A young man was sitting on the bus by himself listening to his Ipod, so consumed with his own thoughts he didn't notice two girls giggling and talking about him. God this guy had it all. His hair fell in gold curls in front of his deep chocolate eyes. He had amazing eyes. He had amazing everything actually. His defined jaw line made most girls go weak, and he had a nice body, with AMAZING arms.

Parker Booth noticed two girls staring at him and flashed his patent Booth Charm Smile.

One of the girls jaw dropped. She leaned in to whisper something to her friend, as Parker was again lost in his thoughts.

Parker gets off the bus and walks into the Hoover Building and pulls out his visitor ID and signs in to see his father.

Booth is sitting at his desk on the phone; he is not paying attention to what is going on outside his office. He like his son didn't notice the two women talking about him. Even for an older man he still looks great. His hair is slightly peppered gray; he has a few wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead. Mostly laugh wrinkles. God his wife was a lucky woman…

Parker is now 18. He has been thinking about joining the Army for sometimes and when he tells his mom she flips out and says no way. Parker thinks that if he gets his dad on his side it will make it easier, and that his dad will be on his side.

He walks into his dad's office to see him sitting at his desk on the phone. Booth looks up seeing his son smiles, and waves him in. "Hey Bones let me call you back…. Yeah….. I don't know when, Parker just came in…. Okay bye." He hangs up the phone a smile on his face, "Hey bud, what's up?"

"Hey dad, nothing really. Have you talked to mom lately?"

"No. Not for a while why?" Knowing his son, something is up, after all he is HIS son.

"Well I have been thinking foe a while that I want to join the Army." He can already here his dad yelling 'Yeah! Following in my footsteps!'


"WHAT? You were in the Army. Why would you say 'no'?"

"Simple, I don't want you to live through what I have." He left out the 'still am' part. Seeing the confused look on his sons' face he goes on. "You don't know what I have been through out there, not many have, actually only one who does, that wasn't out there with me."

"You never told me…."

"You never asked," he says cutting his son off.

"Well… I'm asking now." Booth looks at his watch. 4:50.

"Let me go talk to Cullen, see if I can cut out an hour early." He leaves his son in his office; shaking his head he walks to find Cullen.

"Sir, can I talk to you for a second," Booth asks as he sticks his head into Cullens' office.

"Sure Booth, what's up?"

"Well Parker came to seem me, he wants to join the Army, Rebecca and I don't want him to. I need to tell him what I have been through."

"Okay? Where do I fit into all of this?"

"Would it be okay if I left at 5 instead of 6?"

"Yeah get out of here." Booth gets up to go but Cullen stops him, "can I ask you why you don't what him to?"

"Scars." He says simply.

"You can cover those if you feel that you need to."

"Not all of them," Booth says tapping his temple and walking out of the office.