bit.

"Okay, J.D what's wrong"

"Open the book up Carla."


"Just open the book"

Carla opened the book and inside was pictures of J.D at various places. They were a couple of pictures of him outside the hospital, and others of him at the grocery store. There was even a picture of him standing inside his apartment looking out of the window. The other pictures were of him with his friends but their faces had been either colored over or burned out. The word KILL was written over the bodies of Turk, Carla, Elliot, and even Dr. Cox. Carla mouth hung open as she flipped through the whole book realizing why J.D felt the way that he did.

"What does the letter say?" Elliot whispered as she grabbed the letter from his hands. She decided that it would be better if she read it aloud for Carla to hear also.

"Dr. Johnathan."

I know that you have been receiving gifts from me lately and I finally found the courage to write you. I want to tell you that I am in love with you. Deeply in love with you. I love you so much that sometimes I stand outside your apartment and imagine that I am in there with you. I want so much to reach out and run my fingers through your hair and kiss your full luscious lips. Caress you beautiful skin and make love to you, feel you inside of me. I need you and I will do everything possible to make you mine. Even if that means killing everyone that comes between us, especially that blond hair bitch you seem so fond of."

Love Always

Your one and only

Elliot dropped the letter on the counter and stared wide-eyed at Carla who was already grabbing the phone to call the police.

"Still think that I am being ridiculous," J.D whispered as he picked up the letter.

"J.D…I don't know to say" Elliot tried to reassure J.D feeling scared herself. Just as Elliot turned to give J.D a hug, Turk came down the hospital hallway hysterical.

"Turk what's the matter?"

"Someone broke into our apartment," Turk shouted.

"What, why"

"I don't know. I just got a call from Mrs. Wallace from next door. Apparently, she was going to the store and noticed that our door was unlocked and opened. She opened the door and said that the place is complete trashed."

"You don't think it was them do you."

"Who" Turk asked.

"Well you know those gifts I have been getting lately"

"Yeah, they sent you that cool Smurfs keychain. What does your secret admirer have to do with anything?"

"I think that it maybe more than just an admirer." J.D said as he handed the photo album and letter to Turk. Turk read the letter and looked back up at J.D in fear.

"We can give this to the police when we get to the apartment" Turk replied. "We gotta go"

"I can't leave man; what about my patients."

"J.D don't worry about it" Elliot reassured him. "I will take care of your patients for you until you come back."

"And I will make sure that Dr. Cox doesn't try to kill when you come back," Carla smiled.

"Thanks Carla" J.D smiled as he and Turk made there way out of the hospital. Carla turned to Elliot and grabbed her hand.

"Don't worry, if there is some crazed lunatic after our Bambi the police will take care of it."

"If you say so" Elliot smiled as she turned to walk away. Before she left she turned back around, her facing confused and frowning. "Hey Carla"


"In that letter do you think that I am the blonde bitch they were talking about?"

"Elliot" Carla shrieked.

"Right" Elliot nodded shamefully. "I should get back to work because now I have twice the workload.

Back at the apartment, J.D had just gotten finished talking to the officers about the gifts that he had been receiving from his admirer. They had been questioning him for over an hour and still were asking him the same questions over and over again.

"So Mr. Dorian, you say that you have been receiving these gifts for almost two weeks"

"Yes" J.D replied.

"And you also say that you were receiving some weird phone calls"

"Yes, but they could have just been prank calls"

"Right" the officer mumbled. "So why didn't you come to the police sooner."

"Because I didn't think that it was necessary"

"You didn't think it was necessary"

"No I didn't" J.D gritted his teeth and looked up at the officer.

"Why didn't you think that it was necessary?"

"Because Officer"


"Because Officer Timmons it was really nothing to report. It was a couple of key chains, an engraved fountain pen and a couple of scarves. The phone call could have just been some kids pulling pranks on me. I didn't think it was that bad until this morning."

"This morning when you received that photo album"


"And the letter declaring their love for you."


"Mr. Dorian do you have any ex girlfriends that have any grudges against you"

"What" J.D gasp. "No"

"Are you sure because this could be someone who just wants some payback for breaking their heart."

"Are you sure about that. Did you break a woman's heart recently?"

"Yeah maybe."

"Did you hurt her enough for her to seek some kind of revenge?"


"How do you know?"

"Because I work with her. She isn't capable of doing something like this."

"Well obviously you don't know women very well" Thomas laughed. "They can do anything that they put their minds too. Especially if a man like you hurts them."

"Well Elliot wouldn't do anything like this to me," J.D growled. "Beside she was mentioned in the letter. If she was the person doing this to me, why would she threaten herself?"

"To cover her tracks, to throw suspicion to someone else. There could be a ton of reasons for her to do it."

"It isn't Elliot"

"Are you sure?" Timmons asked.

"For the last time yes." J.D snapped.

"There is no need for the aggressive attitude Mr. Dorian; I'm just trying to get as much information that I can."

"Look" J.D spat pinching the bridge of his nose. "I told you everything that has been going on and you are still asking me the same questions over and over. I thought that I was the victim and yet you and are treating me and one of my best friend like we're the criminals."

"Mr. Dorian"

"What, are you going to ask me some more pointless questions? I have been here for almost an hour and have yet to see my room. You seem to have forgotten that I am a doctor and I don't have time for this pointless drabble. Now what are you going to do about it"

"Well first we are going to file a report and we are going to need contact numbers in case we need to call you again for further questioning"

"Oh that sounds like fun," J.D said sarcastically.

"We also dusted for prints and we are going to need those gifts that you received for evidence" Timmons replied ignoring J.D's comment. "You do have the gifts right."

"Yes" J.D growled. "I kept the gifts."

"At least you did something right" Timmons said as he walked away. J.D breathed deeply as he made his way across the room. He walked into his room and found it completely destroyed. All his clothes here on the floor and his drawers were on the floor. There was red marker written all over his wall with various phrases such as "I Love You", "You Will Be Mine" and his least favorite "I Will Kill Them All." Turk walked back in beside him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"How's your room"

"Good actually, they didn't touch anything." Turk replied. "Your room though"

"Yeah my room" J.D whispered as he went over to inspect his things. He walked over to his naked bed and noticed something was missing. He ran his hands over his nightstand and realized what it was after a couple of seconds.

"They took it"

"Took what man"

"They took the picture of me and my dad"

"Are you sure"

"Yes I'm sure" J.D snapped at Turk and quickly calmed himself down. He was upset that the police was treating him as if he was an idiot but he shouldn't take it out on his best friend. "I'm sorry dude but yeah I'm sure. I always leave it on my nightstand because I feel closer to my dad when it's there."

"Don't worry about it" Turk smiled. "You should go and tell the cops about it."

"I don't know if that will help. " J.D mumbled as he walked out of the room and over to Officer Timmons. Tapping the man on the shoulder, J.D rolled his eyes as Timmons groaned as he turned around and place a fake smile on his face.

"What can I do for you Mr. Dorian?"

"I wanted to tell you that something was missing from my room."



"Well then what is it?"

"It was a picture"

"A picture" Timmons snorted.

"Yeah a picture of me and my dad when I was younger."

"Are you sure."

"What is up with everyone asking me that?" J.D yelled. "Yes I am sure, I know where I keep my picture and I know that it isn't there now. Do you think that I am stupid?"

"No Mr. Dorian. I was just suggesting that you could have misplaced it."

"I didn't, I know that it isn't in there"

"Alright" Timmons sighed as he wrote that down in his notebook.

"When are you going to get in contact with me?"

He looked back up at J.D and tipped his glasses. "Look kid I am going to be honest with you. This case here isn't going to be a top priority at the station." he smirked.

"Why not"

"Do you know how many cases like this we get a year, a lot? In addition, there probably won't be any fingerprints in the house or on the gifts to go on. What you have here is probably some ex of yours trying to get even with you for doing something awful to her."

"It's not though, I know it isn't"

"Well it doesn't really matter because we will get to this care when we can."


"Look got to go, but don't hesitant to give us a call if something else like this happens okay."

J.D stood in shock as he watched the officer and the other's leave his apartment. He couldn't believe that the police was giving him the runaround and the brush off. Sighing to himself, he walked back to his room and began to straighten it up. Turk was already in there doing what he could but soon both of their pagers went off and they had to head back to the hospital.

"Where the hell have you been" Dr. Cox yelled as soon as J.D walked back through the door. "I have been paging you Martha for almost thirty minutes now."

"Dr. Cox I had an emergency back at my place."

"I don't care" Dr. Cox screamed. "You never leave the hospital without having your patients covered by another doctor."

"Elliot was covering for me"

"Like I said you never leave you patients without them being covered by another doctor. I mean come on Rachel, there are plenty of qualified doctors in this joint and you pick Barbie."

"She's my friend and a good doctor."

"She's a klutz and she is an alright doctor."

"So you admit that she's a doctor" J.D smiled. Even though he mind was far away from the hospital, he couldn't help but tease with Dr. Cox.

"Get to work Julia and don't make me come looking for you again." Dr. Cox growled as he took J.D's charts and slammed them into his chest.

Several hours in, J.D seemed to forget all about what had happened earlier. He talked to the police again and he assured him that they would do everything they could to find out who broke into his apartment. He couldn't help but snort because he knew that the officer was just trying to make him feel better. J.D knew that officer Timmons was telling the truth about his case not being that important, because it wasn't in their eyes. Happily, he finally reached his last patient, a young woman who had been checked in for some abdominal pain.

"Hey Miss Jacobs" J.D smiled.

"Hello Doctor" she smiled back. "So do you know what is wrong with me?"

"Well is seems that you have a burst appendix and need to have surgery right away."


"Don't worry" J.D assured here. "We have the best doctors here okay. You have nothing to worry about."


"Alright. Someone will be here soon to prep you for surgery and I will check on you as soon as you come out.

"Thanks Dr. Dorian"

"Please call me J.D"

"Thanks J.D"

"Your welcome" J.D smiled back as he walked out of the room. He was thinking about his other patients when he heard his stomach growling. He realized that he hadn't eaten all day and made his way down to the cafeteria. He made his way into the line and noticed Michael was working today. Michael was one of the new employees at the hospital that was really quiet and kept to himself. Even though he was a quiet man, he always held a conversation with J.D whenever he ate in the cafeteria.

"Hey Michael"

"Hey Dr. Dorian" Michael smiled back.

"Michael what did I tell you" J.D replied. "Call me J.D"

"Sorry" Michael sighed. "It's just you're a doctor and I'm just a server. It seems like I should show you some respect."

"Michael, I am just a regular person just like you. Just because I am a doctor doesn't mean that I am better than you in any way."

"Really" Michael blushed.


"Well in that case" Michael replied looking around making sure no one was watching him. "You get this."

"Awesome" J.D cheered as Michael placed an extra scoop of fries onto his tray. "Thanks man"

"No problem, you deserve it Dr. Dor- I mean J.D" Michael smiled as J.D moved out of his line. J.D was glad that he had gotten the extra fries because he hadn't eaten anything all day. It put him in a much better mode for the rest of the day.

Moreover, just like that the rest of the day passed just like that for J.D. All his patients were taken care of and none of them was having problems. His shift was over and no one needed his help so he was free to go home. Walking into his apartment, he threw his backpack on the couch and turned on the TV. He had gotten up to grab something out of the refrigerator when the phone rang.

"Hello Party hotline" J.D laughed over the receiver.

"Hello Johnathan"

"Um who is this?"

"You know who this is" the voice laughed. "Did you like the gifts that I sent you?"

"Okay if is the crazy Janitor I'm not-"

"I am not the damn Janitor," the gruff voice yelled.

"I'm sorry" J.D gulped. The person was actually talking to him, not just breathing on the phone like before. He tried his best to see if he could recognize the voice but his mind came up blank. It could be anybody, including an ex-girlfriend but there was something about the voice. It voice seemed to deep to belong to a woman but you could never really be sure.

"You are forgiven" the voice answered back, this time calmly.

"Why are you calling me?" J.D frowned as he began flipping the channels on the TV. He finally settled on one of his favorite show Good Times, which happened to be starting.

"Why are you asking me such a foolish question, you know why I am calling you" the voice replied. "I just wanted to talk to you but can you do me one favor."


"Please don't frown. You'll get more wrinkles that way and we wouldn't want that now would we."

"Wait…what" J.D whispered. "How did you know that I was frowning?"

"Because my beloved" the voice laughed. "I can see you. In fact, I am watching you right now."

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