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Chapter 9

J.D's stomach began to twist around in knot as the figure held their arm tighter around Perry's neck. He still couldn't believe the person that had the man he loved in a chokehold. It was someone who would have considered his friend, someone who appeared to be a nice and sincere person.

"Well you know what they say, looks can be deceiving," he thought to himself as he slowly began walking closer to Perry and his captor.

"J.D don't come any closer" Perry grasped not being able to breathe because of the arm that was cutting off his air supply. He knew that his life was in danger and yet now he was more concerned about J.D's safety. He didn't want to see him get hurt.

"Dr. Cox I don't think that you are in any position to be giving orders" the person laughed walking closer to J.D. "Don't you think so Johnathan?"

"What…what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?"

"It looks like you have a knife against of Dr. Cox's throat."

They laughed as they scratched their head with the handle of the knife. "See that is what I love about you, you always know how to make me laugh. Did you like the gifts that I sent you?"

"You sent me those gifts," J.D, gasped looking into their cold black eyes. He found that there was nothing but darkness in them, not remorse what they were doing.

"Yes" laughing again. "I sent you all of them."


"Because my precious, I wanted to let you know how I felt about you. How much that I loved you? How I spend every second, every minute, every hour, and every day just thinking about you"

"But this" J.D stuttered. "You're not supposed to…"

"Not supposed to do what."

"I thought that you were my friend." J.D asked. "I talked to you about everything. I was the one who treated you better than everyone else at this hospital"

"I know that's why I had the perfect cover" they smiled. "Everyone thought it was some crazy person from off the streets. No one would ever suspect a fellow coworker. A confidant who you trusted was the one madly in love with you."

"But why me"

"Why not you. My God have they broken you so much that you don't even know how wonderful you actually are."

"My friends have not broken me, they love me"

"No they don't, they are just using you," they cried. "Why do think I have been trying to get rid of them for you. You don't need them. We don't need them"

"What did you do?"

"Nothing really just put some rat poison in your friend's coffee and tried to run that whiny doctor off of the road."

"That was you," J.D whispered. "You tried to run Elliot off the road…and put…you put Brodifacoum in my coffee." He couldn't believe that someone that he thought was his friend was trying to kill him and the most important people in his life.

"I didn't mean to hurt Dr. Reid or your black friend. I was just trying to prove a point."

"By killing Turk and Elliot"

"Well actually I thought that it was his coffee cup because that is what you told me." growling at Perry, pulling the knife closer to his neck. "I had no idea that you were going to drink it for yourself or that your friend was going to drink it."

"But how did you put-"

"Put rat poison in the coffee. It was easy; after all, I was the one that made the coffee. Like I said I never meant for your friend to drink it but you know how friends are, they always take what isn't theirs, using you all the time."

"But why" J.D whispered shaking his head back and forth. "Why would you do that to Dr. Cox?

"Who did you think that I was talking about in the letter I sent you? I warned you to stay away from him."

"Dr. Cox" stuttering as he ran his fingers through his hair. The whole time that he thought that Elliot had been the target it had been Perry. "I thought you meant Elliot."

"Dr. Reid, now why would I be talking about her?"

"You said blond hair"

"Yes, Dr. Cox here has dirty blonde hair sometimes"

"But I don't understand, why him. He hasn't done anything to you and he's not even really my friend."

'Listen to Melissa, she's telling the truth" Perry gasped.

"Shut up Perry you are nothing but a liar. I know all about you two, about your "relationship." that you too have."

"How could you know, nobody knew."

"Please" they laugh coming closer to J.D, still dragging Perry along with them. "Anyone with eyes could tell that he wanted you and you the same with him. It's sad though that it took you being at a vulnerable state before he admitted how he felt to you. Now tell me is that the kind of man you want in your life."

"But he loves me" J.D whispered.

"Love, this man knows nothing about love. He is nothing more than a pathetic waste of space."

"Says the man who has trying to kill me" Perry smirked, hoping that he could distract him and be able to take the knife from him.

"Shut-up" they spat. "Be quiet or I won't try to kill you, I will kill you." inching the knife closer to Perry's throat, placing the blade directly at his Adam's apple.

"Stop" J.D cried as he ran over and stood no more than five feet away. His mind raced over all the possible things that he could do to save not only himself but Perry as well. As he thought things over he realized that everything that he thought of could get possibly get him killed.

"What is it Johnathan."

"Let Dr. Cox go"

"Now why would I do that?"

"Because Dr. Cox has nothing to do with this."

"Oh he has everything to do with this" they smile. "He is the reason that you don't want to be with me. He's keeping you from loving me"


"No you listen." yelling so loudly J.D wondered why no one around could here them. "I am going to give you two options. You can either come with me or your boyfriend here gets it."

"Sounds like somebody's jealous" Perry snarled only to have the grip tightened the gripped.

"Shut up. I could kill you right now for the way you treat my beloved. I will slice you from ear to ear if you do not shut up."

"Then what are you waiting for."

"If I kill you now then Johnathan won't come with me." they reply. So what's it going to be Johnathan?" they laughed. "You can either come with me or I could kill your mentor right now"

"Sabrina, you better not be thinking what I think you are thinking" Perry growled. He knew that J.D would rather risk his life then let Perry suffer for something that he didn't do. He couldn't let J.D go through with that, he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did.

"Okay, okay you win" J.D smiled nervously. "Just let Dr. Cox go and I will go with you" He didn't know what he was going to do but he had to do something fast or Perry would be dead.

"And you'll be with me" an evil smile matched his tooth for tooth. "You'll stay with me forever"

"Yes, I will go with you and never leave you."

"Me and my beloved forever. I like the idea of that"

"Not on your life you sick bastard," Perry gasped. "He mine"

"I told you to shut up" pressing the knife harder against his throat, breaking through the skin. He didn't want to harm Perry until J.D was in his reach. Then he would show no mercy for the man that taken what he wanted from him.

"Please, just don't do this" J.D pleaded. "I will go with you if you just let him go."

"You're lying, you won't go with me. You're just saying that so I won't kill him."

"No I promise" J.D whispered. "Just let him go."

"Alright, but if this is a trick, I will kill him."


"It's okay Perry" J.D smiled. "He won't hurt you if I just go with him."

"You can't do this; there is no telling what he would do to you."

"I don't care about me. I just want to make sure that you come out okay. So please just do what he says."

"I won't let you go with crazy lunatic" Perry replied as J.D walked closer to them.

"You don't really have a choice now do you." J.D laughed softly. "Besides, you keep telling me that I know to grow a pair."

"J.D, please don't do this." Perry tried to reason with the young man. He would have never imagined J.D giving his life to save his. He knew that if the roles were reversed he would do the exact same thing but still. He didn't want J.D going with the lunatic, he knew in his heart that it would not turn out well.

"Shut up dammit" they cried as they then ran the knife across Perry's neck, so hard that it drew blood. Perry bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain as J.D gasped but continued to make his way over to the crazy maniac. He was shocked when he felt a something wet slide over the wound and realized that they were using their tongue to wipe off the blood.

"You're a little too acidic for me," they laughed as they ran their tongue across his neck again. "No matter, I am sure that Johnathan will be much sweeter."

"J.D please" Perry mouthed as J.D made his way over to them, not being less than a foot away. He couldn't let the man that he love be put in danger because he wanted to play hero.

"I have too, it's the only way." J.D replied as tears fell from the side of his face. This isn't how he pictured this night to end not did he want to believe that this could very well in fact be his last night alive. He couldn't believe how unfair it was that just when his life seemed to be going great, something came along to ruin it. He knew that Perry didn't want him to go but what choice did he have. This person wanted him and was going to kill anyone that stood in his way. J.D couldn't let that happen, so he continued walking towards Perry.

"That's right, be a good little boy and come closer"

"I love you," he mouthed to Perry as he finally reached to where they were standing. His stalker gave him a smile and loosened the grip around Perry's throat. Just when J.D thought that Perry was safe, the unthinkable happened. Before Perry was released from their grip, they jabbed the knife right into Perry's right side. J.D watched in horror as they pulled the knife out of Perry and tossed it to the side

"You said that you wouldn't hurt him," J.D screamed as ran to help Perry. He had to push the bile that was trying to escape his throat back down to his stomach as he saw blood flowing out of Perry's side. The older man collapsed to the ground, holding his side with his left hand pain caste all over his face. J.D had only managed to roll Perry over before he was pulled back by an unbelievably strong force.

He felt his body slam hard into the white van beside the police car and a hand grab him tightly by the throat.

"And where do you think you're going"

"You said that you wouldn't hurt him," J.D cried as he tried to break free from the hold. The person just smiled as they pulled out a loaded needle from their pocket and held it in front of J.D. J.D eyes widen as he realized that the only thing that could be in the needle was either a poison to kill him or something that would put him to sleep for a couple of hours.

"I know but I didn't have a choice" grinning as they plunged the needle into J.D's neck.
"If I didn't do it, he would try to take you away from me my beloved. I couldn't let that happen."

J.D felt his body react quickly to the drugs. Even though he knew that it would be of no us, he put up the best fight that he could. Still it wasn't enough and the next thing he knew was the door to the van being pulled open and his body falling directly in the empty back seat. He could himself being pushed all the way in before the door closed and he was surrounded by nothing but darkness. The only that he could worry about was the fact that Perry was lying on the ground of a hospital parking lot, bleeding to death.

"How ironic" he thought as blurred vision set in and the feeling of his limps became so weak that he could barely even move them. He wished that he could call for help but found that his lips could form no words. The one thing he did however get a chance to say was Perry's name before he was completely in an induced sleep.

As Perry felt the knife slice through his skin, he could think of nothing but J.D. The bastard had easily lied and said that he wouldn't hurt him but he should have known better than to trust a maniac. He could hear J.D call out his name as he felt the boy crouch down beside him, placing a hand on the wound. That was before he was pulled back onto his feet and slammed against the door of the white can.

He watched in horror as J.D himself was being injected with some kind of clear liquid. Perry prayed that whatever was in the needle was only something that would bring about sleep and not something, that was even more harmful to his body. He could see J.D struggling and trying to fight against his stalker but it appeared to be no use. J.D was fighting a losing battle, which he finally lost by being placed inside the van. They smiled as they closed the door back and made their way over to Perry.

He felt them bend down beside him and he cringed when the person ran their fingers through his curly hair. He stomach knotted as he listened to their horrendous voice send out a laugh through the air. He wanted nothing to do more than to vomit right all over the person.

"So I guess I win" the bone chilling laugh sends chills down Perry's spine. "I told you nothing would stand in my way of getting what I want. I told you that he would be mine didn't I," laughing again as they got up and walked back towards the van, but not before placing a swift kick to Perry's stomach increasing the pain that was already coursing through his body. Perry watched in horror as they finally got inside the van and soon accelerated out of the parking lot. He felt nothing but sorrow in his heart to know that he was the reason that that creep had J.D. He decided that he wasn't going to give up that easily and that he was going to get inside the hospital.

Using all the strength that he had, Perry pulled his body up against the police car and stumbled slowly over to the entrance of the hospital. He could feel the wetness of his blood coming through his lab coat, all over his fingers. He could feel it sticking to his shirt to his skin and was beginning to taste the sour blood in his mouth. He reached the front entrance weakly opened the door to show people that he was in trouble. Immediately people rushed out of the way and Carla, who was at the nurse's station, rushed over to his side.

Before he could say anything, he heard a couple of people scream, one of those voices happened to be Carla's. Perry felt his body stumble become weaker and he started to the ground but he felt someone grab his arm. He lifted his head and noticed that the person that caught him turned out to be Carla herself.

"Perry what happened." Carla screamed as she placed her hand on his side to apply more pressure. She wanted to know what was going on as his blood suddenly covered her hands. She had never expected to see Perry, the man with the God like complex, so pale, fragile and in need of assistance.

He had tried to open his mouth to speak but found that he couldn't make any sounds. The only thing that would come out of his mouth, however, was the metallic taste of his own blood. He knew that blood coming from his mouth was not a good thing and that meant it had something to do with his lung.

"Perry please" he could tell by the sound of her voice that she was crying and he then felt his body being lifted and placed on a gurney and rolled to an empty room. "Tell me what happened."

Opening his mouth again, he found that his voice was barely above a whisper but it was still audible so he tried hard to tell her.

"Newbie's stalker came…and got…got him," he gasped as he heard Elliot bark orders out to the other doctors that was standing in their way. He had to smile at the fact that she was doing her damnest to keep him alive, maybe using it as a way to get him to be nice to her. The whole "I saved your life now you owe speech" would soon be coming from her lips. He snapped back his attention to Carla who appeared to be yelling at him and crying about him at the same time.

"Perry" she screamed again as she grabbed the towels that the other nurses where handed her to keep pressure on the wound. She hadn't meant for it to come out as a scream but she was scared for friends. Both of her friends who appeared to be in serious danger. "Who's got J.D?"

"It was…," gasping for air trying to make a complete sentence. "It was-" were the only words that Perry could find himself to say as he felt his body growing colder by the second.

His twenty-twenty vision became blurry and body seemed to be growing numb. He opened his mouth to speak again but to everyone around him just sounded like incoherent noises. He felt as if his breath was being sucked out of his body as he tried to take in as much as he could. The last thing he heard before darkness surrounded him was Elliot screaming for a crash cart, his heart monitoring flat lining and Carla crying and telling him that he was going to be okay.

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Next installment will be called: My Capture.

Warning: This story will be heavy on the J.D angst. It will contain torture, such as cutting, burning, drugging, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. If you have a soft spot for J.D and can't handle that type of writing then here is a prelude warning. DO NOT READ THIS STORY. It will be up later today and maybe if I can push it, it will contain the first two chapters.