Chapter one

(Please don't read unless you've read New Moon and Twilight!)

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I reluctantly rose from my bed as the nervous feeling in my stomach dragged me from unconsciousness. Surprisingly, it wasn't from Edward's absence (he had recently left to go hunting); I could feel a presence. I glanced around the room, my heart thrashing in my chest…. It froze as I turned to see an enormous black figure standing in the corner...

Panic clouded my brain, so it took me longer than it should have to recognize the figure.

"Jacob?" I breathed in relief.

"Yeah… Bella?" His face was blank, but I could hear reluctance in his voice, and as he stepped closer, pain, concern, and anger, in his eyes. I sorted through my mountain of questions, deciding on the most obvious,

"Jake… Why are you here?" I was nervous; the last time I spoke to him, he had harshly revoked our friendship. What could he want? Did he change his mind? What time was it anyway? I glanced over at my clock— 4:02 am.

"Bella," he continued controlling his voice better, "You will stay away from Edward." Seconds trickled by; anger shook my hands, which where now clenched into fists.

"No." was all I could say to him.

"Bella, that wasn't a question." Fury claiming his eyes.

"No." I repeated calmly.

"He will die if you don't. We will kill him. I don't want a war Bells, I'll let them all live, if you stay away; they are dangerous..."

Panic shot through me—I felt sick and weak. What was he saying?

"Wha—why?" my voice was uncontrollable; it broke, and shook horribly.

"If they kill you, or change you, the treaty will be broken. Bells, there will be a war. Even if they don't break it, our pack is becoming so large, I doubt we could hold up our end of the deal. They must leave, and we—I won't let them take you. We all agree, if they take you, we will hunt them down."

I had to fight for consciousness… No… I had to convince Jake otherwise.

"They—they won't leave; even if I tell them they have to go, Edward will stay."

"We thought about that, and we think we found a solution. What is the one thing that would cause Edward so much pain; he would leave, and drag his family with him?"

I stared at him, horrified. Jacob stared back, determined and angry.

"Break up with him Bella." there was a long intense pause.

"He—he won't believe m—me." I threw at him weakly; I knew he would believe me if I did it right…

"Yes, he will if you make it convincing. Wait 'til he does something vampire-ish, then tell him your scared of him, you never really loved him, and all you want is for him to leave and not hurt you." I was going to throw up at the thought of that, how could I ever go through with it?

"Jake, I—I can't." I stuttered. He looked at me harshly,

"You can, and you will. It's their lives we're talking about… Find a way." That did it, my knees buckled and I hit the floor, though I was still conscious. I struggled to climb to my feet. Jake didn't help me.

"Bella you've got two days, starting from the time he gets back, to tell him. If you don't, we'll attack with no hesitation." He turned and left as I sat on my bed. I burst into silent sobs of horror and disgust.

What would I do? I knew what I would do. I would go through with it. Edward and his family must live. There was no question. At this realization, I leaned over my bed and vomited, sick with myself for what I knew I had to do. Jake said his pack was getting very large; if there was a war, the Cullens couldn't win. I had two short days left with my Edward. It wasn't enough; but it was all I was getting. I would make them as perfect as I could, and then I would send my life, my love, away from me, running and screaming as I went.