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Point of no Return

His breath faints, his hand trembles. It's just a signal he thinks, but deep inside of him he knows that is much more. Is the point of no return, after he does it, life as he knows will change drastically.

His aim is good, the target is locked, as a bird in a cage. For a profesional it should be easy, however being an assasin isn't like the movies, that lady has a husband and kids that once cared for her, he knows it.

He owes her almost everything he was, is and will be. Yet he is here to terminate her. The woman who he thinks, no, the woman who he KNOWS is his mother.

He loads and shivers, the guy beside him is pushing him over the edge. He really would hesitate less if the target was him. Is just a signal...

He exhales, everything is silent, even his heart stop beating. She is the only thing that is in his eyes, and mind, the last moment, he still can escape but is suddenly decided .

hold still .

Pulls the trigger .

The herald of death travels swiftly, beyond the speed of sound. She didn't stand a chance.

The bullet enters from the back of her skull, she just groaned weakly and turned slowly while falling, tears in her eyes... and she just mutters.. Irv..in..e.

He saw it through the telescopic rifle.He exhales and his soul goes away with the air. His eyes are out of focus and his face is pale.

But he takes heart suddenly, now he has another objective. That bullet was truly a signal, the signal of his own destruction. He moves quickly, and changes his target, before the frightened eyes of his comrades,

Another shoot can be heard.

Down there, on the street, the soldiers are holding a furious mop who wants to break the city appart. Suddenly a hat falls on the ground.

A hat with a hole.

Another signal.

Now the witch can't be avenged.