"WHAT THE HELL, VINCENT!" screamed Phoebe, gesturing wildly at the remains of blonde girl, who had been splattered out all over the street as a consequence of Vincent's command.

"I had to do it, Phoebe!" said Vincent.

"Why? Was she a demon? Or a warlock?"

"Er…no, actually, she was a witch."

"An evil witch?"

"Well, uh, not really."

"Jesus, Vincent, she was just a kid! Would letting her live have led to a major apocalypse or something?"

"Umm...no, I guess technically not."

"Then undo it! Put her back together!"

Vincent responded by giving a Phoebe a glaring look. When she did not back down, he sighed.

"Fine." He pointed at the body. "Undo."

The girl's head, limbs, and insides joined back with the rest of her body, which then healed completely.

"Just so you know," Vincent pouted, "Letting her die would resulted in having a less shitty eighth season and less pissed-off fans."

As he and Phoebe went inside, the girl that the Charmed Ones would eventually come to know as Billie Jenkins woke up. Confused and frightened, she quickly stood, looked around, and decided to go home.


"So what did Roy say to you, Vincent?" asked Prue once Vincent and Phoebe had sat down at the table with everyone else.

"He whispered only three words in my ear: 'Finish the story.'"

"What did he mean by that?" asked Darryl.

"He meant that I should finish writing this fanfic that we are currently living," replied Vincent. He turned to Phoebe. "Phoebe, I am going to need to borrow your computer for the next several days." Phoebe nodded. Turning to the rest of the group, Vincent said, "I need all of you to come in at some point or another while I'm writing. Since I could not be with all of you during our trip to other worlds, I will need to talk to each and every one of you separately so I can get you to fill in the details for me as I write."

He did exactly as he said he would. He spent the next several days on the computer, adding chapters to the fanfic as he went and calling the others in to interview them about the details that he had missed; this often required much persistence on his part, due to what they did not want to reveal. Feedback started pouring in from the fanfic readers. One reviewer who seemed to be a fan of Piper and Leo had some decent ideas for the story's direction. Another reviewer whose username implied that they were a maternal figure for reptiles left feedback that tended to be brief (though not as brief as the sometimes one-word reviews of a one reader named "lemonwedges4"), but they were faithful about leaving it when new chapters were released. A reader who went by the username "wiccanforever" held the distinction of being the 100th reviewer. Another whose alias was "The Voice" had been a fan of Vincent's previous work for quite a while. Other frequent reviewers included "CharmedOneForever", "allenterrill", "PaigetheSuperWhiteLighter", "Christine Ruud", "mandymoore1", and "Charmed225". There was even one reviewer who said that she had been reading the fanfic with her daughter.

(A/N: As tribute to my faithful readers, I tried to mention everyone who either left feedback for five or more chapters or who wrote reviews that particularly stood out to me. If I miscounted the number of reviews you left and you weren't mentioned in any fashion, let me know and I'll fix it. Please note that if I did mention you, I only meant to flatter and not offend.)


Finally, Vincent finished the fanfic and called everyone back together in the attic.

"I've finished the story," the writer announced to the group. They looked around at each other and then back at him.

"Does this mean we're acting it out now?" asked Darryl.

Vincent nodded. "Yes, but don't worry; the story will end shortly."

"So how do you go home?" asked Prue. "Do we need to perform another spell?"

"No, I simply wrote in my ending that I get transported home. Due to the fanfic multiverse being set back in order, that should be enough."

They looked at each other again.

"So, is there something you wanted to tell us?" asked Cole. "Because I'm still on the run from demon assassins, and it's dangerous for me to be here right now."

"As a matter of fact, there is something I need to tell you. I've written the ending such that as soon as I go home, your memories of this whole mess—the fanfics, me and the fanfic writers, the World of Fanfiction Ideas, etcetera—will be erased." The revelation resulted in a collective "WHAT!" filling the room.

"Yes, I know having your memory erased sucks, but trust me, it's all for the good. I'm generally a believer in maintaining canonity, you know. Oh, and since you won't remember it anyways, I thought I'd go ahead and spill everyone's secrets."

The six pairs of eyes staring at him reflected a mixture of fear and puzzlement.

"Phoebe and Piper, your sister is going to die very soon, and this time, you won't be able to bring her back. Prue, the actress who plays you is considered by many to be rather bitchy, and many suspect that to be the reason you were killed off. Cole, your woman cheated on you with a plastic surgeon played by the same actor who plays you. Oh yeah, and I'm not sure since my memory's rather fuzzy and we were all rather drunk, but Phoebe may have also gotten it on with Prue the night that everything went wrong at P3."

The room collapsed into chaos as everyone started get upset with each other, shocked either at what had just been revealed or at the fact that the writer had betrayed them by revealing it, period. Cole started screaming at a crying Phoebe, while Piper, who was very upset at the news of her sister's upcoming death, started hugging Prue in protective fashion to the point that Prue (who was trying to come to Phoebe's defense) started to suffocate. Darryl and Leo were both trying to calm everyone down.

Leo turned to the writer and gave him a "what the hell" look. Vincent shrugged and grinned. "Sorry. I couldn't resist."

Suddenly, the writer vanished as he was sent home, just as the ending of his story had foretold. At the same time, everyone's memories of all that had taken place over the past couple weeks or so were erased. They stared at each other, dumbfounded, wondering what had just happened.


The writer known to his characters as Vincent and to his readers as filmFreak1 found himself back in his dorm room sitting on his bed. The television was on, and he saw that the same episode of Desperate Housewives that had been airing when he found himself in his fanfic was still airing, and he realized that no time had passed in his own world. He looked around, and sighed. Then he got out of bed and sat down at his desk. Turning on his laptop, he began writing another fanfic.


A/N: Well, after twenty chapters and several months of delays due to work and school, it's finished. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope one day to do a sequel, perhaps with the Charmed Ones finding themselves in the real world. I hope you will be kind enough to leave more feedback, to comment both on the chapter itself and the fic as a whole. Thank you so much for being such faithful readers!

On a side note, I mentioned back in the first chapter (when it was intended to be a one-shot) that I had been inspired by a Firefly fic with a similar premise. That fic was titled "The Power of the Pen" and was written by sphinx81.