A Navi Named Lightman

By Serenade of Light

Something is terribly wrong—and it could cost Netto his life! Can anyone find a way to save him!? And can Netto and Rockman deal with the consequences?

Hey everyone! Serenade of Light here! I've decided to try and move on from the short stories so here's my first, full-length story! I know the summary's a little vague, but I don't want to give away certain details yet. I may change it when the story gets going.

Anyway, as always, reviews (good or bad) are wanted. They'll certainly be the key to motivating me to updating.

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Chapter One: The New Navi

"Good-bye, Ijuin Enzan!" The black cat-like navi sneered as he raised his extended claws above his head. "It's such a shame it has to end this way," the navi said sarcastically, his red eyes flashing with pleasure. CF Blues grimaced. He did not see a way out of this one and it shamed him that he'd fall to this pathetic navi. The claws began their downward motion and CF Blues closed his eyes. But the imminent slash never came; instead, Luckman angrily cried out, "Who did that?"

CF Blues opened his eyes and saw the blues fragments characteristic of broken data in place of the evil navi's claws. CF Blues followed Luckman's blaring glaze to his rescuer.

"Rockman?!" CF Blues called out in surprise.

The navi shook his head. "Rockman's over there," the Rockman look-alike said as he pointed across the room. Both Luckman and CF Blues looked in the direction that the new navi had pointed and sure enough the familiar blue navi stood ready to battle.

"Then who are you?" CF Blues asked, redirecting his attention to the other navi.

"Later, Enzan," the new navi said smiling, "Right now we've got work to do. Right, Rockman?"

The other nodded. "Un."

Luckman smiled evilly. "Looks like you were saved, Mr. Ijuin, but who cares? In the end, you'll all die and I'll have more fun in the mean time!"

"We'll see who defeats who," Rockman said confidently.

"Darn right," the second said cheerfully.

"Hmm. Confident," the black navi said, smiling, his red eyes flashing. "It's too bad that that confidence will not help you!"

"Yeah right," the Rockman-look-alike called out and both he and Rockman leapt to attack Luckman. The evil navi braced for the double attack.

CF Blues just looked on, for once too shocked to move. Who was that navi? Why did he look like Rockman? And why, after a several long months, was Rockman finally back to being a Net Saver? CF Blues could only watch as Rockman and the new navi battle the evil Luckman. CF Blues, in his half-aware state, decided that the new navi was not as skilled as Rockman, but he was really good nonetheless. The twin navis kept Luckman preoccupied but they were unable to obtain the upper hand because, one, Luckman, despite being a short, smart-mouth, and all around plain annoying navi, was very strong. Two: all Rockman and his clone had were Rockman's Rockbuster and the second's similar Lightbuster.

The "clone" cried out as he was finally hit by Luckman's "Shards of Mirror", causing CF Blues to snap out of the trance he had been in. He finally moved to attack, but Rockman reached his fallen companion first and warded of Luckman with several blasts of the Rockbuster.

The Rockman copy slowly stood and smiled. "Is that all you got?" he taunted to his opponent. Rockman shook his head at his companions boldness (or stupidity), but he was smiling—something he hadn't done in the last couple of months.

Luckman, however, boiled with anger at the navi's taunting. "You're a major pain in the butt," he called as he extended his claws.

"Look whose talking!" the double navi joked, still smiling that confident smile that struck Enzan as subtlety familiar.

The black navi shook with anger. Finally, he leapt at the clone. "Enough talk!" he snarled.

"I agree," Rockman said as he fired a charge shot at the assaulting navi.

"Dang it," Luckman cursed as he realized that the annoying one had diverted his attention so the other half could attack. He landed hard at CF Blues feet.

"I third that notion," CF Blues said as he brought his sword down on the evil navi, causing Luckman to plug out.

CF Blues turned to the grinning look-alike navi.

"So who are you?" he demanded.

"Lightman," Lightman said cheerfully.

"Okay. So why so you look like Rockman?" CF Blues continued, but before Lightman or Rockman could answer the Dimensional Area collapsed.

Before the navis disappeared, Lightman quickly said, "Sci-Lab, Enzan. See ya later!"

Enzan watched the twin navis disappear. Sci-Lab—that's where everything would be answered.

"Let's go, Blues," Enzan said. "We need to find some answers."


This story seems to be all about the vagueness, ne? I promise that the story will make sense! Hopefully I haven't chased you all away… sweatdrops

Anyway, see you next chapter: "Something Seriously Wrong"!